Greg's Latest Responses : Ask Greg The latest rambles and responses to questions asked by fans of Greg Weisman, co-creator of the Disney animated television show Gargoyles. Question from giorno <p><strong>giorno asks:</strong></p> <p> hey greg do you watch anime if not try watching jojo bizarre adventure or read the manga its a really good anime </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I don't watch much anime (or many cartoons in general). It's unfair, but because I spend my professional life immersed in animation, it kinda feels like work to me. And I don't read much manga either. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 06, 2017</em></p> Question from Son of Batman <p><strong>Son of Batman asks:</strong></p> <p> What was the Justice League thinking when they decided, "Oh, let's have the pretty, teenage, Martian girl share a residence with the super hot, teenage, Kryptonian boy with major parental problems who has never seen a real woman in his entire life, and put them under the supervision of a glorified smartphone. What's the worst that can happen?" For real? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Um... they could fall in love? </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 06, 2017</em></p> Question from I_Ship_Bluepulse <p><strong>I_Ship_Bluepulse asks:</strong></p> <p> My sisters and I argued about this for three hours the other day so now I must know. Is, or isn't, Young Justice an anime? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> It is not. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 06, 2017</em></p> Question from Winter <p><strong>Winter asks:</strong></p> <p> What is Dingo'a ethnicity? Is he descended from aboriginals from Australia? Thank you. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Nope. He's caucasian. At least for the most part. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 06, 2017</em></p> Question from Anonymous <p><strong>Anonymous asks:</strong></p> <p> 1.As a Spider-Man fan, I love stories that push Spider-Man and Peter Parker emotionally. </p> <p> 2. I feel that the Spectacular Spider-Man episodes managed to show that Spider-Man and Peter's choices were determined by whatever emotions he was feeling. </p> <p> 3. I want to know what are your favourite Spider-Man stories? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. Me too. </p> <p> 2. Hope so, at least to some extent. </p> <p> 3. I'm not big on ranking things. I love Spidey, and there have been a ton of stories I've loved, and a few that I haven't loved as much. A lot of the stories we adapted in Spectacular are stories I had a particular affinity for, like the Colonel Jupiter story and the Master Planner story, etc. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 06, 2017</em></p> Question from King_Joey <p><strong>King_Joey asks:</strong></p> <p> Dear Mr. Weisman, </p> <p> As a deeply devoted fan of your work I have to say that I believe Young Justice is your best show yet! The changes you made in the D.C. comics Universe-16 that differ from the mainstream continuity of D.C. comics make sense and honestly, D.C. should let you write for them A LOT MORE OFTEN! In my humble, admittedly bias, opinion:) </p> <p> I especially love the down-to-earth or, to paraphrase one of your responses, "original power level" changes to the characters various superpowers and origins. Having a Superman that can move planets with his strength or run as fast as a speedster would be boring and redundant. Having Mars still alive and well as a planet was PURE GENIUS. Also, unlike many D.C. fans I think your decisions regarding the "Speed Force" on Earth-16 was very wise. Ditto the Superman breath powers thing. Don't let ANYONE give you a hard time about the choices you made while making a universe all your own BASED on D.C. comics characters! It's your universe you can make whatever rules you want! (mostly :)) Your real fans are all behind you. </p> <p> With that out of my system, my question is this... </p> <p> From what you displayed to the audience in the Young Justice episode "War" and what you've stated in your previous responses, I feel that it's safe to assume that Mongul's yellow sun related increase in strength and invulnerability is a trait common among his unnamed alien species. </p> <p> 1. I would like to know if Despero's "super" strength, invulnerability, and third-eye based telepathy are traits common among his unnamed alien species? Or unique to him? </p> <p> 2. I would also like to know if Kylstar's "super" strength, invulnerability, and energy absorption/redirection abilities are common traits among his unnamed alien species? Or unique to him? </p> <p> I realize that there is variation even in traits common to all members of any species. However, the reason I ask is because I cannot assume that all members of their respective species have super powers, like them, based upon only seeing one member of each species.<br> That would be like a group of Rannians seeing Flash, Black Lightening, or Black Canary in action and assuming all Earthlings have powers like theirs. Or me seeing only Black Beetle and assuming all Reach have Superman-level super strength. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. No spoilers. </p> <p> 2. No spoilers. </p> <p> But thank you for all your kind words. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 06, 2017</em></p> Question from King_Joey <p><strong>King_Joey asks:</strong></p> <p> Dear Mr. Weisman, </p> <p> I love Young Justice and therefore I am an avid reader of the Q&amp;A portion of this website. </p> <p> My question relates to one of your previous responses wherein you stated that Martians of Universe-16 can, in fact, INCREASE their density by DECREASING their volume. </p> <p> I was wondering, why then, is it possible for a Martian to DECREASE their density without INCREASING their volume? Are they increasing their volume in a way we cannot see? Is there some sort of molecular process going on? </p> <p> I just wanna know, one pseudo-scientist to another. One major D.C. comics fan to another:) </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> They can't decrease their density without increasing their volume. But they have a technique called "Density Shifting" that enables them to push and pull (i.e. shift their density) across themselves, allowing them to pass through solid objects. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 05, 2017</em></p> Question from Emeka Uzoh <p><strong>Emeka Uzoh asks:</strong></p> <p> 1. How did it feel adapting the early 1960s stories of The Amazing Spider-Man comic book that Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and John Romita Snr. had created as a fan when you were working on The Spectacular Spider-Man? </p> <p> I am also a huge fan of your work and writing style. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> How did it FEEL? Um... Great! </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 05, 2017</em></p> Question from Lexi B. <p><strong>Lexi B. asks:</strong></p> <p> So I'm back, I won't judge you if you don't remember the questions I asked before but, as I'm following your guidelines, those were for one topic and now I'm in need for answers about W.I.T.C.H., which by far was on my top 5 favorite tv shows as a kid.<br> 1). Was it always Cornelia and Caleb that would be together or did you try a different W.I.T.C.H. girl with him? If so, who?<br> 2). In season 1, Will didn't really have an elemental power, but later on, she discovered it, fro, the beginning did you guys know that that would be her elemental power?<br> 3). Around the time W.I.T.C.H. aired, Winx Club was also going on, did the writers of W.I.T.C.H. ever get accused of taking ideas from the show, or did you ever see anything that was strangely similar to yours? If so, did you actively try to make sure the plot didn't really correlate with Winx Club's?<br> 4). Was there ever going to be a season three of W.I.T.C.H.? Or was it untimely cancelled?<br> 5). Whose your favorite character on the show and why?<br> Thanks so much!! </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. Did you see the episodes? If so, you saw what we did. </p> <p> 2. I didn't work on Season One. But when I came aboard to produce Season Two, I felt it odd that she had no power. Traditionally, the fifth element is Quintessence. So I gave her that, and it made some sense to express that as Lightning. So we knew from the beginning of Season Two that that was the plan. But I don't see how they could have had that in mind during Season One. But you'd have to ask the showrunner for that season to be sure. </p> <p> 3. I never watched WINX. To my knowledge, no one ever accused us of stealing from WINX - unless you're doing that now. And, no, we didn't work to be different. We just did our own thing. </p> <p> 4. Um... we hoped for one. But the series wasn't picked up for a third season. </p> <p> 5. I don't have a single favorite. I love 'em all. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 05, 2017</em></p> Question from Lexi B. <p><strong>Lexi B. asks:</strong></p> <p> Hey Greg! I can't believe YJ has been approved for another season, I've kept your twitter tab in my phone through those years just to make sure I never missed the announcement! Anyway, thank you for developing Ask Greg because I have some questions about YJ, if you would please answer.<br> 1). Why did you and the other writers for YJ decide to jump ahead to YJ:Invasion?<br> 2). When developing the characters for YJ: Invasion, did you guys ever keep the stories that they went through just in case you would get a chance to say what happened or did you never plan on saying what happened in between the two seasons?<br> 3). Did you amazing writers know immediately upon planning for YJ that something as big as what happened in the no of season 2 would happen or did you guys go through a bunch of different possible endings for the season finale?<br> 4.) When you look back, is there a character that you wish you would've added into maybe the Team or into the plot in general in seasons 1&amp;2 that you didn't?<br> 5). More of a statement, but thank you so much. Your dedication to these stories that you've seen told and created is inspiring. You've produced my favorite childhood shows and for that I can never thank you or tell you how much that means to me enough. I hope your future endeavors are plentiful and please now that there are fans out here that you helped shape their childhood. Yet again, thank you, have an amazing day (or night) whenever you read this! </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. As opposed to...? </p> <p> If I get what you mean, you're asking why we did the time jump? If so, this has been answered before, so I'd check the ASK GREG archives for a more detailed answer, but the short answer is that for a show about growing up, it allowed us to grow the characters up. Plus intro some new faces. </p> <p> 2. We largely did say what happened between the two seasons. Not comprehensively, of course. But everything that truly mattered to the telling of Season Two. We have more stories in mind for the gap - that we do hope to cover eventually, maybe in a new companion comic, if that ever gets approved. </p> <p> 3. "in the no of season 2"? I'm sorry, I'm assuming there's a typo there or something, but I don't understand what that means. But we had the basic ending for Season Two in mind from the beginning. We don't really wing it on this series at all. </p> <p> 4. I can't do that. What ifs abound, I suppose. But I'm happy with how everything turned out. I do wish we had more screen time for nearly every character, but we get what we get. </p> <p> 5. Thank YOU! </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 05, 2017</em></p> Question from Marvelman <p><strong>Marvelman asks:</strong></p> <p> Would a writer's strike delay production of Young Justice season 3? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> No. That's WGA. We're TAG. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on July 05, 2017</em></p>