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Nashtrie writes...

Something's been bothering me about Arsenal.
"War" showed that Roy still hasn't completely recovered from the trauma of being kept in ice for eight years. Did Dick and Dinah do anything about this? I mean, from the way his destructive tendencies keep surfacing (blowing up Lexcorp just to mess with Luthor and opening the airlock because he panicked even though it meant that his teammates might get sucked into space), I'm wondering if he's really mentally stable enough to go on missions.
Did Dinah counsel him?
Did Dick, as leader of the team, put him on probation or something?
What I mean is that they were both in positions to help him, and it doesn't look like they did. Considering what he'd been through, it seems rather ignorant to assume that he'd be perfectly okay.

Greg responds...

Of course, they've been trying to help him. As has Green Arrow and Red Arrow and Jim Harper. You get a clear sense of this in "Satisfaction". And frankly, this seemed SO obvious to us, we didn't feel the need to give up valuable screen time to show it.

But lesson one is that you can't MAKE a person get help. He or she has to WANT to get help.

Dick thought that being with the Team on missions might actually help Arsenal work through some things. (It's worked for others in the past, including Dick himself.) But he was wrong. And you've seen the result.

No one's given up on Roy, however. NOBODY.

Response recorded on May 01, 2013

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