Greg's Latest Responses : Ask Greg The latest rambles and responses to questions asked by fans of Greg Weisman, co-creator of the Disney animated television show Gargoyles. Question from Gia <p><strong>Gia asks:</strong></p> <p> Hi! Just want to say that I still look forward to read Masque of Bones. I keep my fingers crossed for you to find some time to write it. Any luck yet? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> No, I'm sorry. I just can't afford to write it on spec right now. But my latest novel, WAR OF THE SPARK: RAVNICA (set in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse), came out last week. I hope you'll check it out. And I will get back to Rain and Masque eventually. The truth is that the more success I build with my commissioned novels like Ravnica, the more likely I'll be able to get back to the Rain series. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 30, 2019</em></p> Question from John Doe <p><strong>John Doe asks:</strong></p> <p> Hey Greg. I have a few questions.<br> 1) I've read somewhere that you stopped reading comics all together in the mid 90s. Not asking why as you've already abetted that but rather did that ever stop. The abstaining from comics that is for lack of a better word. I assume that you've picked up a read a comic every now and then since you quit obviously but was there a time where you went back consistently?<br> 2) How do you determine when you will answer questions. I tend to check this site maybe once a month and sometimes I'll be back and you've answered dozens of questions, a lot of the times in one day. Other times you'll haven't answered a question in weeks. Is it just as simple as whenever you have free time and want to our is there some uniquely complicated schedule that you follow. (The question sounded more silly as I continued.)<br> 3) Do you consider yourself to have a dry sense of humor. I've been told I do and I find some of your replies downright hilarious that to others might seem to come off as blunt. Or on the contrary are you just more of very blunt person.<br> 4) Can you explain the little joke you do every time someone asks you who would win what fight and you reply with that quote about the hulk and the thing. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. I started reading comics again when I started working on The Spectacular Spider-Man (around 2007, I think) after about a decade break. By the time Marvel did a soft reboot after Secret Wars in 2015, I was reading nearly everything in their line, in part because I was also writing Starbrand &amp; Nightmask for Marvel. Plus I was reading all their Star Wars Books, in part because I was also writing Star Wars Kanan for Marvel and Lucasfilm. Both those books were cancelled, and Marvel no longer had any work for me. And then the third season of Young Justice began, right about the same time as DC did its own soft reboot with Rebirth. I started reading everything in the DC line at that point, edging out any free time I had for Marvel for the time being. I've continued to read the entire DC line (with very few exceptions) ever since. I'm about three or four months behind in my reading, but I'm still purchasing everything and reading as fast as I can manage. </p> <p> 2. It's just when I have time. Ideally, I try to answer five questions every weekday, but there are some days (many days, really) when even that is impossible. And then there are some (rare) days when I find myself with free time, and I just go to town on the queue. </p> <p> 3. I like to think I have a dry sense of humor. Certainly when I write. My verbal humor may be goofier or more sarcastic or whatever. I may also be blunt. The two things aren't mutually exclusive. </p> <p> 4. I think it's fairly self-explanatory. "Hulk vs. Thing, who would win?" is one of the oldest fan questions in comics. It's all situational, and the question - and those like it (including most hypotheticals) - just doesn't interest me. Fans can decide that sort of thing for themselves. They don't need me to weigh in. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 30, 2019</em></p> Question from Anonymous <p><strong>Anonymous asks:</strong></p> <p> Can you tell us the meaning of the colors of the index cards you use to plan your shows? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> It changes from show to show, even from season to season. And on YJ S3, because of index card shortages of specific colors (this happened, believe it or not), it changed more than once DURING the season. </p> <p> As an example, in YJ S1: </p> <p> Green - villains<br> Red - Justice League<br> Blue - The Team (hero stuff)<br> Purple - The Team (teen stuff)<br> Yellow - Stuff where a specific date matters (like holdays)<br> White - Stuff that we're laying pipe for but will not objectively reveal to the audience at this time </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 29, 2019</em></p> Question from Anonymous <p><strong>Anonymous asks:</strong></p> <p> In every mission in Young Justice Legacy, each character who leads a three-member group is canon while the other two that follows the group leader are technically not because they are determined by the player. If the game had instead been an animated movie, which two characters would have canonically went with each group leader during each mission...? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I don't know. I'd have to sit down and work that out for each mission, and I don't really have the incentive to do that right now. Or probably ever. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 29, 2019</em></p> Question from Joel Wheaton <p><strong>Joel Wheaton asks:</strong></p> <p> Hi Greg, </p> <p> Just curious, the Atlanteans in the comics worship the Greek Gods, like the Amazonians, but in Young Justice there's a lot of Neptune references and outside of Poseidonis, I can't recall anyone talking about Poseidon. </p> <p> I guess what I'm asking is do the Atlanteans of Earth-16 worship the Greek Gods or the Roman Gods? </p> <p> Thanks. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Sea gods, generally. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 29, 2019</em></p> Question from Marvelman <p><strong>Marvelman asks:</strong></p> <p> How does Shimmer's power work? I mean... does she melt stuff, or does she disintegrate stuff? (I suspect it is the former, but if it is the latter that makes her very dangerous, doesn't it?) </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Neither. She turns elements to gas. And, yes, she's potentially very dangerous. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 29, 2019</em></p> Question from Will <p><strong>Will asks:</strong></p> <p> Is there even a possibility of other comic book companies, say IDW, would be able to pay the licensing fees so that you'd be able to make more Gargoyles comics? I think Slave Labor Graphics got overwhelmed where as IDW wouldn't be overwhelmed. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Anything's possible, I suppose. I don't think it's fair to characterize SLG as being "overwhelmed". They were faced with a steep rate hike in the license fee that their sales couldn't justify despite Gargoyles being their number one top selling title. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 29, 2019</em></p> Question from Aaron <p><strong>Aaron asks:</strong></p> <p> Would you ever make a TMNT show. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I wrote an episode once. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 25, 2019</em></p> Question from Webb <p><strong>Webb asks:</strong></p> <p> Don't you think becoming Spider woman is a better fate for Gwen Stacy than dying? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I would think so. But I guess you'd have to ask her for a definitive answer. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 25, 2019</em></p> Question from Anonymous <p><strong>Anonymous asks:</strong></p> <p> Due to being an official member of the Light, is Black Manta's designation L-5 (Ocean Master's former designation) or L-8 (assuming the position of L-5 is never replaced)? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Keep in mind, the L-designations were never used IN SHOW. They helped us out for credit purposes. But if we followed our usual pattern, he'd be L-8. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 25, 2019</em></p> Question from Marvelman <p><strong>Marvelman asks:</strong></p> <p> 1) Has animation begun on Outsiders? </p> <p> 2) Will you wait until all of the scripts are finalized before starting animation? </p> <p> 3) After all of the scripts are finalized, what will your involvement with the series be? What do you personally have left to do on season 3? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. Animation is completed on Outsiders. </p> <p> 2. We did not. </p> <p> 3. Nothing, now. We're 100% done with Season Three. I've been involved from beginning to end, right up to the very last HDR session. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on April 25, 2019</em></p>