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Anonymous writes...

How exactly did Jeff put together everything so quickly just by seeing batman's team talking in the same room? Especially the stuff with the Outsiders...really didn't seem believable tbh, just seemed like a way to force the plot ahead.

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Anonymous writes...

halo is a horrible, insensitive character and you dont care at all. at the end of the day, youre a white man and you dont understand these issues at all. you should be willing to listen to peoples feedback to get better. you should have brought more diversity to the writers room.

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Anonymous writes...

In Antisocial Pathologies, Tim is on screen and literally never says a single world - not even when people are talking directly to him...why? Why even have him if you're not going to use him at all.

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6f5 writes...

How old are Brainwave and Fury?

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Anonymous writes...

Dear Greg

Hello! I'm keeping my name anonymous because I don't like exposing it on a public forum like this. I hope you understand.

Anyway, onto the question!

Greg, I know you personally don't have any ill intent, but why won't you listen to your LGBT+ or Muslim fans when they tell you how you handled Halo? You seem like such a decent guy outside of that, but for some reason this particular area is a blind spot of yours.

I may not be Muslim, but surely the massive outcry from Muslim fans when you had Halo publicly denounce her Muslimhood while still having her wear a religiously significant garb specific to Muslims must have meant SOMETHING to you?

I'm an out and proud member of the LGBT+ community (at least online), so seeing you dismiss all the people you hurt and refuse to actually, GENUINELY apologize for it (no, I don't count "sorry you're so offended" as an apology, that's just condescending), and to see you continue on the path that you now KNOW hurts us as if the characters you control are somehow out of your hands...that hurts, Greg. That hurts more than you can POSSIBLY imagine. I was so excited for Young Justice season 3. I was so excited hearing that you'd have an explicitly nonbinary character in the show. And then you did what you did. You really hurt your fans in the LGBT+ community, Greg.

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Joe writes...

Todd rice (obsidian) should be included in young justice

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Jason R. Carter writes...

How did you go about developing a voice for Ultra-Humanite?

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Nick writes...

Wow, Greg! Things are really starting to heat up with today's episode. Two more weeks!

1. How old is Trajectory?

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Anonymous writes...

Any chance of Cary Bates on Young Justice?

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Molly writes...

Hi Greg!

I've been wondering something for a while. In the comics, Kaldur mentions that Calvin Durham is his step father. But in Young Justice Legacy, he seems shocked to find out from Aquaman that Calvin Durham isn't his real father. Was this a mistake, or was the plan to infiltrate Black Manta's team already in the works for Kaldur, and he felt he had to sell it?

Thanks for being awesome!

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Marvelman writes...

Why is it that none of the League or Batman Inc. have ever referred to Darkseid by name? Having had a little contact with New Genesis and Apokolips, would not Batman and the League know by now who's pulling the strings?

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Rose writes...


My last question was probably already ignored, but if not I apologize for it...after extensive digging through the archives I think it was answered.

But I’m pretty sure this was never addressed....You kind of seemed to suggest that Elisa fell for Goliath spiritually and physically earlier than he fell for her. How is it then that she never seemed to be jealous of Demona? At least she never showed herself to be. Like in vows...I know she didn’t know the details of what transpired there, but wasn’t she ever worried that Goliath May eventually succeed in bringing Demona to the light and reunite with his mate?

Or was her willful desire to avoid the topic of their romantic linking overpowering any other feelings of insecurity or jealousy she may have felt vis a vis Goliath? Or was her guarded nature so tight that these secret fears never showed on her?

I just wanted to also say thank you for bringing us a love story for the ages...I think Goliath and Elisa are the most heart wrenching couple to ever grace the world of fiction. Thinking about these two tears my heart up in the best way possible. Watching Elisa as a little girl made such a huge positive impact on the person I am today...I love her so much that I’m willing to relinquish the hold I wish I had on Goliath (if there’s a straight woman out there who wouldn’t melt all over this guy...I haven’t met her yet).

And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I think you may have saved hundreds, thousands of 90s young women from our lesser selves with this beautiful, positive role model. There hasn’t ever been another like her.

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Roger writes...

1. Were there any hints to Kaldur's sexuality you put in the previous two seasons? IF not, was there a moment you wanted to? If so, what was it?
2. Has Wyynde labeled his sexuality? Or does he, like Kaldur, not identify with a label?

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Rick Jones writes...

(Sorry if it's been answered but I did search the archives, and your answers about plotting YJ have been very illuminating.) Are there any books or guides to plotting a series? There are plenty of books about "how to write your pilot" and such, but I haven't had any luck finding suggestions for how to plot a series.

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Nick writes...

Hi, Greg. Hope you’re well.

On the 2019 SDCC Young Justice promotional tote bag, Victor Stone was shown with the G designation G-08. While he obviously gained a B designation later in the season, this caused me to become very curious about the G-Series.

We know that Jeff, Brion and Violet make up the first three G-zeta designations, and it can be assumed that Jace and Forager got ones as well. But my confusion lies in which characters fill G-06 and G-07. I suppose it could be possible for Tara to have received zeta access before Vic, but who would the other G-series member be? Does Oracle have one? Metamorpho?

I know that you prefer to let these flow naturally from the series, but since the G-series is essentially defunct now, could you possibly clear up this confusion? Was it a mistake or are we missing something?

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Curious fan writes...

Was Markovia a Soviet Satellite state or one of the Soviet Republic's? Brion mentions Markovia suffering at the hands of the Soviet Union, so I'm guess it was either a member republic or a satellite state

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Meta Human writes...

I'm REALLY loving this season of Young Justice! I'm glad to hear it's been renewed. One of the aspects that I've really found interesting is the exploration of how society on Earth-16 views Metas. It really makes the world feel fleshed out and distinct from our own.
1. How does the general public view non-meta heroes? Are they less popular because they are less 'cool' than the meta heroes or do people view them as inspiring underdogs?
2. Do people suspect non-meta heroes might secretly be meta humans or simply have non-apparent meta abilities? For instance, do they wonder if Batman might be a meta if he can keep up with the Justice League?
3. Is there any fears from the non-meta populace that metas may 'replace' them?

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Bumblebee writes...

Hey Greg! I really enjoyed the latest episode of Young Justice - Unknown Factors - and had a few questions about Bumblebee, who I really enjoyed seeing again.
1. Bumblebee's baby had not previously been named in the comics to my knowledge, was her name an invention of the writers or did DC have that information on file or help out with choosing the name?
2. Are Karen and Mal retired by season 3?
3. What are your own thoughts on Karen's choice to manipulate her daughter's genes? Do you agree with her that it was the right choice?
Thank you!

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A fan from Portland writes...

Hey Mr. Greg! I am a huge fan of Young Justice, and I love the show to bits, but I have a weird question: how do Martian Bioships work?
Like, are they living organisms that have a symbiotic connection with Martians? Are they living at all? Are they another Martian lifeform? Are they technology? Living technology? Is it like a Mother Box? I am so curious because the Bioship is such a cool, yet peculiar thing. Anyway, thank you for listening!

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Anonymous writes...


Do you think if you would have a chance to revive the show Gargoyles.

Would you have the show with it's new seasons stream on Disney+?

A lot of revived shows are streamed on platforms like Neflix or Hulu.

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Rose writes...

Hi Greg,

I searched the archives a little and I did not see this answered specifically...(if I’m wrong please link me)

When in the tv series did Goliath realize he had feelings for Elisa? I know he was always gradually falling for her (unbeknownst to him for not) since he first met her...but what do you think?

I always imagined it was well before he realized the physical connection in the mirror...maybe by deadly force when he realized he might lose her and lost his mind about Dracon.

Thanks for this amazing show and for your answer!

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Dad writes...

1. How old is Ryan Choi?

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NickS writes...


I want to say that I'm a big fan of the shows you've made from Gargoyles to Young Justice and I'd like to ask a few questions.

1. Are Plastic Man, Hardware and Batwoman part of Batman's team? Batwoman obviously and I think Plastic Man is due to his history with Batman.

1A. Why would Hardware be on Batman's team? Does he have history with Batman in the comics as well because I don't know him much.

2. What's Metamorpho's designation for Batman's team.

3. If I were to ask about the character designs for this season, should I ask you or Phil?

4. What was Troia like when she was part of the Team?

5. Did she ever wear stealth tech?

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Anna writes...

Hi! I have some questions about Bart Allen:
1: Does Bart have any trauma regarding his past?
2: Is the personality we see him have all the time his real personality?
3: Does Bart ever feel uncomfortable about becoming KF the way he did?

Thank you!

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Kay writes...

Hi, Greg. Hope you're having a good day.

In "Unknown Factors" we see Wyynde and Aquaman go to Granny's house to rescue Nightwing and Black Lightning.

1. Since Atlantis is clearly not near Hollywood, did they use a zeta-tube (perhaps the one seen to get Dolphin to Poseidonis) to get to the U.S.?
1a. Did Wyynde receive an A designation for this (A-43)?
2. Bonus: Do Mera and Artur have A designations since they had to get to Central City somehow for Iris's playdate?

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