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More Videos from Dragon*Con

posted by Gorebash @ 11:30 AM on Sep 10, 2010
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A couple more videos went up the other day from the Gargoyles panel at Dragon*Con. The first video is the opening from a different angle.

And the page Jonathan Frakes is reading from is IMDB’s plot summary page which can be seen at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108783/plotsummary.

This next video has new material from the panel where Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis talk about voice acting.

I totally get Marina Sirtis’ comment on the impact grunts. The radio plays we’ve had at past Gatherings have usually included those noises in the script which the actors would have to perform.

“The Last” is an episode of Team Atlantis that was never completed due to the series being canceled halfway through production, but the voice acting for the episode was recorded and it included Marina Sirtis in the role of a female “Gorlois” (a thinly-veiled incarnation of Demona).

The voice track and some partial storyboards from that episode were auctioned off at the 2003 Gathering. Vashkoda, with the help of fellow fans, worked to animate the entire episode including background music and sound effects. At each Gathering since fans were shown the episode with new animation and sound being added each year. It appeared to be complete at the last Gathering in 2009. However it’s not available for viewing online.

But in the beginning it was just the voice track with no background music or sound effects. This meant there were large chunks of just voice actors (including Marina Sirtis) making impact and grunting noises. With the visual aid of the animation and added sound effects and background music you don’t really notice them, but when it’s just the voice track they become very noticeable and, without context, are extremely hilarious.

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This ‘old dog’ is always full of new tricks!

posted by siryn @ 10:02 AM on Jul 3, 2009
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Frank and Bronx
“He came, he saw, he barked.” – Frank Welker on the voice actor’s legacy.

When Gargoyles fans think about dynamic voice actors, Jeff Bennett may be the first that comes to mind, who in several episodes had a habit of speaking to himself. Or perhaps fans think Kathy Soucie, who supplied a large number of the female misc vocals for the show. Being a ‘man of a thousand voices’, Jim Cummings, while not doing a huge range of characters on Gargoyles, is also a famous name in the voice acting business.

But perhaps one of the most successful, influential, and prominent voice actors in the show, was one who didn’t speak a single sentence throughout the entire series.

Frank Welker, the ‘voice’ of Bronx.

(Actually, Frank was responsible for MANY of the animal roles on Gargoyles, Bronx, Cagney, and Boudicca to name a few – check out his entry on the Gargoyles Wiki for a full listing!)

For years Frank has been in the animation business, adding voices to characters both human and animal. (Or even the occasional transforming robot!). It’s hard not to encounter an animated movie or TV series nowadays without some sort of input by Frank somewhere. According to THE-NUMBERS.com, Frank is the #1 actor for total box office revenue generated through his movies. Not average per movie, as that itself is less, but he’s done more movies than Samuel L. Jackson or Tom Hanks and made more money per movie than Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman or Nicolas Cage!

Frank admits in interviews to being somewhat ‘type-cast’ in animal roles, just because there are simply not a lot of voice-actors that specialize in those sorts of sounds. He does manage several speaking parts here and there. (One which you might remember clearly is the voice of Freddie Jones from the Scooby Gang. (He also has recently been voicing Scooby Doo as well since Scott Innes retired).

Ravage from Transformers IIThis past week, Transformers 2 has blazened itself across the big screen and in box office charts. While Frank Welker was not able to reprise his role of Megatron for the new Transformers movies (He did send tapes, but Micheal Bay had another vision in mind for the character), he is BACK in Transformers: Rise of the Fallen reprising his roles of Soundwave and Ravage. (Personally, my favorite characters/best designs of the entire movie). I think hearing his voice sent the silly little 80s child in me bouncing in my seat!

I won’t post spoilers here, but I think the revamped versions of Frank’s characters DO the older classic versions justice. As for the rest of the movie, I’ll leave you all to your own personal judgements. (I do wish Arcee (and her ‘sisters’) would have received more of a PART in this movie then generic made up characters. Jetfire’s incarnation/design is the movie is also pretty sweet, but again, sweet designs does not necessarily a good movie make.)

Here are some other interviews with Frank concerning the Transformers universe, check out the following links.

When looking up some information on Frank and what he’s been doing lately, I found this great clip of him taking Manny the Uncanny to the LA zoo showing them how he ‘researches’ animal voices for special projects.

For more information about Frank Welker, or wanting to send your own question to him about voice acting or his work, check out his official site: http://www.frankwelker.net/

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