Building CSS-based layouts can be a pain in the ass . These layouts are offered to you royalty free, copyright free, and warranty free so that you might learn and enjoy working with CSS-based layouts (and perhaps save some of your hair).

The brave may also want to check out the experimentation chamber.

Offset Column Chaos
A responsive, two-column layout with column widths that can be fluid or fixed depending on the width of the viewport.
[ Download Portal ]
A layout designed for use in a portal with generic classes to control the appearence of individual portlets.
[ Download Portal ]
A visually basic layout that uses a single stylesheet. A Ruthsarian menus-style horizontal menu for navigation and media queries to control how the layout displays under different resolutions, including mobile.
[ Download Simplify ]
A simple layout that explores adding visual elements to enhance a basic design using just CSS. There will be compatibility issues with old versions of IE, so if compatibility is something you're especially concerned about, stay away from this layout.
[ Download CX ]
A layout that focuses on conserving horizontal space for the sake of containing content by moving away from vertical menus. The layout also shows off the power of style switching by offering the most user-customizable layout ever offered here.
[ Download Comic ]
Ruthsarian Menus
A very compatible CSS-based dropdown menu system. Works in several browsers, uses JavaScript to support IE6 and earlier but does not rely on JavaScript for it's core functionality. Could also be used for single-level menus.
[ Download Ruthsarian Menus ]
Skidoo Redux
The latest incarnation of the popular Skidoo layout, it offers better compatibility and more features than previously available. Source ordered, no tables, and works in browsers as old as IE 5.0.
[ Download Skidoo Redux ]
An off-shoot of an older Skidoo layout that has some unique layout features such as a more visually interesting left-hand menu/column and a split-column body with widths based on a percentage of the layout's width rather than a static value.
[ Download Gargoyles ]
A take off an old layout that showcases two new features, a styleswitcher and CSS-based drop-down menus. Support for inserting a pair of columns inside any element is also included and can be seen in use in the main column of the layout. All navigational elements are pushed to the right side of the screen with an oversized left-hand margin to emphasize this.

Older layouts are still available on the deprecated layouts page. There you'll find work from over the years that can serve as great tutorials on CSS.

Beware all who enter!