Here you will find some utility stylesheets that can be applied to existing web pages to help deliver some new and interesting features.

Redefines the default padding and margin values on several elements to bring a more consistent visual presentation to your page under different browsers. Other tweaks are included to help enhance headings and other elements.
Brings block, vertical navigation elements out of a simple unordered list.
Allows you to create horizontal menus based off unordered lists. List elements are displayed inline with this version, allowing the width of each element to be based off its content (the neame of the button).
Similar to hnav.css except the list elements are floated blocks instead of inline elements. This is useful if you want to use these list items as the top-tier of drop-down menu system.
Aids in the creation of CSS-based drop-down menus. Will work on its own in most browsers, but IE requires some javascript to get things droping.