The ResNet Collection
A collection of applications developed for Bridgewater State College's ResNet program.
The Lost Children
Old (but useful) software whose source codes have been lost to the four winds during several unfortunate hard disc formats.
A hack-script put together for MovableType 2.661 that will let you select from all available authors and blogs in your MT system and set full-control permissions for a given author to a given blog.
A registry file for the Windows Registry that helps lock down some aspects of the operating system. This regfile is probably for 2000/XP users only, although some of the keys will work in 9x/Me. You will probably want to view the contents before you merge this into your registry.
Win32 console application which calculates values with the algorithm used by the encrypted password script. The giantint library is used to handle large integer math. Pass the output to find or grep to search for the usercode and passcode.
Source code included
OneSixtyOne v0.3-win
Win32 console application which conducts SNMP scans. This is a port of the original onesixtyone written by Solar Eclipse. Includes a copy of getopt for GNU which is not part of the MingW port of the GNU C Compiler.
Source code included
Win32 console application which encrypts and decrypts files using the Blowfish cipher with a 160-bit key generated by passing a user-provided string through an SHA-1 hashing function. Compiled with statically linked OpenSSL library.
Source code included
Win32 console application that generates the SHA-1 hash value for a given file. Compiled with OpenSSL.
Source code included
Win32 console application which will search a text file for a given string. It will output, to either the screen or to a file, the entire line of each occurance and the corresponding line number. Includes an implementation of strnstr.
Source code included
HP Printer Display Hack | JAVA Version
Win32 port of an old hack that alters the display on some HP printer models. Console application. Good, simple example of Windows sockets.
Source code included
dbCompact v1.2
An MFC (Win32) console application which uses DAO 3.6 to compact Microsoft Access databases. This also provides an example of redirecting the std::cerr stream to a file.
Source code included
Win32 console application that decrypts Cold Fusion templates that were encrypted with CFCRYPT. Uses statically linked OpenSSL library for DES cipher routines.
Source code included
A Win32 console application which will store a specified amount of bytes from the end of a binary or text file and store it to a separate file.
Source code included