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.oO( Why do I have a feeling that Rob's actually aiming to start a *Doomsday* business? )

Robert> yes! My family is looking at moving to upstate/northern ny or Vermont by the end of the year. I was just wondering if you could share your thoughts on living there, and why you left. What's your business? Sounds exciting and scary!

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Thank you

Konrad - [Km dot scienceguy_26 at hotmail dot com]

Cams> Yes! I still live! And yes, I did move about ten years ago... And amusingly enough, I am going to be moving again in the coming months.. To Tennessee!

I'm also going to be quitting my job and spending a year trying to start a doomed business.. But annyyway...

You had some moving related question I presume? :>


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Hey, Robert. I hope you see this. Didn't you move some years ago? I was wanting to ask you about the move.

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The box was fun spam. Miss those times.

*peeks in**
Tuxedo Kamen

Madison> I remember Minicla, alas I was never an active member.

Godzilla> Yeah, the infamous box. Those were the days!


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If only Madison had tempted people with pie...

Yell if you remember the Box that used to spam in here because I sure do!
The big girly lizard!

Aw snap, people were here!

*still alive*

To hell with it; if there are any Mini-Clan survivors still lurking in the shadows, my Skype handle is OhNoDomo! and my Discord is OhNoDomo!#0559

Lex, Djali, Shadow, Sapphire, anyone. I don't remember all of the handles but it would be nice to chat, catch up, and reminisce.


Slow as it is, it warms my heart that Station 8 still exists. *waives from the rafters*

Wingless> Yeah, everything seems like a lifetime ago now.
I got Nichelle's autograph back then. I'm still missing one of Jonathan Frakes though.


L#2 - Awesome. I could have gotten her autograph in 2001, but I Opted for a pic with Cree Summer. She was only there briefly for the panel and wasn't feeling well, so I got a chance to catch her on the way out to say hi and get a pic with her. (actually, I caught her cold too - but it was worth it :) The LA con was just so massive. You couldn't do and meet everyone. My fave was the Montreal one. It was so much more relaxed and you could meet everybody. Keith David just hung around with us all as we were getting ready to leave. He went around and talked to everyone and shook hands. Was pretty awesome. Also remember being less than 5 feet away from Nichelle Nichols at one of the conventions and being too shy to say hi. Seems like a lifetime ago.

L#2 - **jealous, but happy for you** Nice!