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Liam writes...

What type of music does the main young justice team like? I’d specially like to know for Artemis, Miss Martian, and Aquaman (Artemis because she’s my favorite, but the other two because they’re from different cultures and I’m interested to know what they would think of human music and what kind they’d like)

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Impetuous_77 writes...

1. How old is Saturn girl?
2. How old is Phantom Girl?

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Verdragon writes...

Was the Doom Patrol Go sequence in "Nightmare Monkeys" a response to Teen Titans Go parodying Young Justice in their episode "Let's Get Serious"?

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Verdragon writes...

What is your favorite episode of each (complete) season of Young Justice so far? Which ones do you think are objectively the best of each season?

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Robert writes...

Having recently watched the season premiere of Young Justice, I understand the shift to making the White Martians a more sympathetic race considering M'gann's presence as a heroic character. But the dialogue about race that this storyline is introducing feels questionable. A character named "M'Comm", who is imprisoned in a jail with a giant X, and is fighting for the rights of his people in what can be seen as a radical manner? Why the decision to make a character this blatant a reference to a real-life civil rights leader?

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Verdragon writes...

So is there something magically significant about that willow tree that Zatanna meets Dr. Fate under in "Private Security", and later meets Artemis under in "Overwhelmed", or is it just a place that's easy to meet at and has a degree of privacy?

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Verdragon writes...

Is Helga Jace actually from Markovia? Because her accent and name don't fit with those of the Markovians we've met... If not, where is she from?

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Antiyonder writes...

1. Is there still the interest in doing a Young Justice/Scooby Doo film? I figure even with YJ now being for a older audience it wouldn't be out of place considering Scooby's appearance on Supernatural.

2. Was it planned as a canon story (and as such the Mysteries Inc. Gang being part of continuity)? Or does the Newsgirl Legion presence change such is previously a yes?

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Nick writes...

Hi Greg, I'm glad that Phantoms has premiered now. Almost flipped when hearing we can watch them on HBO Max after the DC Fandome was done. I like how the heroes are not given a big issue to deal with like in the last two seasons. Feels like going back to the first season roots.

Anyway I enjoyed the first two episodes and I have a few questions from them and I can promise that none of them involve spoilers.

1. What's with the iris-change in the Martian eyes? How come J'onn didn't have them when he was on Earth? They look better.

2. Are Harper Row and her brother adopted by Snapper and Beth?

3. One scene I didn't get in "Schooled" was when M'gann formed multiple arms to fight the Monqis and then freaks out after Wally freaks out seeing her with the arms. I don't get it?

4. Is Phil Bourassa not working on the show anymore? I noticed someone else is in charge of character design. Did Dou Hong work under him?

Thank you and till next time.

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Big Fan writes...

Hi Greg, I love Young Justice so much and I’m so glad that you guys are back for Season 4 and hopefully more. Thank you and your team for all the hard work you have done.
A few questions,
1. I’m a little confused on how the Outsiders work with the Team. I know in season 3 it was said that they are the public squad of the team and report to Miss Martian but it seems like Beast Boy does most of the leading. So are Outsiders members of the Team or are the Outsiders a separate entity?
2. Can members of the Outsiders return to the team and do covert missions or are the not allowed to since they have become public heroes?
3. In Season 4 does the public know the Outsiders are affiliated with the League or is that still a secret?
Thanks so much for taking the time read and answer my question

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