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Greg Weisman on Twitter
Greg Weisman, co-creator of Gargoyles, is on Twitter!

A warehouse of information on all things related to Gargoyles from episode synopsis to character minutae. Everything you want to know about the show is here.

Gargoyles News Twitter Feed
Keep up to date with the latest events related to Gargoyles and those who helped create it.

Gargoyles Fan Website
The web site that started it all. This is the original fan web site. Here you can connect with fans, read fanfic, and access a wealth of information about the show.

Gargoyles Abridged by EvilChicken25
Abridged versions/parodies of Gargoyles episodes using original footage with new dialogue. Extremely funny. Search EvilChicken25's account for more episodes.

Gargoyles Characters on Formspring
GregXB has put together this list of Formspring accounts operated by fans of Gargoyles in the guise of various characters found not just in Gargoyles, but across many other shows Greg Weisman co-produced such as Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice.

A community on deviantART dedicated to Gargoyles. Lots of amazing fan-produced artwork to feed even the most die-hard fan.

Gargoyles @ FanFiction.Net
A massive archive of fanfiction (stories written by fans) about Gargoyles.

Gargoyles @ TVTropes.com
A site dedicated to identifying all the tropes and idioms found within Gargoyles.

Gargoyles Twitter Theater
Follow characters from the Gargoyles universe on Twitter.

Gargoyles Imagery Resource
A brilliant resource for seeing Gargoyles in a whole new way. Not just your standard screencaps, you'll want to check out the "mosaics" section. Here you see large panning shots pasted together giving you a view of the entire scene, including the wonderful background art.

Gathering of the Gargoyles
The Gargoyles convention that ran annually from 1997 to 2009. It brought fans together to celebrate the show alongside those who helped give it life.

Monthly Gargoyles Art Contest
Every month the MGC holds a contest for fans to create art under a given theme. Fans then vote for a winner. An outlet and showcase for the many talented artists of the fandom.

A USENET newsgroup just for Gargoyles fans.

Search The Wiki

GargWiki.net has answers for all your Gargoyles questions.

Buy The DVDs

Gargoyles Season 1 DVD Cover

Includes episode commentaries by co-creator Greg Weisman, interviews with the cast, and a documentary on the fan convention.

Season One
Season Two, Volume One
Season Two, Volume Two

Get The Cinestory

Gargoyles Cinestory

Published by Joe Books, Gargoyles Cinestory, Volume One is an adaptation of the five-part television series pilot "Awakening".

The SLG Comics

Gargoyles Comic Cover

Written by Greg Weisman and published by SLG between 2006 and 2009, the series picks up at after season two of the TV series.

The Sculptures

Gargoyles Sculptures

Electric Tiki released a sculpture of Goliath in 2011. Bowen Designs released a Goliath statue in 2009.