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angela1.wav 359kb Trio: "Outta my way.... outta my way!."
Angela: "guys.... GUYS!"
Broadway: "Uh oh." *Thwap*
Trio: *moan*
Angela: "I tried to warn you."
Trio: "thanks."

broadwy2.wav 119kb Broadway: "Go Ahead boys, knock yourselves out."

broadwy2.wav 59kb Broadway: "...New York drivers..."

broadwy3.wav 189kb Broadway: "You made one mistake Dracon, you messed with my partner."

broadwy4.wav 134kb Broadway: "Wish I had time for a snack."
Lex: "You just ate!"

broadwy5.wav 188kb Broadway: *buuuuurp* "... it just doesn't get any better than this."

broadwy6.wav 113kb Broadway: "Okay tin-man, let's play follow the leader!"

broadwy7.wav 219kb Broadway: "...right, I'm just a big dumb gargoyle with his brains in his stomach."
Brooklyn: "I couldn't of said it better."

brookln1.wav 54kb Brooklyn: "Alright!"

brookln2.wav 202kb Brooklyn: "Yeah, I'm... really looking forward to that. They're a lot tougher than the last batch we fought."

brookln3.wav 101kb Brooklyn: "Oooo, not good, nooooooot good."

brookln4.wav 97kb Brooklyn: "Smooth, eh-real smooth."

brookln5.wav 72kb Brooklyn: "Yeah, use the force Lex."

brookln6.wav 181kb Brooklyn: "Oh sorry, no, I was too busy writhing in agony to notice."

brookln7.wav 48kb Brooklyn: "Yo taxi!"

brookln8.wav 89kb Brooklyn: "Oh yeah, you and what starfleet?"

brookln9.wav 179kb Brooklyn: *growl* "You want a fight?! YOU GOT IT!"

brklyn10.wav 248kb Brooklyn: *bzzt* "Ouch" *bzzt* "ouch... hey you know I'm gettin' tired of this."

brklyn11.wav 113kb Brooklyn: "Oh wonderful... terrific. So what do we do?"

brklyn12.wav 67kb Lex: "Hi Elisa."
Brooklyn: "Bye Elisa."

demona1.wav 136kb Demona: "Spare me your gloating, just go."

goliath1.wav 316kb Goliath: "I've been denied everything, EVEN MY REVENGE!!!!"

goliath2.wav 119kb Goliath: "Please, don't fall off the building this time."

goliath3.wav 128kb Goliath: "I LIVED FOR MY CLAN!"
Demona: "and they died for you."

goliath4.wav 178kb Goliath: *long growl*

goliath5.wav 230kb Goliath: "I don't know what you're talking about. Surely you know I am not in the habbit of playing childish pranks or laughing maniacally in the dark."
Hudson: "Do you even know HOW to laugh maniacally?"

goliath6.wav 236kb Goliath: "I never realized when you were human, how beautiful you are."
Elisa: "You mean you thought I was ugly?"
Goliath: "Well, uh, careful, updraft."

hyena1.wav 33kb Hyena: "This'll keep us on top of the most wanted list."

lex1.wav 93kb Lex: "They should have Halloween more off'n."

lex2.wav 60kb Lex: "Yeah, it's ready!"

lex3.wav 53kb Lex: "Excellent!"

lex4.wav 235kb Lex: "..it's too weird, kinda *fun*, but wierd."

lex5.wav 170kb Angela: "Can't you do something? I thought you flew a helicopter."
Lex: "Yeah, but uh, heh, first I .. I kinda crashed it."

owen1.wav 219kb Owen: "Ex...cuse me Mr. Xanatos, there seems to be a problem in the kitchen with our new guests."

puck1.wav 113kb Puck: "Heeeeeeeeeeere's PUCK!"

puck2.wav 107kb Puck: "Serving humans if fun, they have a sense of humor. YOU have NONE."

puck3.wav 104kb Puck: "You hurt him with that one.... uhh do it again."

puck4.wav 91kb Puck: "Does this look like Aladdin's lamp? I have limits afterall."

puck5.wav 95kb Puck: "My Misake."
Demona: "Your last mistake."

puck6.wav 190kb Puck: "Did you say that human or *that* human? Oh nevermind, I'll figure it out...... this might just be fun afterall."

puck7.wav 153kb Oberon: "Hmm, yes, what about him?"
Puck: "I've got a sunny disposition and I'm always kind to animals."

puck8.wav 135kb Puck: "Well if that's what you want I can make him love you again, piece of cake, given your charming personality."

puck9.wav 219kb Demona: "I'm too vulnerable during the day, I don't want to turn to stone anymore." Puck: "Of course, you want to stroll down fifth avenue in the sunshine, I'm sure you'll fit right in."

xanatos1.wav 59kb Xanatos: "Magnificent!"

xanatos2.wav 238kb Xanatos: "So now you know my weakness."
Goliath: "Only you would reguard love as a weakness

comtheme.wav 213kb Music that plays when the show goes to commercial.

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