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Babs writes...

Ok another question to add to my list.

It's known that John Canmore (hunter) has changed his indentity and later became John Castaway leader of The Quarrymen, but why would he have gone to all the trouble to change his eye color, his name, grow 10 years older, and change British (no longer being Scotish ), when the hunter thing was working much better than that metal hammer that goes ZAP!. Did the creators change him and give him a new group just for more stories ? and does His sister who is in jail know what he is up to ?

Thanks for taking the time to answer :)

Gargoyles Forever !

Greg responds...

He didn't change his eye-color. He changed his appearance enough, being a wanted fugitive, to maintain his freedom. He changed his accent (as he had when he used the alias Jon Carter), to further his disguise.

He founded the Quarrymen, because he no longer had full access to the resources of the Hunters.

And his sister would likely find out soon what he was up to. His brother too.

Response recorded on July 02, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

1.If Castaway knew his guys resembled the KKK wasn't he afraid of them suing him for trademark infringement?
And why wasn't he worried that the Beatles sue him for calling his guys the Quarryman?

Greg responds...

Probably for the same reason he wasn't worried about the Gilligan's Island gang suing him over his new last name.

Response recorded on December 05, 2003

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Lord Sloth writes...

Was Castaway or the Illuminati worried at all about how the Quarrymen's resemblance to the Ku Klux Clan and its political correctness? Or did he/they design them that way on purpose and if they did, for what reason? Or did they figure that most people wouldn't make the connection because Gargoyles aren't people, and thus can't be persecuted against?

Greg responds...


Well, I was making the connection for the audience, but I think that in the world of the Garg universe, the similarities were less intentional than inevitable, given the nature of both organizations.

Response recorded on December 04, 2003

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Gipdac writes...

1a) Did Goliath know Jon Canmore and John Castaway were the same person? b) Did Elisa?

Greg responds...

1a. Not at the time of "The Journey".
1b. Ditto.

Response recorded on October 08, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

Regarding John Castaway/Jon Canmore, how exacly did he make contact with the Illuminati?

Greg responds...

I'm not revealing the specifics right now, though I will say that the Hunters and Illuminati have been aware of each other for quite some time.

Response recorded on July 22, 2003

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Todd Jensen writes...

When the Quarrymen started up in "The Journey", it was a mixture of different varieties of people with different reasons for going after the gargoyles. Some, such as Banquo and Fleance, were essentially mercenaries out simply to ruthlessly destroy the gargoyles out of malice, or to receive regular pay checks from Castaway. But the bulk of them, from what we saw in that episode, were more "ordinary folks" such as Vinnie, or Billy and Susan's mother, who joined up because they were afraid of the gargoyles, saw them as a menace to themselves, their families, and their community, and believed that they had to do something.

In your plans, you've mentioned that the Quarrymen would still be around by 2198. Is the "ordinary frightened citizen" element of it (as in, concerned parents who believe that the gargoyles would attack their children) still a significant part of it by then? Or would it by then be composed mainly of the vicious thug-types?

Greg responds...

As I've said before, look at the Klan, which still survives today.

There will always be people, unfortunately, who let fear and ignorance and resentment and ridiculous prejudices fuel their hatred. Is Castaway himself that different?

Response recorded on June 20, 2003

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Vashkoda writes...

You said in a chat in '97 that, "in my mind, he [Jon Canmore/Castaway] approached the Illuminati, who for their own reasons, funded the Quarrymen."

1a) How and for how long did he know that the Illuminati really existed? b) Do the other Canmores know about the Illuminati (before Robyn joins the Redemption Squad)?

2) How did he know where to find the Illuminati? I found your statement that *he* was the one to approach *them* rather interesting, as I would have assumed that it's usually the Illuminati who establish first contact with someone.

3) Does Castaway become a member of the Illuminati?

Greg responds...

1a) I think the Canmore's have known for quite some time. The Hunters and the Illuminati may have been useful to each other from time to time.

b) I would think so. At least to some extent.

2. But this wasn't first contact. All he needs is a contact. The message would work its way up the pyramid, so to speak.

3. I don't know.

Response recorded on June 06, 2003

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Shadowman writes...

Hello Greg,

Im a big fan of the gargoyles and all and I was wondering if the gargoyles were still on the air would you bring back the Hunter? and few other questions.. how many Hunters were in the gargoyle history? I know they were 1 in the ancient times and 3 in the present and McBeth was kind of one... and the other question if you did brought back the Hunter what kind of look would he have? a High Tech-ish look more beyond what the 3 Hunters had?

Greg responds...

I don't know exactly how many hunters there have been. We've shown a sampling, including Gillecomegain, Duncan, Canmore, the Renaissance Hunter, Charles Canmore, Jason Canmore, Robyn Canmore, Jon Canmore. And, as you said, briefly, Macbeth. Fiona Canmore would have appeared in Team Atlantis, had that show gone forward, and Robyn would have continued as the Hunter in Bad Guys (though she'd largely be hunting other bad guys, not gargs) had that show gone forward.

There are more Hunters in the past, including some specific ones that I have in mind. But I won't pretend I've run the entire Canmore line from Canmore to Jon out in my head and listed every single one.

As for moving forward, I see the Hunters waning in favor of the waxing Quarrymen. But I'm not talking in absolutes.

Response recorded on June 04, 2003

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Vorath writes...

How does the Quarrymen theory about Gargoyles evolved in 2198?

i.e.: Do they still view them as the usual "demons/monsters/super-natural beings" or that view changed to something else, like "rival sentinent being"?

Greg responds...

I think they see them as an insidious evil. Beyond that, even the Quarrymen aren't likely to be monolithic in the specifics of their beliefs.

Response recorded on May 29, 2003

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Corrie "Cormak" McDermott writes...

Hi Greg,

First of all thank you so much for Gargoyles. It's had a wonderful impact on the lives of my sister and myself as well as 8 children I used to take care of. I apologize if any of my questions have been asked and answered in the past. I actually read all the FAQs and the archives to make sure. I didn't see them there, but I could be wrong. (I did read a lot in one day!)

1. I know that you had nothing to do with the Goliath Chronicles with the exception of "The Journey". I find the Quarry Men an interesting organization and a very real threat to not only the Gargoyles but to Elisa Maza as well. I'm curious as what you would have planned for this group in the future. Would they have been a long term force to be reckoned with?

Greg responds...

Yep. Centuries long. I hesitate to say this because I don't want to trivialize something as evil and insidious as the KKK, but that organization was my inspiration for the Quarrymen.

Response recorded on January 31, 2003

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Gipdac writes...

1) Do the Canmore siblings (The Hunters) know about Macbeth (What, with his still being alive and all)?
2) Have they ever tried to hunt him?
3) Does Macbeth have any descendants living by 1996?
4) Do the Canmores (at least the ones descended from Jon) still hunt Demona in 2198?

Greg responds...

1. Not saying.
2. Not saying.
3. Not saying.
4. There are no more Canmores, at least not of that line. But the Castaways still hunt her. Her and all gargoyles through the Quarrymen.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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Mara writes...

Hi! It was great seeing you again at this year's Gathering. (Insert tons of compliments, comments and the like, regarding that event).

Anyway, you wrote:
I don't have any more plans for the pie gun.

But I have very specific plans for the guy the pie gun was named after.

And I just, belatedly, realize that Carter is the alias that Jon Canmore uses in Hunter's Moon. If I remember correctly, that in your plans, Castaway was NOT Jon Canmore... is he (Canmore) the one you are referring to?

It always seemed to me that Jon having access to TV, via being a newscaster, had more influence to the public at large than being the head of an obvious Klan rip-off.

So, be oblique and witty about this?

Greg responds...

No, in my development Canmore was definitely Castaway.

It's the people who took over from me who didn't seem to want to acknowledge that.

... as for the original to Mr. Carter.... I'm not in the mood to reveal that right now...

But, hey, Mara, where's your Gathering diary, huh?

Response recorded on August 15, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

2198 questions:
1a) how many heads do the space spawn have? Does it varry? b) Do the Space spawn's general appearance varry from one another? By alot?

2a) Is New Camelot still around in 2198? b) Are Arther's decendands running it or anything(I'll be really surprised if you answer THAT) c) Is it connected to Master Matrix?

3) Do the Illuminati still fund the Quarry men in 2198?

Greg responds...

1a. One.

1b. To them, yes.

2a. Before or after March?

2b. ---

2c. Before or after March?

3. Not saying.

Response recorded on July 27, 2001

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Gipdac writes...

How does Jon Castaway (Canmore) die?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

1. In "Journey" you introduced John Castaway. Would he be involved in any way, in any of your spinoffs? The reason I ask is, I know he won't be alive in 2198. (Maybe his great grandson or some relative) But other than 2198 are you planning anything more with him?

2. Since I know you only worked on one episode of TGC, would you personally (should your spinoffs come back to TV) ignore what has taken place in the remaining episodes of the TGC seeing how you were not involved in their creation? Or were some of the TGC episodes ideas yours which you were planning before your contract ran out? I don't think some episodes can be completely ignored. However I hated that in TGC, they killed off the clones. What is your take on this?

3. By the way, since the Gathering 2001 is over, may I ask if there was any petitioning done to jumpstart Gargoyles and make it TV-borne again? If so, how'd it go?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. I've answered this before too. My current thinking, which is not etched in stone, is to ignore what I don't consider canon. Enough time has passed and any new episodes would need to stand on their own two feet anyway. If anyone's confused about contradictions between TGC and the new stuff, they can check out the internet site that we will have to clarify all this stuff.

3. I didn't see any petitions. Feel like starting one? I'd focus on DVD's for now.

Incidentally, your post here should theoretically have been broken up into three posts, since your questions were on three separate topics. I haven't reminded people of that in a while. I ignored the rule breaking this time, but don't make a habit of it.

Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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Sloth writes...

I don't know if this is true, or a part of TGC, or what, but I herd somewhere that the Quarrymen were funded by the Illuminati. Reckless gargoyle smashing dosn't seem like the kind of thing Illuminati would invest in to me. Could you tell me:
1)is this true
2)if it is, what are their motives in it?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Balance and need.

Response recorded on June 30, 2001

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Duncan Devlin writes...

I just watched "The Journey" for the first time--amazing, huh.

Some questions about the Stonecutters.

1) Since the show was in a completely different time slot, was John Canmore and the Pie Guy supposed to be inside jokes?

2) Why were the Hunter slashed reduced to being part of the larger symbol instead of beingm like the old 3-slice masks. (As I write this, I think its ABC's fault)?

Greg responds...

I assume you mean the Quarrymen.

1. Inside jokes? Well, I wanted people to enjoy the episode even if they hadn't seen those characters before, but no, not inside jokes.

2. No, it wasn't ABC's fault. I don't think there's a fault at all. It wasn't supposed to be DEAD obvious that Jon Canmore and John Castaway were the same person. That is, I wanted to play fair with old fans, but I wanted a mystery for new ones.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001

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