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Duncan Devlin writes...

I just watched "The Journey" for the first time--amazing, huh.

Some questions about the Stonecutters.

1) Since the show was in a completely different time slot, was John Canmore and the Pie Guy supposed to be inside jokes?

2) Why were the Hunter slashed reduced to being part of the larger symbol instead of beingm like the old 3-slice masks. (As I write this, I think its ABC's fault)?

Greg responds...

I assume you mean the Quarrymen.

1. Inside jokes? Well, I wanted people to enjoy the episode even if they hadn't seen those characters before, but no, not inside jokes.

2. No, it wasn't ABC's fault. I don't think there's a fault at all. It wasn't supposed to be DEAD obvious that Jon Canmore and John Castaway were the same person. That is, I wanted to play fair with old fans, but I wanted a mystery for new ones.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001

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