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Zach Baker is a Jeopardy GOD!

Some of you may remember fellow fan Zach Baker. He's been to multiple Gatherings, performed in multiple Radio Plays, married a fellow Gargoyles fan (and had a kid with her, thus insuring us future generations of fans). He's a former student of mine, and a very funny guy.

And Zach Baker has been kicking butt and taking names on Jeopardy the last two days. He's won $44K already. So tune in tomorrow to your local Jeopardy station and send Zach your psychic best wishes. (It's a syndicated show, so check local listings. It's on ABC, channel 7 at 7pm in Los Angeles.) And yeah, I know the episodes were taped weeks if not months ago, but it's good karma! Trust me.

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Anonymous writes...

How does this reincarnation thing work in the Gargoyles universe? Can a gargoyle get reincarnated into a human or vice versa?

Can it be controlled or is it just a natural thing with nothing controlling it?

Are new souls made or does the # stay the same? If new souls are made then who or what makes thems? If they stay the same does it mean the universe's population is the same?

Greg responds...

Paragraph One: We haven't established many or any rules yet. I don't want to do it here and now.

Paragraph Two: It is as controlled or uncontrolled as your personal belief in a higher power extends.

Paragraph Three: New souls do get made occasionally. I don't think EVERYBODY automatically reincarnates. It's like one option out of many. As to who or what... see above.

Response recorded on June 10, 2001