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Tana writes...

Well, I'm not asking any questions to clarify anyfacts for a fanfic...since I don't write fanfic. Not that I'm not a good writer, just that I don't think I could do justice to the show you've created Greg. I watch it on Toon Disney and I still watch it with awe. Gotten my nephew (he's 2) into the show so much that he goes into my room to steal my toys!!

Anywho, as for my questions, I'm an artist and I'm working on some pics of the characters you created for possible inclusion in the Gathering's Art Show, so my questions pertain to stuff about those pics:

1)I'm working on a pic of the Ishimura Gargs (Kai, Yama, and a few others) performing the japanese tea ceremony, and for refrence, I wanted to know if the two females (one purple, one brown) that appeared in "Bushido" had names. If they do, what are they?

2)What situations or events would you find it interesting to see your characters in? Like some situations that happened appart from what we saw.

3)And since I ALWAYS want to know what ppl think of some of my art, if you can please look at these two pics that go together, of Brooklyn, Elisa, Lexington, Goliath, Angela and Broadway and tell me what you think!!
http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/9210/swim.jpg and
DON'T look at the other pics in that directory, they're original characters and that's something I know you're not supposed to do.

Domo Arigato! Thank you very much for your wonderful show and all the continuing effort you've put into keeping us fans happy and entertained!!! And good luck on any upcoming projects!

Greg responds...

1. The female gargoyle (Yama's mate) who had a few lines of dialogue was named Sora. The others don't have names as of yet.

2. What wouldn't be interesting?

3. I'm sorry. I can't look and hold onto your question at the same time. Why not post a link for me in S8 comment room, and I'll try to get over there.

Thanks, Tana.

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