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Dan writes...

Is it true that they're making a real life Gargoyles movie??? If they are, is Salli Elise Richardson (ELISA MAZA) going to play Elisa??? Thanks Greg, Your number one fan, Dan.

Greg responds...

Hey, Dan.

It's true that they are developing a live action movie. I would hope they'd have Salli play Elisa, but they're not near ready to cast yet. Least not as far as I know.

Response recorded on January 10, 2000

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lisa writes...

1.what was the story plot for the new gargoyles movie?

Greg responds...

I don't know. They haven't shown me any of the script drafts.

Response recorded on January 07, 2000

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Josh writes...

Hi Greg, I have 2 questions.
First, I've read some earler posts that a live production movie is in progress. In one of these posts you said that the release date might be around summer 99, well it's that time. Has the movie been disbanded or did I read that post wrong. If I the movie hasn't been canceled is there any release date.
Secondly, Besides the obvious budget constraints was there any other reason why you chose to have the show anamated?
Thanks a lot for your time.

Greg responds...

I have no new information regarding the movie. (Believe me, I'll post when I do.) As far as I know, it is still in development at Touchstone. I have no release date.

As to your second question: Sorry, but questions on separate topics must be posted separately.

Response recorded on January 07, 2000

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Shannon writes...

I'm one of your biggest fans!, but i'm sure you've heard that a million times!Anyway heres my question, is it true there is a motion picture comeing out? This is not an idea I saw it posted on another web site. It would be really kewl! Well please answer my question, BYE. P.S. Almost never miss an episode at 11.

Greg responds...

All I can say is that it is in development. Keep your fingers crossed that it happens and that it is good.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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traveler writes...

okay, stay calm. Mr.weisman,um greg.Alright I'm okay. First of all I would like to say that I've been wanting to talk to you for sometime, but since before I got my computer [webtv] I never had access to the web,and the location in which I live it is hard for me to get to a gathering. I have been with the show scince it first came out and am very sad that it is gone .

1.Are you currently working on a movie script? I was sort of hoping for a PG rated film , I mean most of us fans are over 12 now and we love it even more than we did when it first came out, because now we can appreciate it more.

2. would you rather have the movie be live action or animated?

3.If the movie does at least okay,would you have plans to recreate the series ? Do you think Disney would give you another chance?

4.What future plans did you have for Eliza and Goliaths relationship? Will they one day become mates.

5.If gargoyle children are raised by the whole clan, would that mean that goliath is the trios parent.

6.Did you create Sata [Timedancer] or did someone else.

7.Are the new olympians oberons children.

8.Alot of names came from the bible[David Gabriel, Eliza, just to name a few] . Is this coincidence or does gargoyles have biblical ties.

9.Is gargoyles a creationism based story or were they created by evolution.

Thamks for listening, I look forward to the day when gargoyles will be shown again.

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. I have no preference, but if you're talking about Gargoyles, they are planning it to be live action with CGI.

3. I hope so. I like to think so.

4 - 9. Sorry. Questions on separate topics, must be posted separately.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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Warrioress writes...

What's the news on the Gargoyles movie, if it's still going to be done?

What, if any, future plans did you have for Coldstone and Coldfire? And the Avalon clan?


Greg responds...

1. I have nothing new to report on the Gargoyle Live Action Movie front.

2. Questions on separate topics must be posted separately.

Response recorded on December 29, 1999

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Siren writes...

Welcome back Greg! A few questions...
1.) How goes with the Gargoyles movie by Touchstone? Simply, how far into development.
2.) What does Titania whisper to Fox? (One day we'll find out somehow)
3.) If the show continued, would you might have introduced other mythology characters, such as Pegasus, unicorns, dragons, etc. If so, would they be considered New Olympians or Fay?
4.) On Bronx and Boudica (sp?), are the "dog-oyles" rare? Or do they just take longer to breed? Since we only had met two...that I can remember anyways.
5.) Did you ever consider "cat-goyles"?

So far, that's all I can think of. Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. I have no new news.

2 - 5. As per our new rules, you'll have to resubmit these questions on separate posts (by common topic).

Response recorded on September 17, 1999

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kalen writes...

Have you ever thought of making a movie about Gargoyle's.

Greg responds...

Me? Like with my own money?

Sorry. Look, Touchstone has a live-action Gargoyles movie in development. For more info check the Live-Action movie archives below and/or comb through the OLD archives.

And, no, as far as I know, there's nothing new to report.

Response recorded on August 24, 1999

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Alaxk writes...

Greetings Mr. Weisman, just a couple of questions.

1. Can you give us any new information concerning the movie, current script writers or directors (obviously your involved, but from some of your comments, you have led myself to believe that you will not be writing it)?

2. What was the main plot line in Future Tense going to be?

3. By the end of "Journey", does Xanatos realize he has obtained his immortality already through his son or was he going to continue in his attemps to live forever (I realize the two, immortality and living forever are very different which leads me to my fourth question)?

4. Did Xanatos learn from Hudson in "The Price" the difference between living forever and immortality?



Greg responds...

1. As I've stated many times, my involvement is contractual not actual. I'm officially a co-producer on this film with Michael Reaves, but as a practical matter I have not been included in the movie's development. As far as I know there is no director or cast attached. By now, I think they probably have yet another first draft script by yet another writer whose name escapes me for the moment. That's all I know.

As per our new rules, I invite you to resubmit your remaining questions on multiple separate posts.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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Entity writes...

Glad you're back, Mr. Weisman! Here are a few questions I've pondered over:

1) If the series had ever shown Merlin, how do you envision his physical appearence? Would he have been along the lines of the white-bearded Disney version from "Sword in the Stone", or the younger, clean-shaven version from "Excalibur" or "Merlin" (the mini-series)?

2) I heard somewhere that you'd written an early screenplay for the GARGOYLES theatrical movie, which was basically "Awakenings" cleaned up around the edges, but that it was rejected on account of being "too cartoonish". Would you be able (and willing) to share with us that screenplay?

3) You mentioned that "Hunter's Moon" was originally going to be a video release (which would explain why so much of Part 1 seemed like a reintroduction to the series). If it had been released on video as planned, would it have been longer than only one hour (3 twenty-minute episodes)? I ask because that seems kind of short for a video, and because out of all the other chapters of the series, "Hunter's Moon" is the only one for which you've revealed full-fledged scenes that didn't make it into the final cut.

Greg responds...

Hi Entity,
1. Not telling this now. Had very specific plans though.

2. Michael Reaves and I wrote a pitch and then a treatment (actually two), not a screenplay. And it would be irresponsible to share it at this point, since the movie is still in development at Touchstone Pictures.

3. The decision not to make it a video came before the script (and maybe before the final draft outline) was written. It would have been at least a bit longer... we certainly wouldn't have had to cut the Jason/Elisa clock tower scene. But beyond that, it's too hypothetical a question for me to answer. We never were given the opportunity to explore that avenue in any real way.

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