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Lukas writes...

WHAT THE... Gregory T Farshtey, you telling that you got fired after the planning on Mask of Light, then why the Mata Nui had you wrote the books and stories about Marhi Nui, Voya Nui ETC???!!?!?!? Had they hired you again, or... (Not to be rude) Is you that responding, just a guy who is cheating us, and telling you is the old great Greg, just for fun, and moneys???? I love Greg's stories, and work! And i have translated (just for fun) the whole story on http://www.bioniclestory.com/ called Into The Darkness, but please tell me my friend, how you can be involved in LEGO if you isn't involved?

Greg responds...

I think you're mixing me, GREG WEISMAN, up with this other Greg, whom I have never claimed to be. I worked (briefly) on Mask of Light, but was let go...

I never met Gregory Farshtey, but I have a vague memory that he was doing the comics, right?

Response recorded on April 16, 2010

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