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pizza girl writes...

dear greg, i have oftin wondered if there is a behgining to the end of the real show like right after the last episode i see all these new carectors in the fanfic and am lost is there a begining to all the new carectors? thanx!

Greg responds...

I have no knowledge of what's going on in the fan fic, including the fan-driven TGS.

There are 66 quote-unquote canon episodes, including the first two seasons and the first episode of Goliath Chronicles.

Plus there are 12 more Goliath Chronicle episodes that I don't count as canon. There are also 11 issues of a Marvel Comic and a handful of Disney Adventure stories that I also do not consider canon.

There is an unproduced episode of Team Atlantis featuring Demona and a Hunter.

There is a Bad Guys leica reel.

There is a bunch of stuff in the Archives here that I've revealed, including my so-called "Master Plan", "Once Upon a Time There Were Three Brothers..." and "Gargoyles 2198".

Some of the stuff you're seeing may have come from these sources. Other stuff, I assume the fans just made up. Ask in the Comment Room.

Response recorded on March 01, 2004

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