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Anonymous writes...

What is Stargate the hunted? Were you involved in the show's creation?

Greg responds...

"Stargate: The Hunted" was an animated spin-off series that I developed for MGM Animation back in the late 90s. We were about to head into pre-production -- and I even took a trip up to Vancouver to meet with the live-action show's Executive Producers (including Richard Dean Anderson) -- when MGM's animation division imploded.

The show never got made. I attempted for years to get people interested in the property. It seemed like a natural, what with how well the live-action version was doing. But no one would bite.

Then one day I found out that DIC had made a deal to produce their own Stargate animated series. Their show was practically on the air before I even heard about it. I've never seen it. (Why torture myself?) They're development, I'm sure, has nothing to do with mine -- other than, I'd imagine, elements that are naturally common to both versions because of the source material.

Response recorded on March 04, 2004

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