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Stone writes...

I am a huge fan of the monkey team. why did they stop the show? i don't get it!

Greg responds...

I have no idea. I freelanced a couple scripts on that show. That's it.

Response recorded on August 16, 2010

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Anonymous writes...


Greg responds...

I'm pretty sure that show (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!) is out of production.

Response recorded on June 01, 2009

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Triple A writes...

Hey! I'm a big fan of SRMTHFG. Too bad the show's over... for now... I also loved the episodes you worked on. So, what do you think is gonna happen? Who's gonna win the battle? What do you think the battle's gonna be like? Did you enjoy your part as Chiro?

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I have no inside info on the Monkey Team. I did have fun writing those two scripts, though the end result was somewhat different than what I wrote.

Response recorded on August 29, 2007

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Becky writes...

Is Greg upset that the televsion show "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Froce Go!" ended with a cliffhanger?

Greg responds...

Greg can see why that's frustrating to viewers, but Greg only wrote two episodes of that series as a freelancer -- and not recently -- thus Greg didn't know about this until now... and honestly isn't particularly upset about it.

Response recorded on June 26, 2007

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Cyberranger12 writes...

Can you put Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! on Kids WB?
Cause I don't have cable and if I have one I still can't see the show and I haven't seen that show before if you know what I mean.

Greg responds...

I know what you mean, but NO, I do not have the power to put ANY show anywhere. I'm a mere beggar at the feast. And the odds of a Disney show like Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! winding up on a competitor like Kids WB are pretty high against.

Response recorded on January 15, 2007

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Cassie Lockhart writes...

I love the Super Robot Monkey Team series, and I was wondering: What's up in the episodes you worked with? I'm really curious!
I live in Norway, and I'm Norwegian. The show is on every Saturday and Sunday, so I watch it every weekend!
Those cyborg monkeys are so darn cute!
My favourite is Antauri. He's so wise and sweet.
Who's your favourite?

Big hug, Cassie.

Greg responds...

I wrote two episodes of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

One was called "Circus of Ooze" and the other was "Hunt for the Citadel of Bone". I think the titles are remarkably self-explanatory.

I'm not sure what you mean by "What's up" in them...?

As for my favorite Robot Monkey... I think I'd have to say... Otto.

Response recorded on December 18, 2006

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Angie writes...

How does it feel working on both "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! and Teen Titans? Anything you can relate to on both shows?

Greg responds...

Never worked on the t.v. series "Teen Titans". Ages and ages ago, I was an assistant editor on some of the Teen Titans titles (under Marv Wolfman and Mike Gold) at DC Comics.

As for SRMTHfG!, I wrote two episodes as a freelancer. But I wasn't really on the inside there. Don't have much to relate, other than praise for my bosses on that project, Kevin Hopps and Henry Gilroy, both of whom were booted between Season One and Season Two. (Might explain why I wrote no episodes for Season Two, huh?)

Response recorded on November 07, 2006

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Frank White writes...

i am a great fan of your work. i know that gargoyles finished along time ago, but i was wondering if there was anything you will be working on in 2003 for disney or anybody else. also could you please give a brief description

Greg responds...

Thanks, Frank.

Of course, it's 2004 now. Here's a sample of how I've been keeping busy:

I worked a bit on "Bionicle: Mask of Light"

I wrote a number of episodes for "The Batman" and a couple for "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!", plus one for "Alien Racers".

Right now, I'm working on the second season of W.I.T.C.H. (But I had nothing to do with the first season.)

Response recorded on November 19, 2004

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Hey gang,

I got a job!!!!

I'll be producing the SECOND season of a series called W.I.T.C.H. for SIP Animation and ABC Family's Jetix block.

I had nothing to do with the FIRST season, but I'm rooting for its success... because frankly if it doesn't do well, then you'll never get to see the neatokeen stuff I'm planning for season two.

The first W.I.T.C.H. "minisode" premieres on Jetix on Saturday morning, October 30th. (Check your local listings.) Again, I had nothing to do with it, but I do think it's fun stuff. (And if you love me, you'll support it ;)

Oh, and while I'm at it, I think my first episode of THE BATMAN, "The Big Chill" featuring Mr. Freeze airs THIS Saturday, October 23rd on Kids WB. (Again, check your local listings.) It features the voice of Clancy Brown (Hakon, Wolf) as Freeze.

And also keep an eye out for the two episodes of SUPER ROBOT MONKEY TEAM HYPERFORCE GO! which I wrote for Jetix. I'm not sure exactly when they're airing, but I'll keep you posted.