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Audra writes...

I had a question about Lexington's wings that I use to think about. When Lexington glides, it looks like he has to always hold out his arms. I would think his arms would get tired after a while. The other Gargoyles can move their arms while they glide, but it looks like Lexington can't. Also, not many Gargoyles have wings like that huh? The only other Gargoyle I saw with wings like that is in the first Awakening episode, and there were only a couple of scenes with him in it. (Maybe he's Lexington's biological father?) I was just wondering how come there weren't any more Gargoyles in the series with wings like Lexington's. Maybe some of the Gargoyles Goliath met in the Avalon World Tour could of had wings like that. I mean those kind of wings aren't my favorite, but I think having lots of different looking Gargoyles is cool. And there aren't many Gargoyles with wings like Lexington's. But the other kind of wings, like the kind the rest of the clan has, and my favorite. I just think it looks cooler, and they can cap their wings over their shoulders, which I also think is really cool looking. Thanks for reading this Greg, and I would like to hear what you think about this.

Greg responds...

I don't have much to add. We wanted a diverse-looking group. I originally wanted Lex to have four hands -- you can see that in the original development artwork on the original pitch if you buy the DVD -- but I was told by Japan & Frank that it would be too difficult to animate day in and day out.

I think of Lex's wing-type as a minority wing-type. But as you pointed out, a type that we've shown at least on one other garg.

As for whether his arms get tired? Well, maybe they do occasionally. Take a look at "Awakening" again.

Response recorded on February 24, 2005

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