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deb writes...

Because this question hasn't been answered yet, I'd like to re-submit Jeff Lenihan's question:

"2)In "Grief," Anubis states that that which is dead and gone cannot be brought back. Why, then, was Demona able to bring the spirit of Coldstone (and those of Coldfire and Coldsteel) back from the dead? Was Anubis trying to say that he is under some sort of magical restriction similar to Oberon's law of non-interferece that prevents him from bringing back the dead, or something else entirely?"

Greg responds...

Anubis refused. And he had good reasons, as the Emir realized after he became the Avatar. I never said that ghosts don't exist. Coldstone is still dead.

Response recorded on September 25, 2000

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Entity writes...

Hi Greg,

So, a pit-stop in Tibet for purposes unknown, combined with a run-in with Coldstone in the Himalayas.

1) Are these two unrealized stories indeed one in the same?
2) In the original conception of the idea, did Coldstone undergo any kind of change as a result of the story? In every other encounter with Coldstone, he was left changed in some manner.
3) Could the story be magically inserted into the canon series right now with no messed up continuity in regards to "Possessions"?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. Not gonna say. But the story came in between his appearances in High Noon and Possessions.
3. Yes. It was designed that way.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000

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Kalafarski writes...

Finding myself lost in that massive "Old Ask Greg Archive," I stumbled across a mention of a missing World Tour episode featuring Coldstone in the Himalayas. What would've happened there?

Greg responds...

An entire story.

Response recorded on September 16, 2000

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Sixshot writes...

1.Is Coldsteel ability to heal limited to his tentacles or can he heal his entire body?

2.What about Coldfire? Can she heal was well?

Greg responds...

1. I think the word we're looking for is "repair". The answer is yes, assuming no major system is damaged.

2. Yep.

Response recorded on September 06, 2000

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Aaron writes...

Hi Greg. First Post-G2K question, trying to catch up on your latest answers. (Hope you and the family had fun at MGM)

"Didn't we answer this at the con?"

Yes, but the question is left over from before the con. And you passed the question off to Thom, Greg G., and Vic, if that's what you mean by we.

"[And by the way, I'm no more a carpenter than a biologist.]"

Sorry, but now I have this vision of you shouting "Damn it Jim, I'm a storyteller, not a..."

Re: Gladiator and The Phantom Menace. If I remember right, the historical Commodius (sp) actually did go out and fight gladiators for fun, so it's not totally off the mark. (Of course, they'd played so fast and loose with historical accuracy by then anyway...) As for TPM, you didn't miss much.

Puck breaking the fourth wall. Coulda worked. Maybe a moment where he's sort of looking at the camera and talking to us by talking to himself.

And, so this'll have at least one question:

How much, if any, did Xanatos know about Iago's personality when he built Coldsteel? More on that in the next post.

Greg responds...

Sorry, but now I have this vision of you shouting "Damn it Jim, I'm a storyteller, not a..."

That was the point.

As for Commodius, I knew that, and that would have been great, if the movie had depicted him that way in any way ever. But it never did.

More than you'd think. Coldstone broadcasts.

Response recorded on September 02, 2000

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Aaron writes...

If Xanatos did know what Iago was like, was he

A. Being kinda irresponsible to give a psycho like that access to a state of the art killing machine without building in some kind of failsafe.

B. Hoping to use Coldsteel for his own ends later, *finally* getting a gargoyle who'd work for him. After all, Iago's Dark Ages alliance with the Archmage makes this a bit of a possibility.

Greg responds...



Xanatos was never one not to throw caution to the wind. But keep in mind he always has a back-up plan and he did build the robot.

Response recorded on September 02, 2000

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Lawrence Stone writes...

Would Coldsteel still try to get Coldfire to be his mate?

Greg responds...

Yep. He's kinda a sicko.

Response recorded on August 19, 2000

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Tana writes...

Dear Greg,

Just read your Legion ramble...and I have to say this:

At the time when I first saw that Episode, I knew that Iago was trying to indicate that Goliath was betraying Othello with Desdemona, but I didn't understand why the credits listed the characters with such names. Boy was I naive.

A couple years later I was taking a Shakespeare class and read Othello. Can you imagine, about Act 2 somewhere we're reading it outloud and all of a sudden I say outloud: OH I GET IT. My friends thought I was insane. I had to give a quick explination for my outburst, which didn't help much to prove my sanity (none of them had watched Gargoyles).

Since reading the play Othello has become my favorite of the Shakespearian Tragedies (though I admit I have to read several more) And the Love "Pentagram" has become a delightful flavoring to the show.

I say Pentagram because I do believe that Demona would have been caught up in the whole mess. Especially given that Iago likens so well to the Shakespearian version. If he's going to ruin Goliath (and Othello as well) Then "In for a penny, in for a pound" Demona would have to go too. And probably the whole clan (including Hudson) probably would have been at Odds with Goliath thanks to Iago's whispering.

Which leads me to my first question:

1. Did the incident between Othello, Desdemona, Iago and Goliath occur before or after Goliath became leader to the clan? I ask because it strikes me that if after, Iago would not only try to win Desdemona, but Leadership as well.

2. Since Demona collected pieces of the shattered Iago to create Coldstone, we know he was banish from the clan. So what punishment was set upon Iago for causing such a clash between rookery brothers.

3. For that matter, would anyone have truely realized what Iago was doing, that he was responsible for it?

4. In City of Stone's flashback, we see Demona almost warning Othello and Desdemona about the upcoming attack. In one way, these two were used so that it wouldn't be just random gargs...But given the idea that Demona would have gotten tied up in the whole love scandal, it would seem Demona wouldn't exactly like Desdemona (even if the whole thing proved false; she's got trouble forgiving people) So why, in a character sense would Demona have gone to these two?

Well, I'm sure I had more questions along this topic, but I can't think of them after all that typing, so I'll let you get on with the other questions.

"So will I turn her virtue into pitch; and out of her own goodness make a net that shall emesh them all." -Iago (my fav quote from the play)

Greg responds...

1. After.
2. He was banished for a time.
3. Eventually.
4. Well, first off because they were there. Also, back then, Desdemona was the closest thing Demona had to a sister. Once everything was resolved there was less hostility there then you are imagining... however, perhaps all that history DID play some >small< role in why she DIDN'T warn them.

Good quote.

Response recorded on August 19, 2000

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Warrioress writes...

Two more questions about the Cold Trio:

Was Desdemona aware of the Weird Sister's possession of her, shall we say, soul?(when she split in three's)

And what was this "cause" they were talking about(i.e. Desdemona: "My love? Do we take up the cause?")? The Gargoyle Way?


Greg responds...


Sorta. But more immediately, it was the threat that Iago was clearly presenting right then.

Response recorded on August 18, 2000

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Vashkoda writes...

One last question. Is the relationship that the three original "Coldstone spirits" have with their new robotic bodies similar to the relationship (or magical ties, or whatever you want to call it) that Hakon had with the axe? Are they similarly bound to the living world only through their bodies? And does this connection now rely more on the magic that summoned them into Coldstone's body (which was done with human magic) or on the spell that transfered them to their new bodies (which was done with Alex's fairy magic). Where I'm going with this, as you might guess, has to do with the Coldtrio's access to Avalon, where human magic is forbidden. I must stop here before I say too much, but if you can, please discuss this possible complication.

Greg responds...

The answer to your first question is yes.

The answer to the last is subject to interpretation. Which means anything is possible -- as long as the loophole exists.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000

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