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Heather N. Allen writes...

Concerning the Coldtrio, are they now immortal due to their new bodies? I mean, obviously if their bodies were destroyed, they'd die, but if they weren't, would they just keep living and not age or die of natural causes?

Also, I assume it's been told by now that Gabriel is supposed to be Coldstone and Desdemona's son. If the show had gone on, or if it was resumed, would they have ever met? If so, how would Gabriel react to the robotic state of his parents? (and I feel Gabriel would think of them as his 'parents', since Angela has already shown this trait.)

Greg responds...

1. Yeah, what you said.

2. Eventually, but I haven't thought through that encounter yet, so I don't have any details to reveal.

Response recorded on February 03, 2000

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Jeff Lenihan writes...

Mr. Weisman,
In "Grief," Anubis states that that which is dead and gone cannot be brought back. Why, then, was Demona able to bring the spirit of Coldstone (and those of Coldfire and Coldsteel) back from the dead? Was Anubis trying to say that he is under some sort of magical restriction similar to Oberon's law of non-interferece that prevents him from bringing back the dead, or something else entirely?

P.S. I wanted to thank you for answering my question regarding Hudson's feelings about Goliath and Elisa. Just to clarify, I didn't mean to imply that Hudson wasn't open-minded. I just remembered that you had stated a long time ago (I think in your rambling about gargs and sex) that you saw Hudson as being the one who would still hold on to the tradition of only taking one mate.

Greg responds...

Anubis had a very strict policy. And he had the integrity to stick to it.

(And thanks for the clarification on Hudson. I just wish you had posted the Hudson P.S. seperately. I'd like to have on-going dialogue as part of ASK GREG. But when you attach a piece of an unrelated discussion to a question on a different topic, it makes archiving all this stuff a disaster.)

Response recorded on January 07, 2000

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Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky writes...

At the Gathering you showed the Dark Ages pitch showing that Iago would've been allied with the Archmage. We know that Demona was his apprentace, but what does Iago have to offer him?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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OnyxStar writes...

Well, I've been reading over the questions and responses already posted, and they're inspiring questions of their own. I'll try to separate my posts into topics. And thanks again for doing this for us- you're keeping your series alive with the fans.

1. How did we learn that Hudson was Broadway's father? Does Hudson know this, and if so, how did he find out?

2. You didn't want to say whether the Mutates' children would be mutated themselves. Are they still *able* to have children at all?

3. Did Coldstone's son have a name?

Greg responds...

Calling this one topic is kind of a stretch, but you squeeked by...

1. I don't know that anyone inside the world of the series cares about this detail. Hudson is one of Broadway's many Clan Fathers. For that matter, Brooklyn and Lex would feel the same way. I think fandom learned that Hudson was Broadway's biological father from me. It was just something that always seemed right to me.

2. I'm not ruling it out.

3. If you mean his biological son, that's Gabriel.

Response recorded on December 29, 1999

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Bryan writes...

Dear Greg,
1) where did you get the idea of gargoyles ?
2)What happened to galiaith's brother; will they ever see each other again?
3)Do the gargoyles find out who Mcbeth is?

Greg responds...

1. I've answered this before. Check the archives.

2. If you mean Coldstone, then yes, I think they will.

3. Questions on separate topics need to be submitted on separate posts.

Response recorded on December 29, 1999

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Lawrence Stone writes...

Thanks Greg for ansering my quistions

If the Dark ages was ever made would we see alot of Hudson's rookery mates. And Goliaths and Demonas rookery sibblings and also the trio rookery sibblings. And also would some of them been some of the main chacters?

Greg responds...

Mates, plural?

Goliath, Demona, Desdemona, Iago and Othello would all have been major characters. Along with Hudson.

The Trio would have been supporting character. I'm not saying we wouldn't have seen more of their siblings, but that age group would not have been the focus.

I'm sure we'd have met other gargoyles eventually.

Response recorded on August 23, 1999

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Sevarius Jr. writes...

Hey Greg, SJ here. Just a few questions:

1. Are the Weird Sisters three separate beings, or are they merely one entity in three forms?

2. Had the series continued, would you have included any exposure to more "races" of beings on Earth? We already experienced one possible "fourth race", the New Olympians, and I was wondering if you planned to build upon the possibility of other sentient life beyond the "big three".

3. We know that in the Gargoyle universe, some form of human afterlife exists (as can be seen by Hakon and the Captain's ghosts). Do the gargoyles have some form of an afterlife? It would seem so, seeing as Coldstone was supposed to be three souls trapped in one body.

4. In order to cross-breed with humans and/or gargoyles, do fae have to legitimitally shape-shift themselves into completely human or gargoyle forms, or is the procreation process aided by magic?

5. Was Demona involved in any of the following: The Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and Vietnam?

6. Also, if you would, please answer these questions about Dr. Sevarius:
a.) Does Sevarius have any family (beyond the clones)? You know, such as a wife, children, or even a brother or sister? Also, did you ever think about incorporating any of his relatives into a story?
b.) Exactly what is Sevarius' ancestral background? By that I mean, where does he come from, what is his place of birth, homeland, etc.?
c.) Where did he receive his education and medical training?
d.) About what is his age? A fairly approximate age would be most appreciated.
e.) With his sort of "Mengele"-esque techniques, is he a international (or at least U.S.) fugitive because of these inhumane practices?

Well, I've wasted enough of your time. Thanks!!!

Greg responds...

Glitcheriffic, I answered these yesterday, but with the server problems the answers were lost. So here I go again.

1. Yes.

2. Depends what you mean.

3. You answered your own question, to the extent you asked one.

4. Yes. (Don't you love either/or questions?)

5. Yes.

6a. Don't know.
6b. Haven't decided.
6c. Ditto.
6d. Late forties.
6e. I don't think his work is that well known.


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*The Bride of Ringo* writes...

Ok.. WOW.. i have yet more... i'm comin' up royal tonight...

1a)In order to make Cold Stone, didn't Demona need at least some part of his original stone body (The pieces that were left after he was killed)?

1b) If she did need some parts of his original body, how'd she get them? Did she save some of him for a thousand years or did Xanatos have some saved parts of him? I can't imagine she could go back and gather up the pieces, because first of all how would she get back to Europe and secondly wouldn't erosion have kicked in after 1000 years?(If this doesn't make perfect sense i really apologize, but it makes sense in my head)

2) Goliath, Brooklyn, Lex, Bronx, and Broadway were in stone sleep for 1000 years.. why didn't any erosion or weathering occur on them even though the castle itself eroded? Is it because in reality these Gargoyles were living beings or did it have something to do with the magic involved in their being stone for 1000 years?

Greg responds...

1a. Yes.

1b. Xanatos collected them.

2. They weren't dead. They were asleep. Solar energy allowed for ongoing replenishment. But I wouldn't recommend the experience.


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Lawrence Stome writes...

Hello greg this is my first time I been in asked you quistions so here they are

1) If the Timedancer series was ever made what would Brooklyn's mate look like?

2) If Pendragon was made would Author and Griff find any other Gargoyle Clans when they were looking for Merlin? And also would would Griff ever get a mate. Would she be in Griff's Clan or another?

3) Would Coldstone and Coldfire ever find out thst they have a son on Avolon?

4) In the episode Awakning part 2 Owen said that the locile claim that casle Wyvern is haunted. Was it haunted by the Massacreed Clan members?

Greg responds...

Hey Lawrence, welcome...
1. I'm not an artist. So although, I have some vague ideas, I intentionally don't want to nail that down until either (a) the time came for collaboration with an artist or (b) it became clear that the medium where the character was going to be introduced was purely a prose one.

2. Maybe, yes and I'm not sure what you mean.

3. Yes.

4. Mostly by Hakon and the Captain.

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Airwalker writes...

Glad to see AskGreg is back up.

1. Does Demona know about the Illuminati Society?
2. Does the Illuminati Society know about Demona?
3. Why exactly did you decide that Jackal and Hyena would become Cyborgs and that Wolf would become a Mutate? Why specifically that combination instead visa versa?
4. How long has Nokkar's intergalactic war been going on?
5. What happened to the helicopter Lexington fixed in HER BROTHERS KEEPER?
6. You said that New Olympians generally live for 13-250 years. So would any of the New Olympians we know be alive and around in 2158?
7. How does the Avalon Clan feel about Demona and Macbeth? (They must know those two weren't acting under their own will during the fight with the Archmage but to someone who they injured that little bit of information might not exactly displace anger at being injured.)
8. After all these years, does Macbeth know that Demona was listioning outside his window when Bodhe suggested betraying her clan to the English?
9. What are the Mutates feelings towards Alex Xanatos?
10. Why didn't Xanatos try to make Coldfire and Clodsteel look more "alive"; meaning why not slap some fake flesh on them like he did for Cyoti 1.0?
11. In POSSESSION, why wasn't Angela shocked at seeing Coldstone? After all when Goliath first saw him, he called him an abomination.
12. What was Goliath thinking in SANCTUARY and MARK OF THE PANTHER when he kept tellin Angela that she has many mothers and fathers? Who was he thinking of? There's only him, Hudson, Coldstone, Demona, and the Trio at that point. Did he seriously expect the Trio to think of Anglea as their daughter?
13. In 2158, how do you picture the world political status? Are there still seperate countries for example?
14. What is the legal status of Gargoyles in 2158?
15. What is Renard's opinion of Petros Xanatos?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. Quite a bit.
3. A lot had to do with what felt right for the characters I guess. Wolf was very animalistic and hostile. Seemed perfect to make him a genetic werewolf. Jackal & Hyena were just nuts. A sociopath and a psychopath. It felt right that they would take things to the ultimate extreme.
4. Quite some time, young feller.
5. Kenner decided not to make a toy out of it.
6. That wasn't my plan.
7. Indiviuals all react differently. I'm not going to give you thirty-six individual responses.
8. I think he figured it out that night on Lunfanan Hill.
9. Which Mutate?
10. Fake gargoyle flesh? What would be the point?
11. Well, the truth here is that Angela had seen him already in the Himalayas. At least that had been my plan if the comic book hadn't been cancelled.
12. He was trying to instill in her the idea that her preoccupation with her biological parentage was an unhealthy human notion. (And since he knew Demona was her biological mother, you can see where his fear was coming from.) Of course, he lost the forest for the trees as Diane Maza pointed out in "Mark". He tried to make up for it later.
13. Yes and no.
14. Protected minority.
15. They barely know each other. And on some level, I think they'd get along, except for one thing... Renard hates David. And though Petros doesn't approve of much of his son's actions, I can't see him standing calmly by while someone else berates his son. Blood. Whatchagonnado?

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