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Gipdac writes...

You might have answered this before, but I couldn't find it.
1) Did Goliath and Demona have any children in the 978 (Bronx's) rookery?
2) Did Othelle and Desdemona have any children in the 978 (Bronx's) rookery?
3) Did Hyppolytahave any children in the 978 (Bronx's) rookery?

Greg responds...

1. No. They were too young.

2. No. They were too young.

3. No. She was two young.

Response recorded on November 06, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

From what source of water did Goliath and co. arrive in Tiber?
Were there any other guest characters there besides Coldstone?
How did Coldstone get from New York to Tibet? Did he fly there? If so how did he maintain his supply of rocket fuel?

Greg responds...

Tibet, not Tiber. Two very different places.

1. I'm not telling.
2. Yes, technically.
3. He got there, mostly by flight. But let me ask you... how do you know he even uses rocket fuel?

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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matt writes...

when Puck transforms the human population to gargs why is it that Elisa and the three teen girl gargs in the subway not have brow ridges or horns of any kind? every other gargoyle we've seen except for the English gargs had either horns or brow ridges or both, but these transformed humans had neither. in fact, besides the pointed ears and color difference (which Elisa didn't even have) their bodies from the neck up looked very human, not gargoyle. was it cuz you wanted these characters to be physically attractive to human viewers even as gargs? cuz i think physically Desdemona is more attractive than Demona or Angela and Des has big old horns, so why make these characters as gargs so human looking?

would you have objected to the animators giving Elisa a beak or a frill or any of the other non human features of gargs?

Greg responds...

Yes, I would have objected to Elisa getting a beak, because she wouldn't have looked viserally like Elisa. Other changes that were less significant would not have bothered me.

However, I loved the design they came up with and didn't question it.

As for the girls in the subway. MINOR, minor characters. There wasn't as much time to do all this stuff as you seem to think. We just had to get it done.

Don't read too much into it though. We all think that Desdemona is attractive. Frank in particular likes drawing attractive females. I think Demona and Angela and Elisa are pretty hot too. Among other characters.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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Phil writes...


I recently re-watched "Legion" and it sparked some questions in my mind about "Reawakening."

1) Was Coldstone suffering from multiple-personality problems when he first awoke, or did that not start until "Legion" with the Xanatos program or the virus?

2) Was Othello the only one in control through "Reawakening"? He is confused, but only generally. He doesn't forget moment by moment where he is and what he's doing. Also, Desdemona's reaction to the mirror made it seem as though she was "awakening" for the first time in "Legion."


Greg responds...

1. He was not, initially, no.

2. Correct. Just Othello in Coldstone's first appearance.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

I now have a list of questions to for you about love. ahhh

1. Does Hyena love Jackel?
2. Does Jackel love Hyena?
3. How serius are Hyena's feelings to Cyotie? Is she madley im love with him, or just mildly attracted? Either way, it's kinda gross
4. How does Cyotie feel toward Hyena? He seemed up for they idea of "making sparks fly".
5. Does Fox love Anistasia(before and after the Gathering)?
6. Does Halcyen still carry a torch for Anistasia? And does he now know that she is Titania?
7. Does Titania love fox?
8. Does Puck love Alex?
9. Does Oberon love anyone besides Titania?
10. Does Dracon dream about Elisa and him being together?
11. Was Brooklyn attracted to Demona before "Temptation". He seems to go after the most females.
12. Does Iago feel in love with Desdemona, or is it a strong sexual attraction, or is it just to hurt Othello?
13. Was there a time when Desdemona had feelings toward Iago?
14. Does Vinnie have a special someone (besides himself), or does everyone think he is too wierd?
15. Has Thailog ever felt love, even in the slightest way?
16. Was Malcolm and Elaina's wedding more out of love, or convenience?
17. Do Banquo and Florence have a thing for each other?
18. Does Cagney have a special kitty friend, or just Elisa?
19. Has the Magus been yerning for Kathern all of his life, and never told her how he felt? If yes., thats pretty sad.
20. And, somewhere deep deep down, both Goliath and Demona both yern to again be one, now and forever. Right? I better be. And this would have been shown in latter episodes besides dark ages right?

I'm sure you can see from my questions that I am QUITE the softy. And I love how Gargoyles uses this topic so often. Great job!!!

Greg responds...

Twenty Questions! YAY! :P

1. Sure, to the extent she knows how.

2. Ditto.

3. Something between madly in love and mildly attracted.

4. He's indifferent in the incarnations you've seen.

5. Yes.

6. Yes and Yes.

7. Of course.

8. Sure.

9. Yes. His children and his Children and the island of his birth and all the funny little mortals. He's a benificent one, that Oberon.

10. Probably.

11. I think Brooklyn respected Goliath too much to think that way, to allow himself to think that way.

12. The first two. The third is just a side benefit.

13. No.

14. He is currently available? You interested?

15. He's not admitting to it, unless he's lying.

16. Politics. And a hope of love.

17. They're exes.

18. That avenue has not yet been explored.

19. Not all his life. After all, he's ten years older than she is. But yes, it is sad.

20. I think somewhere deep, deep down Goliath wants to be with Elisa. And somewhere deep deep down, Demona wants to be with someone who is right for her.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Karen the Great writes...

Hi. I have a question regarding Coldstone.

Okay, you said that gargoyles mate for life. I assume that since mating for life is the norm among most clans (or at least the norm in the Wyvern Clan), a certain level of monogamy and faithfulness is expected on the part of the members of each mated pair. For example, Goliath still had the desire to remain faithful and in love with Demona as late as 'Vows'. He wanted these things even after all the rotten stuff she's done and you stated before that as a gargoyle, it, in a certain sense, "blew Goliath's mind" that his mate could still be alive and he would not be with her. Also, you made it clear that Hudson, even though his mate is long dead, would not pursue a new love out of lingering love and respect for his dead mate.

So, the question is- 1.) If monogamy and faithfulness are expected and natural to the gargoyle race (and/or the Wyvern Clan), what was Coldstone so worried about regarding Desdemona? I understand that Iago was manipulating Coldstone's thinking, but it still doesn't add up to me that Coldstone would be so worried about her being unfaithful that it would alter his personality. What's more, it's hard for me to figure that he would even (momentarily in 'Legion') consider letting her and Goliath fall to their deaths because of it. Isn't it sort of an irrational fear on his part?

Also 2.) Was Desdemona at all offended by Coldstone's accusation? I don't know, but if betraying my mate meant that I was both violating the Gargoyle Way of Life and the sanctity of … umm… "Mate-hood", I would be pretty darned upset if the man I loved accused me of doing that (especially if that fear was unfounded). After all, in effect, he wasn't only questioning her loyalty to him, but also her faithfulness to the gargoyle way of life.

Finally, 3.) Was Iago trying to manipulate Coldstone before the Wyvern Massacre? That is, were Coldstone and Desdemona having their "issues" in the Dark Ages too, or was Coldstone only uncertain of her faithfulness once they were revived in cyber space? It seems to me that these problems started before the massacre though, but I figured I'd ask to be sure.

Thanks for offering your time.

Greg responds...

1. Have you read the play Othello? Great men (and gargoyles) have flaws and are subject to manipulation. "Legion" the episode is a bit of a cheat, because we don't get to see Coldsteel/Iago at work really. That's "Dark Ages" material. We don't see all that he did to convince Coldstone/Othello that Coldfire/Desdemona was cheating on him with Goliath/Cassio. All we see in "Legion" is the confused memories resurfacing under terrible strain and under the pressure of the virus.

2. Yes, I think she was upset. And if they weren't mates for life, it might have been a devastating blow to their 'marriage'. But eventually she forgave him.

3. Yes, this stuff ALL took place in 993.

Response recorded on August 07, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

I gathered from the wierd sister's solilique (they can almost be counted as one entity) at the end of High Noon, that they were hoping to recrute coldstone as one of their soldiers as well, but things didn't turn out their way. If this is so, why did they convince Othello to take control of Coldstone's body, when Iago was working with Demona and Macbeth. I don't know how easily they could of gotten Iago under their spell, but he seemed more likley then Othello. Am I way off here?

Greg responds...

They were NOT trying to recruit Coldstone. And I wouldn't call it a soliloquy.

Response recorded on August 06, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

Does Coldstone remember the events that happened in "Reawakening"? I'm asking cause of how he didn't trust Goliath once again, when Goliath entered the cyber world, but then Iago recognised Demona by her name in High Noon (when he first woke, he called he "sister" but, from his POV, some words said Recongnise: Demona). Was Othello the Only one who was controling Coldstone in Reawakening? Were Iago and or Desdemona influencing his desisions at that time, or were they even consious to thoes events?

Ok, could you just tell the Coldstone story from reawakening to high noon, filling in the details I'm not sure about?
I hope you followed all that %

Greg responds...

I don't think I did.


Othello was basically in control through most of Reawakening. But he was badly damaged, and Iago reasserted control during the repair process. Confused and with all those voices driving him nuts, Othello reverted to being jealous of Goliath.

Does that help?

Response recorded on August 06, 2001

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Sexy Queer writes...

Did Demona and Iago get along in the Dark Ages?

Greg responds...

Sometimes. It was a long age.

Response recorded on July 27, 2001

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Steven L. writes...

Gargoyles mate for life. Does that mean that once two gargoyles show interest in each other, and become intimate, that they've mated, and are officially forevermore monogamous?
If so, what happens if, over the years, the two gargoyles come to drift apart, or realize they have nothing in common? Do they stay together simply because of tradition? I take it there's no gargoyle equivalent of divorce. (Or at least there wasn't until Goliath and Demona kinda set precident).
And in that vein; should a gargoyle have an affair, then what happens if that affair is discovered? Does the unfaithful gargoyle and the one he/she had the affair with get banished from the clan?
Hope this hasn't been asked before.

Greg responds...

Gargoyles mate in both sexual and ritualistic fashion. After that they GENERALLY (and that's the key word) remain monogamous.

They imprint upon each other biologically, and there are strong ties of custom to discourage a split. Affairs, I believe, are quite rare.

But as you noted, sometimes things don't work according to plan. Iago has clearly imprinted on Desdemona, though she is imprinted on Othello and he has imprinted on her.

Goliath and Demona imprinted upon each other, but maybe as a result of a thousand years, that imprinting didn't last. Goliath has clearly imprinted anew on Elisa. (BTW, I'm not sure I'm using the word imprinting correctly. I know it's generally used for babies to imprint on their mothers. But it's the closest thing I can think of.)

So there are issues of both biology and custom that discourage anything like divorce or cheating. But that doesn't mean it NEVER happens.

Response recorded on July 18, 2001

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