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btgr writes...

Barbara Gordon aka "Babs" questions ( The last question is NOT a YJ question because I want to joke around.)

1. In YJ how long has Barbara lived in Gotham City or was she born in Gotham?

2. In YJ for the record, was Barbara born with blue eyes or was she wearing blue contact lenses and that she was born with green eyes?

3. In YJ, when did Barbara start wearing earrings?

4. Would you say that Barbara Gordon is "the Kim Possible of DC Comics"?, even though Christy Carlson Romano has never voiced her. I'm going to be very very honest with you Greg, if it wasn't for "KP", "Babs" here would never have been one of my most favourite DC heroines in the first place!

Greg responds...

1. Born there.

2. I don't know.

3. I don't know.

4. Uh... I have no response to this.

Response recorded on April 13, 2012

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