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matt writes...

in "Awakening" Xanatos mentions that the Magus wrote the story of the Gargoyles down in the Grimorum, which is how (he claims) he found out about Goliath's Clan and the way to break the spell. my question is, how far does that story go? in "Avalon" we see the Magus writing in the Grimorum before he went off to Avalon and lost the book. did Magus write the story up to the point of reaching Edinburgh or Constantine's takeover or even all the way up the plans to leave for Avalon?
i wonder this because i wonder how much Xanatos knows about what happens to the Clan's eggs. he tells Goliath that the eggs are not in the rookery and we know that that is of course true, but is he hiding information in "Awakening" about the fate of the eggs?

Greg responds...

I assume that since the Magus more-or-less knew or suspected that he couldn't take the book into Avalon, he wouldn't risk divulging the "plan" in its pages -- since he couldn't guarantee that the book wouldn't fall into Constantine's hands.

Response recorded on December 01, 2005

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