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Kalafarski writes...

A couple of questions about the Phoenix Gate....

1. When you named the Gate, back in "Vows" early in Season Two, did you already know that the Gate would be forever trapped in its paradox, that is, repeating its existence from the beginning over and over? This lended itself to the Phoenix namesake, the perpetual rebirth of the Phoenix, just like the Gate keeps restarting its existence. Whether or not you came up with the name first or the paradox concept, kudos to you guys! It's the perfect name.

1b. If the Gate wasn't named for this reason, then why did you name it the Phoenix Gate?

2. You said that after Brooklyn is done with the gate in Timedancer, it will return to its point of origin in the past (the paradox). Out of curiosity, how long before the Gate found its way into Elena's dowry did the Gate "first" appear?

2b. How did the Gate get into Elena's dowry?

Though this might be better left for a response to an upcoming ramble about "Vows," you might have rambled about it already but the time you read this, so here goes. I just wanted to say I think the Gate is one of the more intriguing concepts in Gargoyles, simply because of how you handled it. First of all, it's use fits the Gargoyles story as a plot device that enhances the character's concept of their predicament and "the way things turned out," as opposed to what might have been.

Second of all, you didn't break any rules. Anything that's gonna "happen" on trips to the past has already happened, anything that "happened" on trips to the future is gonna happen, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's the perfect time-travel scenario. I just wanted to say good job.

Greg responds...

1. My preference in time travel is the "Working Paradox", so I knew that if I was going to bring Time Travel into the series, I'd want that kind of paradox. The name just seemed to fit. But I don't remember who came up with it.

1b. See above.

2. How do I define "how long" with the Gate?

2b. Ah, now that's a story.

Thanks. It's how I like it too.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

In one of your most recent answers, you discussed briefly a few of the villains whom you'd planned to show in "Timedancer" if you'd made it. One of them was a certain "Calaban". Is this the same (more or less) as Caliban from "The Tempest"?

Greg responds...



If Percival is Duval... (metaphorically speaking)...

Response recorded on August 02, 2000

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Puck<40> writes...

Back again. ^.^ Say hi to Jen for me.

<still Puck, following a different mindset topic>

1) Did Puck or Owen ever meet a timedancing Brooklyn? <thats a question repost, got wiped in one of the screw ups>

2) Do you in your opinion think Puck would try to interfere with a time paradox intentionally? :)

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. I'm not sure what you mean.

Response recorded on July 30, 2000

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Abigail Thorne writes...

I asked this way back in March, but I think the question got lost, so let me try again.

Were you ever going to reveal just how Demona and Xanatos teamed up? Xanatos is not exactly a trustworthy individual, and Demona's track record with humans has not been stellar. It's not like she would just go up to him and say "I'm a thousand-year old gargoyle with a grudge against humanity. Want to help me reawaken my clan?" And was she the one who gave him the Grimorum? Because if he got it from someone else, and Demona found out about it, then she would have obviously wanted to reclaim it, which would explain how they met, but not how they decided to work together. So what's the story?

Thanks for listening, and sorry if you have read this already.

Greg responds...

Ever? Yes. In TimeDancer. It's a very complex story involving two different "dances", Brooklyn, Mary, Finella, Xanatos, Demona, Owen and Puck.

Response recorded on July 29, 2000

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Faieq writes...

1)In Brooklyn's timedance would he have visited other planets, and see other civilations or is he only dancing on Earth's time stream?
2)When Brooklyn visits Fuedal Japan and 2158 will he only go there once or could he visit 2158 in one month and go somewhere else, and then return to 2158 in a different month?

Greg responds...

1. Earth.

2. Anything's possible.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000

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A Fan writes...

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the accuracy of my hypothesis. I know you are likely to be cryptic, so I promise to be only somewhat annoyed it you are, although I'd prefer if you weren't.

About time travel, why is the Phoenix Gate the only time travel device out there? Or is it?

It is likely the only magical way, because if not, why would Oberon want it so badly? Unless it is like a washing machine. You can wash it by hand but you'd rather use a machine.

You've established that the past cannot be changed, and that Xanatos's current position in society is solely because of his little trip to the past.

Establishing that the Phoenix Gate is gone, except for its little TimeDancing trip, does that mean that time travel in the gargoyles universe is now totally impossible?

the final question would have to be, since you don't believe in a changable past, does the Gargoyles universe contain parallel time tracks, entire other universes with a different version of events.

Finally, I apologize if I missed previous answers to these questions. I have been reading the archive since it started, but my memory is a little bad at times.

Greg responds...

1. I didn't say that the Gate is the only device out there. Depending on your point of view, one could say the Grimorum acted as a one-way time travel device for Goliath et al. And for the Coldtrio as well.

2. Who said Oberon wanted it so badly? Puck thought it would make a good bribe. Who knows if he was even right?

3. I wouldn't say "solely" but sure, what's your point?

4. Not necessarily. But I'd never make it easy. (And calling TimeDancer a "little...trip" is the understatement of the day, at least.

5. Ehhh.... Those things tend to be abused whenever they're introduced. Look at the X-Men. That book became unreadable to me eventually. As I've said before, I'm open to thinking about parallel universe/tracks etc. But I tend to think I'll end up saying no.

6. S'O.K.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeello again!

Hey, I thought I _asked_ this one already..but well I just looked over a bunch of Q's..and well I guess mabye I didnt. Well, sorry if this is a double post ok?

I was thinking about 101 dalmations a few days ago. You probably havent thought about this in perticular..but for Nash's voice were you just planning on using Jeff?

If so would it have sounded like Lucky's voice?

Thanks!! SORRY again if I spammed you!

Greg responds...

I haven't seen much of the tv 101 Dalmations. So the Lucky I know had a slight British accent. But we might very well have used Jeff for Nash. Maybe.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg,

Lil Q. Um..I know you have said you are not that concerned with physical appearences of characters. IE: color, body type..so on. Well, I guess I was just wondering if you were planning on making either Nashville, Tachi, or both of Brooklyn's kids to have the trade mark beak? I suppose it is likly that at least his son would. It is just one of those things that people think is neat. Hey, like father like son right? Something like that I guess. But even though I think that would be cute, I also think that it would be neat if he didnt have it. I mean, mabye look more like his mother, (whatever she will look like) mabye just have his dads type of fly away hair, or similer voice..ect. Just a thought. ER NO wait..not a thought..not an idea..NOPE _nothing_ like one of those *thinks fast* umm..ya just a ramble;) *jk*

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

My guess (which I won't be held to) is that Nashville would look like Brooklyn but with Katana's coloring. Tachi would look like Katana but with Brooklyn's coloring. Wing shapes might reverse too. I say that, because it's my M.O. But a good artist could change my mind.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Hello again,

Hey, Did Katana decide to leave with Brooklyn willingly or was it an accident?

Weather she left with him willingly or not, was it the first time he had timedanced there? ..probably ya ..but..*shrugs* just wanted to get my facts strait.

Would it have taken Katana, not to mention others, a lot of time to believe Brooklyn's story? I mean..A time travleing gargoyle with a fu-dog? Come on..someone had to be dipping into the sake right?

Again..probably a couple of no duh questions..you did say that besides the future Brook would have spent the most time there so they probably got to know one another..but hey. You can always tell me to check the archives right?:)

Greg responds...

She chose to go with him, but it was a tough choice.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg,

Wow..your really blowing through these Q's. I'd like to thank you again for all the effort you put into answering our constant questions:)

Heres one that occured to me at work today.

I guess..this may be a dumb question...but did you ever say that Fu-dog was going to be a male??

If not or so or whatever the case, were you planning on making him a male or a female?

Just wondering! I know I wouldn't mind a puppy;)


Greg responds...

I don't know if I said it, but he is a he. He's not a puppy though.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000

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