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matt writes...

1. Brooklyn and Katana will return from the Timedance with their two children and Fu-Dog, right?

2. are those two children their first two children? will they have another child in Manhatten? that would make Brooklyn's last child be in the same generation as Broadway and Angela's first.

Greg responds...

1. With one child, one beast and one egg.

2. There's no reason biologically why they wouldn't have a third kid. But I'm not answering this question by confirming that they do. Lots of things MIGHT happen. As to the generational thing, I believe you are right in theory. But I don't have my timeline with me and I'm nervous about making mistakes. My memory for numbers is NOTORIOUSLY awful.

Response recorded on August 15, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

In 2198, should I take it that Katana Isn't with Brooklen at that point? And, does Brooklen stay with the resistance for the magority of the spin off?
Also, sence eggs take 10 years to hatch, do Brooklen and Katana have to lug each of their eggs around with them always to be sure that the egg time dances as well?

Greg responds...

Initially, Katana is not with Brooklyn when he first arrives in 2198. Though Fu Dog is.

And yes, Brooklyn and Katana had to lug Nash's egg around for ten years. Tachi's for almost as long.

Response recorded on August 08, 2001

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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg!:)

Brooklyn TD's to 2198 so he knows some things that are going to occur. But by him being in that time line, and not gone TDing doesn't that change things? I guess with Goliath and Griff the events that had to occur did, they just came about in different ways, because Goliath was there to change things. Is this correct?

By the time Brooklyn returns from TDing would he be resigned to letting things happen as they would?
Just keep his mouth shut, and let things occur?
Or at least warn ppl if he felt it necessary?
(IE: They can't stop a bomb from dropping, but they can at least be prepared to deal with it, in the very least, emotionally?)

I hope this wasn't too messy..

Greg responds...

Uh, Lexy, I'm just not following your first paragraph, which may mean that you aren't getting the rules of time travel in the Garg Universe... or am I just dense?

What I will say is that Brooklyn intentionally does NOT learn much about the immediate future of his friends and family. What he knows of the future is of events two centuries removed. He doesn't go back and research the time between.

Response recorded on August 08, 2001

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JEB writes...

During TimeDancer, would Brooklyn et al visit future time periods beyond 2198? Or the truly distant past (pre-dinosaurs)?


Greg responds...

No plans for him to go beyond 2198 (or 99 or so). No plans for him to go pre-dinosaur either.

Response recorded on August 08, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

What is the year, and month, that Brooklen starts, and finishes, his time dancing? What happens in the 5 minutes he is gone?

Greg responds...

My current thinking is that Brooklyn vanishes in 1997. (I haven't pinned down the month.) And he's probably gone less than five minutes actually. Broadway and Angela (and maybe Lex) just have time to say something like, "Oh no, will we ever see our dear friend again?" (only better dialogue) before he reappears.

Response recorded on July 27, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

When Brooklen became leader for a short time, did he choose a 2nd in command from Lex or Broodway?

Does Katana have a beak like Brooklen?

Greg responds...

Not saying.

Not saying.

Response recorded on July 17, 2001

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Gipdac writes...

1) Will Angela and Broadway raise their kids like humans, by only two parents, or will they be raise like gargoyles, in a collective rookery?
2) If so, will that trend continue into the future?
3) What about Brooklyn and Katana's children will they raise their children collectively or individually?

Greg responds...

1. Like gargs.

2. Generally.

3. Nash will be raised individually, initially, or communally if you consider that his TimeDancing parents represent the complete community of adults. Tachi will also get some individual rearing, because B&K will be the only parents in range. But both kids will get a lot of community parenting from the Manhattan Clan.

Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

I was looking over the [finally] completed description of the future series and after happily ooing and aahing, I had a few questions.

-1- I noticed that Broadway and Angela's biological children had similar sounding names, (arthurian in my mind). Since they were not named specifically by the parents but rather as clan children, (I assume), I was wondering if this was intentional. Are rookeries intentionally named with similar names, like the angel theme with the Avalon eggs? Do near rookeries share somewhat similar names and distant ones more different ones? Am I reading way too much into a statistical sample of three?

[Side question- Broadway, raised by Gargoyles would not care who was his biological child, but Angela was raised by humans, even if they did try to follow the gargoyle mode. Does she care a little, or at least think about it?]

-2- Nicolas Natzilani Maza, (please excuse my spelling, I am composing this offline): From which of the current Maza siblings does he descend?

-3- Alexander Fox Xanatos IV: I have a feeling I am being a bit dense here, but is he the same Alex as Alexander Fox Xanatos I but covering for extreme longevity?

-4- I don't remember any mention of the New Olympians. Do they play a notable role? If not, where are they?

-5- Logistically I am confused about something- In a perfect world all the Gargoyle spin offs would be running at the same time for an indefinate amount of time. More specifically Time Dancer and Gargoyles 2198 would be running at once. [Which leads to another side question: What you call the series after the first year?] As I see it the first year or two wouldn't be a problem- Timedancer Brooklyn would be a couple of years younger than future Brooklyn and we just wont see him describing in detail events that haven't happened yet in Time Dancer to people in 2198.

The problems start when it comes time for Time Dancer Brooklyn to go to 2198. The easiest way I can see it is, we see him leave, we see him return ten years older all in one ep, "wow! I just spent ten years fighting aliens in the future! But I wont say anything more as not to let you know too much about what will be." Then we have a Time Dancer Brooklyn ten or so years older than the Future one and a massive, sustained chuck of time that he can't give away to the audience. It seems like it would be a very awkward.

Thanks... And enjoy the con!! I hope you give a passing thought to those of us stuck on the other side of the continent. (This whole being an adult with a job kinda sucks sometimes.)

Greg responds...

1. You probably are reading a bit too much into a statistical sample of three. Plus, keep in mind that the Manhattan Clan doesn't exactly have deeply held traditions in naming. The whole concept is fairly new to them.

1a. I think Angela does think about it. But keep in mind, she was group raised. This way, as a parent, she has more children to love. That suits her fine.

2. I'm SO not telling.

3. Yes.

4. They will eventually play a roll. Technology-wise, the rest of the world has caught up to them. I wouldn't fully re-intro them right away, although their leader will be kidnapped along with Alex.

5. You worry too much. I should have such worries.

Response recorded on July 10, 2001

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Cabal writes...

mmm, sorry, i'new here.. i have one question about Timedancer... Were can i read the orginal about that?

Greg responds...

The original what?

Response recorded on July 03, 2001

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Justin writes...


I have a few questions about Brooklyn and Katana's relationship.

1) How long are they mated before Nashville and Tachi come along?

2) How long did they know each other before they fell in love?

3)Given the traditionalistic upbringing that Bushido would offer would she at first find Brooklyn to be a fool?

Greg responds...

1. I don't have that info with me at the moment.

2. Depends on how you define "fell in love".

3. There's conflict. I once described their relationship as Sam & Diane-esque. No one got that, but the intellectual crowd here did understand a Beatrice & Benedick reference. Made me feel old and young, simultaneously.

Response recorded on July 02, 2001

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