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dph writes...

Could you please list the following events in chronological order:

1)Oberon overthrew Queen Maeve
2)in reference to City of Stone part 4 in the scene where Bodhe says the English rid their land of gargoyles years ago, the point in time in which the English thought they rid themselves of gargoyles
3)Merlin was born
4)Oberon married Titania
5)Atlantis fell
6)Last Member of the Lost Race died
7)Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa meet Nokkar

Thank you for answering this question.

Greg responds...

1. Although it's Mab in our continuity, not Maeve.

2 & 6 I'm choosing not to reveal at this time.

Response recorded on December 21, 2006

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Shannon "Shan" Muir writes...

About four years ago now, we had a lively discussion about the portrayal of disabilities in animation. With the queue briefly open, and with the episode initially featuring Jeffrey Robbins ("A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time") now out on DVD, I wanted to revisit that subject.

With the huge strides that have been made in Assistive Technology for those who are impaired, do you think that it provides more opportunities for storytelling? Or does it in any way reduce the level of dramatic opportunities available to you as a writer?

Greg responds...

I honestly don't know, as I haven't dealt with these technologies in story. Which may say something not-so-positive about how inclusive I've been in my storytelling recently.

Response recorded on December 21, 2006

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Shannon "Shan" Muir writes...


What is the significance of Jeffrey having a middle name of "MacClaine"? I have only run across it twice, when you mentioned Paul Winfield's death in the archives, and also in the video introduction on the DVD. Nowhere have I found a reference to why it was chosen, or why he needed a middle name at all. I am very curious... thanks.

Greg responds...

Don't know. Either Lydia or Brynne (or I suppose maybe Michael) named Jeff. And they gave him a first, last and middle name. I liked the sound of it, so I consider it part of continuity, but I wouldn't go to far out of my way to include it artificially.

Response recorded on December 21, 2006

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Shannon "Shan" Muir writes...


You asked for our comments on the DVD, and I think you missed the comment room the week I posted most of this information, so I've reposted here but tailored it to emphasize and de-emphasize areas as I think would better fit your personal interest and remove date specific wording. It also is presented in a single unit versus the three parts it originally showed up as in the Comment Room.

As to the "Gathering of the Cast and Crew" featurette, I think it was well edited though at times the backgrounds were hard on the eyes. This may just be a personal thing. The footage clips intercut throughout from the series fit incredibly and it really feels like they took the time to find the best bits. It drove me nuts at first that you were the only person facing screen right when everyone else faces screen left, but after multiple views I understood why. It's because you get the majority of screen time and they very likely wanted to create a balance between how often a person was on one side of the screen over the other. Your on screen percentage set it up that you logically should be the only one on that side. Had it been able to be more balanced as far as each person's on screen time, Michael Reaves and Frank Paur could have been on the same side as you, and the voice actors all facing the other way (sorry this is my Radio-TV degree training kicking in).

My favorite part is Frank Paur's ending on the whole thing about optimism. He said exactly why I think the show resonates with me, it's a lot like the way I try to look at life. One gets kicked, then get back up again and still believing there's got to be some good in the world. The most thought provoking line is Michael Reaves when he talks about most animation being people "just whacking each other on the head" and - all due respect to Mr. Reaves! - every time my gut reaction is to yell at the screen "then why don't you change it?" (Side note: it just makes me more aware of why I stay in the animation business and where my heart is).

As to the Introductions. Generally I think they work, especially as someone who didn't watch the series years ago and only caught up more recently on the Toon Disney airings. For people newer to the show, I think they help you feel "caught up" or refresh your memory if you haven't seen them all in order. I also like the fact you can select them in isolation without watching the episode, in case you didn't choose it initially but then want to back up and find out what he said after viewing. But... I'm sorry, but I find it hilarious you can watch just all the Introductions back to back. I mean, I like and respect you and all, but I don't see a point! My boyfriend Kevin had an awful lot of fun with this, making a joke along the lines not to watch it too much and get obsessed with Greg Weisman. (I couldn't let it pass without comment. I feel safe enough since you know both Kevin and myself, so I feel safe bringing it up just for you to ponder.) This is my one major question abotu the set: can you illuminate more as to why the option of watching all the Introductions was included?

As to the "City of Stone" commentary: Very good overall. Thought the wrong Demona model issue was a tad overemphasized, though I think this couldn't be helped because of the conversation between the three of you (which was a definite plus over hearing just one person's take). And to be honest, I wrote most of the animation errors off as a overstressed Demona and the effects of the loss of the last of her innocence by making the choice she made, I never really noticed until the three of you brought it up. And I'm usually REALLY picky about continuity, as it is part of my job when I work on shows. And I did learn some new things as well about the series, mainly from Mr. Reaves and Mr. Paur as fresh voices.

Overall, I am pleased with the sound quality and visual quality of the episodes compared to how I saw them aired on TOON DISNEY, with the obvious exception of "Vows". Mistakes happen, I know, but the wrong ending making the DVD submarines a powerful story, in my not so humble opinion. I say that as a writer even more than just a fan of the show. I know there's no real way to correct this box set, but I think there should be something addressing both endings as a bonus on the last disc (should it be made), talking about the whole situation of why the ending was changed for subsequent airings and presenting both endings. Provided of course, you can sell Disney on even addressing this (or that you even see this in time to make any impact on that level, given the queue backlog). It would (semi) satisfy those more knowledgeable of the series that have precisely forgotten the intended ending (though obviously not included in the episode), be more trivial bits for those into that kind of thing, and educational for those wanting more behind the scenes information about the animation process and the kinds of things that can happen. And I say that as an animation professional, a fan of the show, your former student, and someone who has written about the animation industry for non-artists.

Anyway, I hope that information and insight is of some help to you.

Greg responds...

I have no idea why the option of watching all the intros in a row was put in. But I have to admit, I like it. Cuz personally, I wouldn't want to watch me introducing (and sometimes spoiling) things. But after the fact, it's convenient to be able to just watch 'em all down and see what a goofball I am.

Response recorded on December 21, 2006

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Todd Jensen writes...

Here's a few comments on the second Gargoyles DVD.

One thing that I find a little startling is the "introduction sequence", which contains what may be the first case of 3-D animation that I've seen for "Gargoyles", in the form of a 3-D representation of Goliath in his stone sleep - which then breaks away to reveal a more conventionally animated Goliath beneath. It's certainly taking a little getting used to.

I've been watching the DVD, at any rate, and enjoying it, particularly its clearer animation than my old tapes enjoyed. The first thing that I saw, of course, was "City of Stone" with the audio commentary on. The comments from you, Frank, and Michael were mostly familiar information from "Ask Greg", though I got a kick out of the remark that the only ones happy about Demona's spell upon the city (besides Demona herself) were the pigeons! (I was also pleased that you allowed the audience to hear Demona's two most important lines in the four-parter - perhaps two of her most important lines in the series - "What have I - what have they done to you?" and "The access code is 'alone'.")

I also enjoyed the "Gathering" interview with cast and crew. (One bit that amused me was Brigitte Bako's comparison of Angela to such Shakespearean heroines as Desdemona and Juliet. Her particular choice of those two struck me as appropriate, since Angela gets possessed by Coldfire/Desdemona in "Possession" and she and Broadway are reading "Romeo and Juliet" in the library in "The Journey".)

And I certainly hope that sales will be good enough for Disney to come out with the final 26 episodes of Season Two this December (the December of 2006) so that we can have the entire set. At any rate, my congratulations for an enjoyable product, that definitely beats my old tapes from the nineties (except that they use the original ending for "Vows").

Greg responds...

Thanks. I'm still hoping for the new set to be released. But as I've stated we need to get Disney's attention ALL OVER AGAIN... by increasing sales on the first two sets so much that they can't imagine not releasing the third set. So SPREAD THE WORD!!

Response recorded on December 20, 2006

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dph writes...

1st, I want to thank Greg Weisman very much for answering my timeline question, even though by the time you read this post it will have been a couple of years since you answered it.

About the december dvd release

I loved the commentary on CoS. I was hoping for commentary on Avalon as well, but having it just on CoS was pleasing.

The only 'complaint' about the dvd release that I have is the lack of links to scenes within the episodes. That way I can jump straight to particular spots within episodes without having to fastforward through the episode.

I was very pleased on have unedited versions of quite a few episodes. I actually im'd GXB when I saw "Leader of Pack" because the tape I had of that episode had selected edits (Toon Disney) and I didn't remember what the original episode looked like towards the end. I also enjoyed watching "Eye of the Beholder", again, because of problems with the quality of the recording that I had with that episode.

Overall, I enjoyed/am enjoying the release of those dvds.

On the next dvd release, I would love to see commentary on both The Gathering and Hunter's Moon, but if I had to choose between the two, I would choose Hunter's Moon.

I am looking forward to seeing you in person at the 2006 Gathering of the Gargoyles.

Greg responds...

I would have loved to have done commentary on EVERY episode of the 65, but Disney didn't want to spend that money. I guess scene selection was also too costly. But, hey, the big prize is the episodes themselves. The rest is all gravy.

Response recorded on December 20, 2006

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Anonymous writes...

On the Gargoyles Season 2 Volume 1 DVD, what's up with the wrong ending of VOWS on the DVD? Was is just an error?

Greg responds...

Yes, it's an error. Don't know how it happened either.

Response recorded on December 20, 2006

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Greg Bishansky writes...

My thoughts on the DVD.

First off, I've been anticipating this set for a long time, my favorite episodes ("The City of Stone" Four-Parter) are on it, so having it on DVD is a real treat.

The episodes themselves all look great, the picture is sharp, and the sound is awesome, and keep in mind, prior to this, I was watching these episodes on decade old VHS cassettes, all from the original Disney Afternoon airings. So I was always hearing a sound effect I hadn't heard.

One little thing, I finally have all of "The Cage". I taped the episode when it aired, but the day I taped it, the cable decided to go out for fifteen seconds during Goliath and Elisa's talk at the Clock Tower at the beginning, and I never caught a re-run, so this was my first time seeing the entire episode.

I loved the audio commentary for CoS. Greg, Michael and Frank are all fun to listen to, though I am surprised that Michael (and for that matter, many fans) never noticed Demona was off model a few times in CoS Part One. I noticed... but then, I always payed very close attention to Demona ;)

Hmm, Greg things Demona was a little bit in love with Macbeth in the CoS Part Four flashback. Curious ;)

Overall, a very solid DVD release, Disney is being very good to us with these. The only thing that annoys me is the wrong ending for "Vows" being used for this set. But thankfully, I have found no further mistakes (Yaye, the mouth on Xanatos's armor isn't moving!), and that's a minor complaint (but hopefully one we'll see corrected for the eventual Blue Ray or HD-DVD release)

Of course I can't wait for next set. ::Crosses his fingers for Hunter's Moon commentary::

Greg responds...

I do hope, should we ever get the next release, that we'll have the correct "Vows" ending on it as a bonus.

And HEY, I made it to 2006. For one brief window, I am less than a year behind. So I'm gaining on you all!!!


Response recorded on December 20, 2006

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Carol writes...

Adding to all the con journals before Gore closes the door... Here are a couple thanks from G2005 guests:

...please post a note to all the fans expressing my heart felt thanks for their well wishes and especially for the Get Well Card.  I look forward to seeing them all next year.  In the meantime I plan to work on some Gargoyle Flipz books.

Dennis Woodyard

I had a nice time at the Gathering and I am looking forward to bringing in the best book we can possibly do for those fans.

Dan Vado

And just another thanks to all our great guests at G2005. Greg, and The Weisman Family, Thom Adcox, Dave Schwartz, Dan Vado, and though he could not make it in person Dennis Woodyard, who joined us in spirit.

G2005 Guest Coordinator

Greg responds...

Thanks, Carol!!

Response recorded on December 20, 2006

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BrooklynX writes...

As requested, here is most of my Gathering report.

Thursday, July 29th:

Despite trying to sleep in, all three of us got up early. After eating, we packed up our small bags that we were taking up before folding the CD covers. Once we had everything ready, we packed up the cars. I was taking mine, while Arno rode in Beedoo's (since six of us were coming back from Las Vegas).

After filling up my gas tank and getting some ice, there was a mix up and I ended up hitting the road before they did. We met up at a rest area and then got moving again. About ten miles out from Kingman, we ran into a lovely thunderstorm that was pretty decent in size.

About an hour later, we stopped at the Hoover Dam. After taking a few pictures, we hit the road again for the last bit of the drive into Las Vegas. One thing I did notice on the drive was despite being close to the exit for the hotel, it sure seemed to take forever. Finding our exit, we discovered that we had to get over four lanes to make the turn into the parking lot.

We got over two, but missed the turn. I think we went another three or four blocks before turning around and pulling in. We checked in, found the room and a few minutes later, was greeting by another thunderstorm that included hail. It must have followed us up.

At some point, we brought all of our stuff in and discovered Dubble, Jade Griffin and somebody else's name that escapes me.
After storing stuff in the room, we hit the buffet for dinner. After getting back, we noticed my room key didn't work. Ooops. I think around midnight or a little after, we called it a night.

Friday, July 30th:

The lot of us in Beedoo's room started waking up around 8 am or so and started taking our showers. By 10:45, we wandered downstairs to get breakfast. Of course, we got there at the tail end, so we got charged for breakfast, but got to sit down for lunch. Ooops.

After our food, we started to pick up our packets and then Beedoo and I went to get the keys fixed since two worked and the other two didn't. After that, I think we found Rob and put his stuff in our room. Once that was solved, I think we wandered for a bit before I ended up tagging along and watching the first Clan Olympics event. They tried to draft me, but I was just going to watch.

It was pretty funny and after that, I believe I ran into Mandolin and we went to a writing panel for a little while. Later on, I ran into Countess downstairs just after she ran her toe over with her luggage. Took her up to the room so she could deposit her stuff.

More wondering around and then we had dinner at Subway or the buffet. I can't remember which. Attended opening ceremonies, where I never get tired of everything Greg presents, even if it is the same year after year. After it was over, I did my pre-registration for next year.

The rest of the night is a blur, though at we saw Abram Wintersmith and later on, Maui showed up. I conked out early and woke up at some point to say hi for a few minutes before passing back out.

Saturday, July 31st:

Once again, getting up took the lot of us quiet a while, even though we tried to all meet at 9 for breakfast. We got downstairs around 10 to discover that it was brunch and rather pricey. We then went to the café and had breakfast there.
From there, I tagged along and watched another part of Clan Olympics, the Trivia Torture. I then hit the art show for a little while, though I didn't view all of it. After talking with Siryn and a couple others for a little while, I tried to find out if there was a nearby art store so I could pick up a sketchbook. Digging out the yellow pages, I found out there was one about a mile up the road.

Finding the place was no small task since it was buried in the back of this fairly decent sized plaza. After picking a couple up, I stopped at the Vons that was in the same center for some more bottled water since running out earlier in the day.

After dropping things off, I met up with Norcumi and Quindar so we could make a dinner run. I think it might become a tradition for the three of us. I drove us to the TGI Friday's where we talked about the insane construction projects going on at our college campuses among other things. Once we got back, we ended up watching the poker tournament.

That was a fun game to watch. I ended up chatting with Silver for a while as she drew and inked one of my gargoyle characters, Eagle. I think we called it a night just after midnight.

Sunday, August 1st:

Unlike everybody else in the room, I woke up around 11am. I guess I really needed the sleep. I ended up getting Subway for breakfast/ lunch. I ended up talking to Tigrse for a little while. From there, I went up to the dealers' room where I found Silver and she finished color the Eagle picture.

Jade Griffin drew it next, followed by Liz while I voted in the art show. I also got dragged into helping meet part of the scavenger hunt by saying something along with a few others and then running down to my car with Rob so they could use my ice scrapper.

Moved my car a little closer since I had to park farther out after the dinner run the night before heading back inside to then pass the book over to the Kythera. She drew and colored a naked version of Gadget who looked like she was stalking Chaos off screen for some, uh, adult fun.

And the last person to draw in there was Dreamie, who did another sketch of Chaos. Then the art show started closed up, so I tried to hunt down the rest of the Arcadia clan that wanted to hit the Rainforest Café. Sadly, I didn't find them, so I watched Law and Order in the room while relaxing. I fetched subway for dinner, since I didn't have the money for the banquet until a few days before the Gathering started.

Countess swung by the room and I chocked on my food that I tried to scarf down so I could see the masquerade. After getting there, I tried to get a picture of Flanker, only to find out my batteries were dead (and they were supposed to be new). Ran back up, got some new ones that worked and make it back down with a couple minutes to spare.

Once that was over, I pretty much hung out and talked with Thom and Flanker for a while before watching a few others throwing balls at various circles with points on them in another room. After watching for a little while, I called it a night.

Monday, August 2nd:

Got up early and started packing all of my things around 8 am. Around 9:30, we got breakfast. While a few went back to finish packing, I ran into the art room to pick up the art I had bid on. From there, we loaded up both of the cars and finishing, realized me missed the shuttle out to the strip.

A trip on the shuttle, followed by one on the monorail, we hit the Star Trek Experience. The first ride some of us went on was the Klingon one. It was quite cheesy, but we had fun and laughed how part of Las Vegas surely got wrecked. Near the end, I yelled out "Vegas will never be the same again!" which got a few laughs.

Realizing we lost part of the group, we waited around for a bit before doing the Borg 4D. I would have to say that was cheesier than the other one. Of course, one of the probes nailed me right in the spine and the 3D glasses didn't fit very well over my regular glasses.

After that, it was dinner at Quark's Bar. The Klingon guy ruled. At one point, he came by and said, "Six girls for two guys. You are true warriors." Later on, he asked which one of us was the leader. Sadly, all good things come to an end. Rob, Beedoo, Arno, Countess, Delfine and myself said goodbye to Dubble and somebody else (who were staying the night) before we headed back to start the drive home.

The drive was pretty decent and we were treated to a nice light show from a thunderstorm. About 20 miles out from Kingman, I had to pullover and stop for a couple minutes because the rain had gotten so bad, I couldn't see more than 3 feet in front of me. And I think Rob chewed up about half of his battery power trying to take pictures of the lightning. I don't remember what time we got in, but about ten to fifteen minutes, we were all asleep.

All in all, I had fun at the Gathering and look forward to next year.

Greg responds...

"Farewell, my enemies!"

Response recorded on December 20, 2006

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