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Clan-Building #3: Invitation Only

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Matt writes...

My Issue #3 Review, mostly a collection of random thoughts:

- First off, I have to say. I was (and still am) extremely excited to finally have the first canon story in 11 years! Ask my boyfriend, for the last couple days I've been running around the apartment, usually with the comic in hand, saying things like "It's TOO good." and laughing like a kid. I had no idea I'd be this excited. Thank you so much to Greg, the rest of the fandom, the comic staff and Disney. This is wonderful.

- The cover is very nice. Coloring is gorgeous and it is kinda cool having the group "pose" for the "camera. I do wonder, however, why Hudson is all darkly put in the background. It makes him look like he is going to be the villain in this issue or something.

- I noticed that the invitation to the White House states the month and day but not the year. That seems different from most invites, even when the year is understood. I'm guessing Greg didn't mention the year so as not to date the series much and keep it relatively "current". Of course, we sadly don't get a street address for the Eyrie, so I can't send them anything. Pity.

- Okay, Alex is adorable in his gargoyle costume. I was sad to no longer see the winged teddy bear that we saw in "The Journey" TGC episode, but Alex's costume more than makes up in the cuteness department.

- The radio (?) dialogue gives a nice sense of what the mainstream public is thinking about gargoyles. "Infested... monsters... can't talk, right?" Clearly the public is still uncertain what these things are, though the prevailing feeling is negative. "Humans fear what they do not understand." Too true. Also, I know Greg's writing well enough that when I read "So if the creature knocking at your door tonight roars "Trick or Treat", odds are you're safe!" I had a pretty good idea how the issue would end, though I wasn't sure exactly who would be saying the line... or whether they'd be friend or foe.

- The Gargoyle Taskforce. It is so exciting to see this group developed more. Elisa and Morgan are members, which is pretty cool, but we also have Margot and Hacker, so we know there is plenty of opportunity for conflict within the group. Then of course there are the new characters, who knows what they'll be like. Can't say much about Detective Harris yet. Tri Chung makes me think or Terry Chung, though I doubt Greg is gonna reveal the connection there is any at this point. Officer Travanti looks familiar. Is he Morgan's partner, the guy we saw with Morgan in "Temptation"? Are Harris and Chung partners as well?

- Looking at the Gargoyles Taskforce, I can't help but get the sense that Season 3 is going to be a big one for Matt Bluestone. Heading the Taskforce with both his current police partner and former FBI partner as members is interesting. Moreover, I think having him pulled in the different directions (allegiance to Chavez and the NYPD, friendship with the gargoyles, membership in the Illuminati) will really be hard for him, and a lot of fun for us fans to watch.

- As for Hacker himself... well, honestly, I can't help but think about the Weird Sisters. See, when we first saw the Sisters in "City of Stone", they seemed so benevolent, like they were trying to help. They definitely seemed like the "good guys". Of course, we come to find out that things and people are not often so black in white, not in real life and not in Gargoyles. Hacker in "The Silver Falcon" seemed like such a good guy. Trying to help Elisa out and all that. In the beginning of "Revelations" he still seemed like a pretty good guy until the ending, where I began to feel like maybe he had his dark side too, or at least his dark secrets. Now in "Invitation Only", I'm really feeling the same "Is he a good guy or bad guy?" feeling I had with the Sisters. He seems to be yanking a lot of people around. Is he just "following orders"? I dunno, Hacker has me worried now. The Illuminati is up to something, and I don't know whether to feel sorry for Hacker or not.

- Having Jason in the episode was nice. It seems that in a lot of ways he understands Elisa a lot better than Goliath does. I think this is largely a cultural issue. Goliath thinks like a gargoyle. Elisa is like his mate. Jason knows that Elisa is human and has human needs and wants. This is all very heart-breaking. Jason loves Elisa but doesn't feel like he can give her what she wants, and maybe has felt he lost his chance. Goliath loves Elisa and is starting to realize that he may not be able to give her what she wants either "You do not want a mate. You want a husband." Ugh, brutal, Greg, brutal! And Elisa herself may be starting to wonder what it is she really wants in life. It's sad stuff, and I must say that I've never been as interested in the Goliath-Elisa relationship as I am right now after reading "Invitation Only". Can't wait to watch the development. I'm only happy that at least Goliath and Elisa are finally talking about their feelings, even if they might be holding back a little too.

- I remember saying something to the effect of "Poor Brooklyn" when I reviewed "The Journey". I have a feeling I'll be saying that a few more times... Poor Brooklyn. Even before Delilah enters the picture you could see that he is still very distracted by Angela and Broadway. And then this episode really stabs him hard. He goes to the Labyrinth and gets to see Maggie... with Talon and then sees Delilah... and she goes off with Goliath. He must feel that life is terribly unfair. I keep wanting to say, "Stick it out Brooklyn, keep the faith! She is out there... somewhere."

- Demona's first real appearance in Season 3. Nice to see what happened to the Praying Gargoyle remnants, and nice to have the crystal inside be recognized as canon.

- One thing about this episode... it has SOO many characters in it. I have the feeling the reason we didn't see TV episodes with this many characters in it was the cost of all the voice actors, and now the pages are exploding with characters. By the time I was half-way through the book, I was beginning to think I'd turn the page to see Oberon or Zafiro or Nokkar or Dracon! It is kinda fun to have such a big cast in this one though. Gives us a lot to think about. It is fun to see Al again, and fun to see him take a more prominent position in the Labyrinth. I love his omission of Fang when he is talking to the new girl. Who is she anyway? We also hear a mention of Chaz, who apparently is a Quarryman now. Swell. It's a lot of fun to see the Mutates and the Clones. I noticed the weird black teeth are gone from the Clones. A lot of fans actually suspected this would change in time for purely biological reasons, so it is cool to see they have more normal mouths, like Thailog. The cloning must've really weirded up their hormones. All the male clone's eyes glow red and Delilah's glow white. I'm really interested in Burbank. It is fun to see a younger version of Hudson, though I sometimes feel that with the beard this isn't neccesarily visually obvious.

- And finally, Thailog makes his first appearance since "The Reckoning". What is after in the Labyrinth? The Clones? Delilah in particular? Maybe even revenge? I dunno, but I find it interesting that he enters with laser guns blazing. The homeless can't get a break...

So, thats my thoughts on this episode. I'm excited to learn what is coming up next!!!!

Greg responds...

Hudson on the cover - It's simply a composition thing of Guler's. Don't read too much into it.

Travanti is indeed Morgan's partner from "Temptation" and "Upgrade". And Harris and Chung are indeed partners. (FYI, the real Cedric Harris and Tri Chung were my freshman roommates. In real life, however, neither are currently members of the NYPD or their Gargoyle Taskforce. )

"Stick it out Brooklyn, keep the faith! She is out there... somewhere." Didn't you mean "someWHEN"?

Quantity of characters... my artists HATE me. Wait until you see issue #7. Talk about cast of thousands.

Response recorded on April 17, 2007

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Liz writes...

Okay, I read Issue #3 the day it came out, and my only complaint is that it's too short! ;) I do have a few questions about Angela, and in part, Broadway.

1. Angela is sort of like a good version of Demona, the two of them occupying opposite ends of the Good/Evil spectrum. She's somewhat naive, where her mother is wise and jaded: she's a sweetheart who can sometimes have a temper, but Demona's bitter and angry. I have noticed that there are some subtle similarities between the two of them, though. In the comic, Angela seems annoyed and insulted that they have to disguise themselves, and like Demona she seems to have a lot of pride in the fact that she's a gargoyle. Demona's younger self wasn't unkind, but she resented the fact that her kind didn't fit in with humans and yet they had to protect them anyway. Angela grew up loving humans, but had a rude awakening when she entered the 'real' world, and was treated like just another monster. What I'm getting at is, what are the odds of Angela becoming bitter towards humans in the future, even if it's the distant future?

2. Did you notice that Angela's lips are red on the cover of the comic, like in the cartoon, but inside they're purple? I was wondering if you knew whether or not this was intentionally done. Personally, I think she looks better with red lips, like Demona, and if they were going by skin color Demona's lips would be blue, hehe...Sorry if it sounds like I'm nitpicking, because I'm not, I was just intrigued.

3. I'll try to keep this as polite as possible, I know this is a touchy subject for here. As of Issue #3, has Angela been intimate with Broadway, other than kissing? I'm not asking for specifics, just a yes or no. :) I just noticed that they were holding hands a lot, and basically seemed to be joined at the hip!

Really enjoying it so far!

Greg responds...

1. I'll let you set the odds.

2. I didn't notice. Being color deficient sucks, I guess.

3. I don't think they've had sex yet, if that's what you're asking.

Response recorded on April 17, 2007

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Blaise writes...


Here are my thoughts on the FIRST NEW STORY IN OVER A DECADE!
Mostly, it's a repost of my thoughts from the Comment Room, with some new thoughts and responses added in.

I picked up my copy at the Golden Apple comic book shop on Melrose and La Brea. Had a bit of difficulty finding it, though. When I picked up Issue #2, it was shelved in the "Alternative" section with the rest of Slave Labor's titles. This time, it was in the "Kid's" section. I was kind of miffed about that, but oh well.

One thing I can definitely say about "Gargoyles"--I don't mind when it proves me wrong. I am of course referring to the upcoming "Double Date" story that will probably be in the next issue. This issue laid the pipe for it.
As you may or may not know Greg, I was hesitant to commit to the idea that this was the Double Date. Everyone else seemed so certain, but I wasn't so sure. From the way you described it WAY back when ASK GREG opened, I thought that it would take place a little further down the line.
That said, you pulled it off well.
I had wondered how Elisa would go from the one "date" in THE JOURNEY to breaking up with the big G. To me, it seems that the two major catalysts for Elisa's decision to break-up with Goliath (though they've only REALLY officially been together for a few DAYS) are 1) Morgan (a normal guy) asking her out on a date (and calling it such), and 2) Jason's little statement, "You need to be with a man who can give you everything you've ever wanted!" And we know that isn't quite Goliath. So, you made that part work, Greg. I mean, Elisa was probably thinking about going out with Goliath that night until Morgan asked her out and prompted her to really think about things. Even that may not have been enough without Jason's little inspirational.
(One thing I just thought of on my second readthrough...does Jason know that Goliath is Elisa's "mysterious boyfriend?" He knows the gargoyles are her friends, but does he know THAT particular piece of information?)

I love the opening spiel (on the radio?) where the announcer jokes about how to tell "real" gargoyles from people in costumes. In a way, I found it a bit outrageous how easily people assume the "beasties" can't talk.
Still, I have to say, it makes perfect sense that a gargoyle would be the most popular costume at this time (and Alex's costume is cute).

The new "Gargoyle Task Force" where we've got two new faces. I just KNEW Phil Tavanti was Morgan's partner from several episodes of the show (voiced by Jeff Bennett as I recall). I'll also be very interested in the way Matt handles things--especially with Margot watching him.
(And if I'm not mistaken, it looked like Phil was giving Morgan a bemused look while the latter was asking Elisa out.)

Hacker and the Illuminati. Manipulators of even the master manipulator (Xanatos). Like Todd, I love the way he changes his story with each visit. It's interesting to compare and contrast his..."scene partner's" reactions to him--Matt is clearly unhappy (and slow to use the "address numbers"), Xanatos seems amused (even when he finds out he's off to the White House), and Castaway is just pleasant and quiet (after all, they are his benefactors).
Oh, and by the way, Greg (in response to your voiced worries about the last bit with Castaway)--yes, Hacker's last statement (about destroying the gargoyles) did kind of feel like that was supposed to be the "real" story, but I thought that was intentional (I thought it was a great touch, in fact). I mean, it's an EXCELLENT red herring! Sure, the "long time fans" know it doesn't jibe with the Illuminati's M.O., but to the (always important) new fans it would be an excellent piece of misdirection. At least, I think so.
Like others, I also wonder at the significance of the numbers, and the fact that Matt/Xanatos/Castaway greet with the higher number, while Hacker responds with the lower number. Frankly, I was surprised that Castaway responded with a number at all--I knew he was involved with the society, but I didn't know they made him a full member!
One last thing: I loved Hacker's hand tightening on Matt's shoulder when he repeated, "don't be coy."

I loved Goliath and Elisa's discussion, and got a good laugh from Goliath's reaction to Elisa's "I realize your options are limited." Yeah, they're limited all right--to one (unless you want to count the genocidal maniac on the next page).
In a way, it's rather cruel the way Elisa does this--he just woke up and all is...well, not right with the world, but he's got Elisa for tonight (Halloween) at least. Then...he doesn't.
Poor bastard.
It does feel a bit abrupt, but in a way that works for it. Elisa may be voicing doubts she's had for years in regards to any relationship with Goliath, but ultimately she JUST decided to break it off completely with him ("go cold turkey" in a way). So it's sort of abrupt on both ends.

Great walk-on (or "glide-on") for Demona.

I thought the reintroduction for the Labyrinth and the Mutates and Clones was very well done. I recognized Al immediately. The "new kid" looks fascinating. I wonder what her story is (probably a runaway or something). For that matter, I can't help wondering who her VOICE would have been (or what her name is, since you cut Al off before he could introduce her!).
Knowing you, Greg, I really should have seen the "SEND IN THE CLONES" bit coming. Even then, the panel itself is a bit surprising (the clones actually look like they're about to attack). It's also fascinating, in the next panel to compare and contrast Brooklyn and Malibu (maybe it's an art thing, but Malibu has a bigger snout).
One thing I noticed this second readthrough: in the first panel with all the clones, Delilah's eyes are glowing. But instead of the normal, feminine red color, they're white. Was this a glitch or intentional? (Personally, I think it adds to Delilah's "otherness" as a hybrid).
I actually like Al's backstory-telling. It's well done, we get some nice panels (I particularly liked the one with Sevarius where half of his face is seen through a glass container of liquid and thus looks distorted and practically demonic--almost like a vampire, actually). I also noticed Al stopped short of mentioning Fang. He also never mentioned Xanatos by name--just called him "rich dude."

Let me just echo, along with several other people, poor Brooklyn. He was actually going to ask Delilah out and Goliath (unknowingly) shuts him down! Actually, this is another thing I kind of expected--Brooklyn attempting to hook up with Delilah, I mean (not Goliath doing it at the same time, though).
I like the look on Brooklyn's face afterwards, too. It's like he's disappointed, but not all that surprised at the same time (he's jinxed when it comes to the ladies, and he knows it).

I haven't seen the two TGC episodes featuring "the other" Castaway for several years now, but this version does seem to have some sense. He probably would love to give the go ahead to use hammers (and damn the humans stupid enough to dare dress as those evil monsters), but he knows it would be better in the long term to avoid that. In a way, this makes him more dangerous.
And count me as another who realized the "Chaz" mentioned is Fang's former crony from KINGDOM. Heck, I figured the guy Castaway was talking to on the phone was probably the other crony from the same episode (with the moustache, cap and shades--Lou, right?).

And I KNEW Thailog would show up at the end and have the last line (and a pretty good one, too). Great reveal (and a chilling final close-up). Did anyone else notice that he isn't actually firing those two big guns he has? The lasers are actually aiming lasers.

One thing that struck me about this episode--er, issue--Greg, is the way you fill the audience in on all the necessary backstory, but don't try to explain everything. Demona appears, but her name still hasn't been mentioned in the comic thus far, and prior to this we've only seen her in a brief "flashback" panel. And only those of us "in the know" realize the significance of the crystal. Nor is Castaway's being Jon Canmore revealed, or his relation to Jason. In fact, there's no indication Jason even has siblings, and no hint to his exact crimes (or the legacy of the Hunter, for that matter) is brought up. WE know the answers, sure, a good many of us were there from Day One of the series. But thinking of how a "new reader" might look at this, I find your handling of this to be very well done.

If I have any big complaint in regards to this issue, it's only that I have to wait at least two months for the next one.
(Frankly, I was also a bit worried about how this much awaited new story would measure up to expectations...I'm pleased to say, I like the way things are going.)

And that's my ramble on the first new story (I'm goint to wait until after your last few episode rambles, Greg, to put up my thoughts on the first two issues--I want to ramble on them alongside the TV version).
Can't wait for the next one.

Greg responds...

I picked up my copy at Golden Apple the same day. We should coordinate next time!

Delilah's eyes do glow white when they glow.

Response recorded on April 17, 2007

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Shadow Wing writes...


Eleven years haven't dulled your skills, Greg.

Glad to see Jason again - Elisa really did care about him, it feels right that she wouldn't just abandon him.

When Elisa told Goliath that they needed to talk, I winced - most fans might have been upset by this, but for me it's more than that. My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago - I still love her, deeply, but for her, the spark apparently died some time ago, and she'd only been keeping the relationship going because she didn't want to hurt me. So tell the guy that, if I could, I'd give him a sympathetic hug bigger than he is.

I suppose I should have guessed that Thailog would be making another appearance this issue - the exposition with the Clones should have been foreshadowing enough for that. And I wonder if anyone has noticed his closing line: "Trick or Treat?" I suppose that the radio announcer's safety odds weren't quite as good as he/she thought.

Martin Hacker returns, and I get the feeling that he is going to serve as our face of the Illuminati (at least, until Mr. Duval is revealed). As for the Illuminati in general: backing three different groups, with three different agendas - the webs of the Illuminati are complex indeed, but if they control the world, they'd have to be.

Anything else I have to say here has already been said, unfortunately, except for this: the next two months are going to be torture. It's been ten years since I bought an individual issue comic book, but I don't think that even then, I was so anxious for the next issue.

Afterthought: Is "Sleep well" going to be your signature farewell phrase in Etched in Stone? If so…nice, I kinda like it.

Greg responds...

For now I'm sticking with "Sleep well." Might change it someday, but it feels right at this time.

Response recorded on April 17, 2007

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Antiyonder writes...

Got #3 today, as well as a copy for my brother. While it still is a bit different, the art does look a bit more like the show than #1-2.

Like everyone else stated, Castaway is more interesting than he was portrayed in TGC. If I'm correct, I believe this is the first time since Hunter's Moon Part Three that Morgan has appeared.

After seeing Brooklyn's luck (Or therefore lack of), Timedancer can't come soon enough. No pressure minded you.

Keep up the great work. Sorry if my review wasn't as good.

Greg responds...

Reviews don't have to be good. (Not that I don't prefer positive reviews; I mean, I'm only human.)

Response recorded on April 12, 2007

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BatFu writes...

After reading through issue #3 of gargoyles, I have a few questions:

1 - In your mind, who did you cast as the voice actors for the new cops on the Gargoyles Task Force? On a related question are they newly created characters for the comic or did you have rough ideas for them even back during the 90s?

2 - Does the scene at the Cathedral with the crystal mean that Atlantis: Lost Empire is part of your vision of gargoyles?

Greg responds...

1a. Yes. 1b. The latter.

2. No, but it means "The Last" does.

Response recorded on April 10, 2007

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Duskrider Q writes...

Nobody Asked for My Two Cents (Clan Building, Issue #3)

But, I always give to a worthy cause, however little!

I hadn't realized that the letter under the Masque Invitation on the first page was officially from the government. It looks a bit like themed stationary. Still, MY how Xanatos is moving up in the world. He has amazing status, power, and connections unrelated to his finances.

While we're on the topic of Xanatos, I always like seeing he and Fox being loving parent. This adds to their believability to make them first and foremost people before they are EVIL people. For instance, Fox appearing from the shadows as she invites the gargoyles to try on costumes is suspicious at best, and later Xanatos is dangerously playing the gargoyles as pawns in a game he doesn't have full control over. Yet earlier when she and he are not being malicious and treacherous they're swinging their son around and smiling in the picture-perfect family portrait!

Also, thought Morgan plucking up the courage to ask Elisa out was so cute and sweet and-- dare I say-- she may actually want to go or more than the reason that he's human! I think it's tragic that Jason makes a perfect date now that he's reformed, but crippled as well.

Next, I'm so excited to see the Illuminati in action again. The networking is intriguing. I like that Hacker is unimposing but charismatic. Then he can be threatening enough that you don't try him, like with the shoulder squeeze and an insistence of "Don't be coy." Furthermore, he has every player thinking the Illuminati is backing his respective plans. On that note, I understand why Castaway wants the Gargoyles dead and why Matt wants them protected, but why does Xanatos want them exposed? What good does this do him, and if he's still trying to pay back his debt to Goliath and the clan? I don't think the clan would appreciate the gesture?

Also who is this perfect hypocrite to deny the gargoyle's true identities? Elisa, as a gargoyle-lover? Thailog as a clone but not the real deal? Demona? I'm on the edge of my seat.

Speaking of Demona I find it equally interesting as I find it odd that there is an intact shiny crystal in the middle of the cathedral rubble. I don't think I'm even sitting on my seat anymore.

Anyway, I wanted to like Hedgecock's art (I got the correct artist this time) I really did. But some places I didn't feel he captured the scene or the emotion. Issue #2 was good, great if you like his style. For instance, the chase scenes have a real since of moving fast paced, and the angles are dynamic. But here in issue 3, for example, where Elisa and Goliath are having their gulp break up I don't see the face always reflecting what he says. The resentment, sadness, or hurt looks very nonchalant in some frames. (But maybe the numbness is the point?) I prefer the frame where there's a huge space between them and Goliath is bracing himself against the stone because the emotion is subtle and the space is metaphorical. I suppose I most dislike the lack of details in the background. Characters do not seem to have a lot of distinctive features either. I would give him anoher chance but I can't deny my excitement to see the other artists after this.

And for my last comments…

Lexington and Fox are still great with the wry sense of humor.

Goliath is a BLOCKER! Brooklyn needs lovin' too.

And the safety of the Labyrinth ain't all that safe. Like… most of the time!

Again, I am teeming with anticipations. Can't wait for the party when everyone bumps heads.

Greg responds...

People may have misinterpreted Xanatos' plan for the Gargoyles. He doesn't want to "expose" them. They've already been exposed. He wants to help them find eventual acceptance. To do that, he's "exposing" them to select people in small doses, first by not revealing that they are actually gargoyles, but introducing them, so that people meet them simply as people.

Of course, if that's not clear from the comic itself, I should probably just shut up.

Response recorded on April 10, 2007

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Alex Garg writes...

Without traffic, it's a 30 minute drive to my comic book store. With traffic, it's one and one-half hours. The latter is what I fought in order to get my copy of Gargoyles #3, but I say it was worth the trek.

Of course, there's the required sigh of relief: After 11 years of waiting, new canon! In this true follow-up to "The Journey," we still have some character introductions and blunt exposition, but we might as well get them in one story rather than drag it out; that way we can get to the real meaty canon waiting for us in months down the line.

The non-spoiler version:

The art shows plenty of improvement, and plenty of places where improvement can be had. I think the coloring in this issue matches Hedgecock's style better, but it's still not going to get any rave reviews. I'm somewhat lukewarm to the new characters, but then... they're new. There's a long way to go with them.

But with the SPOILERS (and LOTS of them):

First, let's jump into the art. This is a comic after all, so there's no point in ignoring it. Hedgecock asked for three issues before we cast judgment, and this is issue number three, so: No, I'm not wild about the penciling, but I don't think it's been worth a lot of the fuss that's been made over it. Obviously the fandom has had its share of stellar artists, most of whom I *would* prefer to see taking on a project like this, but I don't see the art here as being too out of synch with a lot of new comics.

Frankly, I found more fault with the coloring of the first two issues than the pencil work, and I think Dustin Evans' work is a better fit for Hedgecock's style. And there's plenty of evidence in this issue that Hedgecock is getting a hang of the character models, so on the whole I feel positively towards the artwork of this issue.

Now, on to the meat:

I liked the reference to the upcoming visit to the White House in the opening page - subtle, but there - although to whomever was in charge of that page: You, er, missed the comma between Washington and D.C.; and even more technically, for an address you would use the postal abbreviation DC and not the D.C. form. I'm just pointing it out as a local, not a critic.

The use of the background radio chatter was a nice way to set the stage in the opening panels, and it segued nicely into the Task Force's meeting, where we meet two new detectives, and three cheers for the reappearance of Martin Hacker! I've been a quiet fan of his for a long time - I just like the idea of a guy who on the outside seems like a pretty mid-level management/agent kind of person, ultimately forgettable, but who in another realm is someone of real consequence. Matt clearly is still a bit upset about having been lead around the bushes by Hacker for so long, and I think that comes out very nicely in their brief "on scene" exchange.

After the meeting, I'm glad it was Officer Morgan who approached Elisa, as there's no way I would see Elisa approaching Officer Morgan - pre-talk with Goliath, anyway. Clearly Elisa was dealing with the many issues which presented themselves in recent nights, and I doubt she was of the mindset to approach a colleague and proposition him for a date.

I was also particularly fond of the exchange with Jason. He's letting her go before anything else needs to be said, and I think it shows that he still has a pretty strong character to be able to fess up to that. And who brought Jason the flowers sitting on the table at the foot of his bed?

Next scene with the gargoyles awake, I like Brooklyn's silent reactions to watching Broadway and Angela make nice as a couple. First it's angst, but by the last panel of page nine, he looks really annoyed at how obvious the two are making it, or perhaps just repulsed by how clingy they seem (they definitely have the new-couple clingy thing going on). It's no surprise he wanted to bail to the Labyrinth (with an appropriate choice of words: primp. Good word. Apt word. Primp).

I did end up feeling particularly bad for Goliath his conversation with Elisa. "I realize your options are limited-" "Limited?!" The laundry list of things she wanted that he couldn't offer, she might as well have pulled out a picture of Norman Rockwell's work and said, "You see this? This is what I want. Can you cook a turkey?"

And that was a very clever way to bring back Demona.

Jumping ahead a little bit to put together all of Hacker's conversations with Bluestone, Xanatos, and Castaway, it's clear he's lying to *somebody,* but I'm hesitant to say that he's lying to *everybody.* Clearly the Illuminati either wants something to do with the gargoyles or nothing to do with the gargoyles. If it's the former, then clearly Castaway's being lied to, and if it's the latter, it seems like the Illuminati are going to excessive lengths to get rid of the gargoyles. Giving Xanatos an order to walk out onto the parapets with a sledgehammer at dawn would be sufficient for that cause.

Of course, I'm not writing the thing, so I can only make guesses at this point.

Getting past the exposition of the Labyrinth, more angst for Brooklyn! It's bad enough he's in proximity to one of the females who outright rejected him, but then he has to suffer a block from Goliath. I mean, wow, the guy has worse luck than I do.

As for the new character introduced in the Labyrinth, I have to say that I gave her a lukewarm reception. She strikes me as awfully third wheel: an apparent acquaintance of an associate to a minor villain doesn't strike me off the bat as someone worth raising much of an eyebrow for. But, then, there are many issues down the road to find out things about her.

I like the approach to Castaway. He wants the gargoyles destroyed, not his reputation and budding standing within the city. With this kind of character, there are plenty of places Castaway can go, and I'll look forward to following him.

And three cheers for the dramatic return of Thailog! Guns at the ready and everything, it's a great jump off to issue #4.

On the whole, it's a fine way to return to canon stories. Plenty of story arcs are open for business, and I'm looking forward to May to get back into them. Well done, Greg, and kudos to your team!

Greg responds...

Thanks. I'm not sure which "minor villain" you're referring to though.

Response recorded on April 10, 2007

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Vid the Kid writes...

A few comments on Issue #3...

My opinion is mixed on the artwork. I mean, it's a different medium from the animated series, so it's not going to look exactly the same. Without motion, more detail is needed to convey the same feeling that was done through gestures in the cartoons. Just like a radio play needs narration. (Which, by the way, you are AWESOME at...) On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure that this particular character drawing style is necessitated by the medium. (Somehow, Agent Hacker looks a lot more organic than everyone else; why can't the other characters have a little bit more of that organic feel in their designs?) And there is a bit of inconsistency. Bluestone struck me as looking a lot like David Hyde Pierce in his second panel. Although the artwork may be less than perfect, it is still at least acceptable, and certainly does not distract from the story.

And the story is great! Already an order of magnitude better than The Goliath Chronicles. I especially like the layered reveal of what organization Hacker really represents. I have a tendency to forget details, so I didn't get it until the second shot. Anyway, great job! I really look forward to future issues!

Greg responds...

Wow, talk about damning with faint praise. (I'd hope we're better than Goliath Chronicles.) I'm glad you're liking it though. And I still like the art. It may not always be perfect, but I think it's powerful when it needs to be, and relays the emotions that I'm looking for. And I think David is improving all the time. We have fill-ins by great artists in 4, 5 and 6, but I'm also looking forward to David's return in issue #7.

Response recorded on April 09, 2007

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Shannon "Shan" Muir writes...


I've read and very much enjoyed issue 3. As someone familiar with the series there is much to appreciate.

But when trying to see the comics from the view of someone who knows nothing else about the universe, based solely om the three issues, what cues are there that anyone be rooting for the Gargoyles per se? Perhaps, like the way you often describe Xanatos as a complex villian even in the TV series, you are meaning to potray everyone a little less clear cut? The writer in me is curious to hear your thoughts about that.

Greg responds...

If the cues aren't obvious, I'm not sure there's much point in me discussing them.

I would think that (for example) Castaway's thinly disguised hate-speech in issue #1 would automatically make the gargoyles and Goliath specifically sympathetic. And if that didn't work, the fact that Banquo and Fleance tried to smash him in his sleep... well, you get the idea.

On the other hand, I do like shades of gray.

Maybe in a few years, I'll ramble on these comics. When I've got more distance and perspective. But right now, I'd prefer (largely) to let them stand or fall on their own merits.

Response recorded on April 06, 2007

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