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matt writes...

i'm going to try to guess the date you're reading this and i think it'll be a bit less then the current two month wait cuz i bet you'll try to catch up before the next contest so: is it August 8? lol, do i get another prize if i'm right?

by the way, your most recent batch of questions was extremely interesting and hilarious, as usual. esspecially Arthur's other Avalon adventure, and (LOL) masturbating gargoyles. its been a while since i've laughed that much!

ok, question time:

1. you recently said that if a gargoyle slept in caves for day after day after day they would begin to have ill effects from lack of sunlight, but you've said that the Korean and Loch Ness clans live in caves. so, did you mean that they sleep outside the caves, i guess?

2. do gargoyle eggs need sunlight ever or are they fine spending their ten year incubation in caves and rookeries?

maybe i'm just really tired or something and kinda giddy, but i'm still laughing about masturbating gargoyles. interesting you won't tell us about gargs going to the bathroom, but you'll tell us about them masturbating! LOL

Greg responds...

Not even close. July 17.

1. I love it when people are DETERMINED to trip me up.

2. I'm not committing.

Shows where my heads at, I guess.

Response recorded on July 17, 2001

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