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Dawna writes...

Sir, this has been bothering me for a while. Please answer, as I am getting desparate.

1.I live in canada, and I realy want to get the Gargoyles Comics, starting from #1. Where can i find them?
2.Where can I find the second half of season 2? I really want to see that happy moment when Elisa and Goliath get together.

Thank you for listening, although I'm sure you get millions of these each day.

Greg responds...

1. I don't have any brilliant answers for you, beyond the obvious. Try Amazon, try SLG.

2. You can't. Not right now, but I'm working on it, and I promise to keep you posted.

Response recorded on December 10, 2007

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Alexander writes...

Hi Greg,
is there any possibility that the Gargoyles Comics could be saled in Europe, let's say amazon.co.uk for example? Shipping to Europe every time is very expensive, takes very long and is a bit unreliable. The expensive Euro should make it very profitable to sell in Europe, even if it would cost 4€ it would be cheaper (and faster) for me to buy it somewhere in Europe.
Keep on the great work.

Greg responds...

THanks. I'm afraid I have no info on this. Check with SLG or with Amazon.

Response recorded on December 03, 2007

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Latest Update

Okay, here's what I know as of right now.

First off, the reprint of Gargoyles #6 should be in stores tomorrow (11/14/07). You SHOULD be able to exchange first printing copies for the reprint if you'd like. Notice the emphasis on SHOULD. Let me quote a recent e-mail from SLG publisher Dan Vado in answer to my question as to whether local stores know about this:

"The store issue is a tough one. They have been as informed as they possibly can be, that is we paid to have notices sent to them, there will be an item on their invoice and there was a mention in the weekly newsletter from Diamond Comics as well as from me personally in my retailer newsletter and on a retailer message board. That being said, I was on a conference call with two retailers yesterday, two who buy direct form me regualrly and are among those stores I would count as hard core supporters, and they had no clue they were getting new copies this week or about the replacement issue. So, as I have been mentioning to fans, the best thing to do if the retailer looks at them like they were crazy is to not bother them or get angry with them, just tear off the cover [of their old printing copy] and send it to us [at SLG] and we will replace the book directly. This is why we have not sent copies to Amazon yet and why it has not been on our website yet."

So, not a perfect world, but I really do think it's as good as it gets given the situation.

Next up, Bad Guys #1. This SHOULD be out by the end of this month. Unfortunately, because of Thanksgiving, that's not a lock. But if it's not out the last week of November, it will be out the first week of December. (In any case, it's ALL finished -- and approved.)

After that, expect Gargoyles #7 approximately three weeks after Bad Guys #1 hits the stores -- which SHOULD still put it in December -- unless Christmas messes that up, in which case it should be out the first week in January. The book is also ALL finished, but has not yet been approved.

After that, the Gargoyles Clan-Building Volume #1 Trade Paperback. Galleys are being reviewed now, but it should be out in late December or early January. We may delay it a week or two so that it isn't coming out the EXACT same week as BG1 or G7. Then again we may not.

After that, um, I guess Bad Guys #2, which is currently being finished by Karine.

After that Gargoyles #8, which is being pencilled by David.

After that Bad Guys #3, which is being scripted now by me.

After that Gargoyles #9, which has ALREADY been scripted by me. Uh... how did that happen?

Anyway, that's all I know at this time.


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No Name writes...

I can't find issue #5 of the comic book anywhere and I know it was going to be released on July 18. I'm going crazy!!! Can you please tell ne why I can't find it!

Greg responds...

Have you tried ordering it online from SLG or Amazon or Midtown Comics?

Response recorded on August 21, 2007