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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 12th...

Xanatos acquires the Cauldron of Life and prepares to test it by ordering the construction of a pair of Macbeth robots and a statue of Hudson. He also begins looking for a sword that will match Hudson's to be used with the statue.

Relieving Talon, Goliath takes his shift guarding the Labyrinth prisoners. Thailog busts Demona and Fang out. Talon and Goliath pursue them to Coney Island. Goliath departs and quickly returns with Angela, the Trio and Hudson. All are captured by Fang, Demona, Thailog and his clones: Hollywood, Brentwood, Malibu and Burbank (made from the DNA of Broadway, Lexington, Brooklyn and Hudson, respectively).

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W. C. Reaf writes...

Hi Greg

Long time fan first time questioner. I'm eagerly anticipating the Spectacular Spider-Man series and I know it'll be good with your amazing writing talent in charge. I know you can't really talk about it yet so I won't be asking any questions on it now.

I've got a question on the public perception of Gargoyles in the Gargoyles universe. Why does the public see them as wild beasts and monsters but they don't notice they don't notice or comment on the fact that they're wearing loincloths that are meant to cover their modesty?

No other animal wears clothes just for that purpose so that shows at least the Gargoyles are more than the average monster in the public eye.

Greg responds...

Frankenstein's monster wears clothes. Doesn't make him less of a monster in the eyes of the public.

Look, if they didn't wear clothes, people would notice and be further scandalized/horrified/whatever. But the fact that they are wearing clothes doesn't necessarily register. Given their basic anatomy, I think it's largely taken for granted. Do a few people stop and say, "Hey, they're wearing clothes..." Well, yeah. No response is monolithic. But the majority don't pay particular attention.

Response recorded on October 11, 2007

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Bazell writes...

Yay! Question time! I was sad we couldn't post for so long, however working on a comic and having an upcoming television show demands alot of time I'm sure. Having fun?
Anyway, what are your plans for future Gargoyles stories? No! Just kidding!!!

Fox was understandbly bitter towards her mother at the end of The Gathering. Is there a planned reconciliation in the near future, or at least a confrontation? Or is that far off still?
Furthermore, what are Zanatos' feeling about her. I'm sure he harbors some resentment, but as someone who made a living out of schemes and plots, does he have a bit more... understanding (even if not appreciation)?

Greg responds...

I am having fun, thanks for asking. I'm really tired though.

I'll leave everyone's feelings up to your interpretation for now. Eventually, we'll get to everything, but I'm trying to avoid scooping myself too much.

Response recorded on October 11, 2007

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Yay the queue is open! I'm happy you're taking questions again. (and I'm of course excited to get #6, which I'll be ordering asap). I hope you don't mind questions unrelated to reviewing the comic... those Children of Oberon always make me so curious.

1. a. So Ragnarok already occured in the Gargoyles Universe. When did it happen? (If you don't want to give a year or decade, can you please say what century it happened in?)
b. Did any of the gods survive Ragnarok, other than Odin? If some did, who?

2. You've also told us that the war between the Titans and Olympians was a real event in the Gargoyles Universe. What happened to the defeated Titans afterwards? (I don't want to assume it is the same as the myths, or to ask more specifically for fear it would be an idea)

3. When was Oberon born? (If you don't want to give the year or decade, please say what century?)

Greg responds...

1a. Yes, it occured, but no I'm not going to hint at a date (even a century) at this time.

1b. Yes, a few others did. But I'm not revealing who at this time. (Though the myths themselves are a good hint.)

2. I'm not answering this at this time.

3. Ditto.

Response recorded on October 11, 2007

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Phil writes...

I'll volunteer to be one of the first to ask a question. I'll be picking up my copy of the comic this afternoon, so I can't comment about that. But I want to ask about your "Blather" ramble.

When you first posted it a year ago, many were mystified and confused, but I recognized it immediately as a secret message just waiting to be decoded. I spent several months working on it, but to no avail. So I gave up.

Then, a few months ago you posted it again in the comment room. This cemented in my mind that there is some kind of meaning to this. Otherwise, why would you bother? So since then I have renewed my efforts to make some kind of sense from your Blather, still with no success.

Here are my questions:
1) Am I wasting my time? Is "Blather" just an entertaining but ultimately meaningless exercise in stream-of-consiousness writing?
2) Is there some deeper meaning in "Blather"? Is it a coded message that perhaps reveals a heretofore hidden tidbit of Gargoyle lore?
3) If the answer to number 2 is yes, could you please offer some kind of a hint or clue? I feel like I've been down every dead end at least twice. I'm not looking for an answer; just point me in the right direction.

Thanks for the time you put into the fandom. I'm looking forward to picking up issue 6 today!

Greg responds...

1. Well, it is stream of consciousness. But it's not meaningless -- not to me anyway. Whether or not you're wasting your time isn't for me to say, though.

2. Blather is only tangentially connected to Gargoyles. It does have a number of secret messages -- and I hope a deeper meaning, but it won't tell you, say, the name of Lex's mate or anything like that. It's not in code.

3. No, I think you are heading down the wrong path. It's an interpretive piece. There's no hard key or hint that I can give you. It's... art. (I'm not saying it's great art -- though I am somewhat proud of it, but it's function is artistic.)

Response recorded on October 11, 2007

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<SIGH> Gargoyles #6


Okay. I'm embarrassed. As many of you already know, there are a number of production errors in issue #6. I have already received what I believe is a heartfelt apology from SLG, and I'm personally passing this apology on to you fans... and adding one of my own.

Here, as far as I can tell, is the rundown of the errors in Gargoyles #6:

PAGE ONE. The logo and title ("Gargoyles Clan-Building Chapter Six: Reunion") have once again been left off the book.

PAGE TWELVE. Although the correct lettering overlay was used, the art is incorrect -- and is in fact a reprint of page 16.

PAGE TWENTY-THREE. An uncorrected version of the page with the wrong "SCARAB" logo was used.

BACK COVER. The add for the trade paperback leaves Nir Paniry's name off, which is frankly inexcusable. Also Stephanie is still listed as doing tones on Bad Guys, but Karine did her own tones.

ETCHED IN STONE. In addition, the blurb for issue #7 lists Dustin Evans as that upcoming issue's colorist, but the colors for #7 are now being done by Robby Bevard. Dustin was colorist at the time I wrote that Etched in Stone, but since then the situation has changed. So that's not really an error... just consider this an update.

Guys, believe me, I am well aware how unprofessional all this makes us look. I recognize that the fans are NOT expected to have unlimited patience with all our screw-ups -- be they production errors or late deliveries. I've been told that SLG is going to reprint the issue and that exchanges will be possible. In the meantime, I'm looking for a way to post the correct pages (which exist, I swear) somewhere practical on the internet so you guys can at least see what you've missed. And of course, everything WILL be correct in the Trade Paperback (though that's hardly the inducement to buy that I was looking for).

All I can say is that we will try to do better. Truly. I know that must sound hollow, but I'll now be looking over galleys personally. Honestly, if ALL the mistakes on the book were mine, I'd feel a LOT better. And as always, I'm ready to take full responsibility for any creative stuff you don't like. That is on me.

Finally, for the record, Angela's costume on the cover is NOT an error but a creative choice made by Greg Guler (i.e. the man who designed BOTH versions of her costume). He was aware that the "scene" he was depicting was from a flashback but made the creative decision to go with the new costume on the cover. Note that covers are not canon. Covers are the FINAL ADVERTISEMENT/INDUCEMENT to get people to buy the book. Greg felt that the new costume would make for a better inducement. We discussed it, and I agreed.

Again, I'm so sorry about all this.

Greg Weisman
October 10th, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 7th...

Xanatos used the data on the disks to activate his Steel Clan Robots, which he and Demona immediately set against the gargoyles. The attempt is ultimately futile; the robots are destroyed. Demona, however, gets the drop on Goliath. She reveals her name and her complicity with Castle Wyvern's Captain of the Guard. Elisa prevents Demona from killing Goliath. And Goliath once again saves Elisa's life. Demona disappears. Xanatos is arrested and thrown in jail, initially on multiple felony charges that include grand theft and industrial espionage. Due to his wealth and international connections, he is considered a flight risk and held without bail. Repair work begins immediately to restore all damage to the castle.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 6th...

Elisa discovers that gargoyles turn to stone during the day. She's forced to lead the Commandos away from a stone Goliath in order to protect him. She then waits by his side throughout the day, cementing their friendship. That night the Trio takes the names Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington and gives Bronx his name as well. Xanatos then reunites Goliath with Demona. Together, Demona and Xanatos convince Goliath and the clan to "retrieve" the computer disks from Cyberbiotics. Goliath and Demona attack Cyberbiotics' airship The Fortress-1, costing Vinnie his Cyberbiotics' security job in the process. The gargoyles are successful in recovering the disks. But the Cyberbiotics Underground Base (under the leadership of the Cyberbiotics Commander) is badly damaged by Hudson and Bronx. And Goliath grows disconcerted with the changes in Demona, particularly after she causes the destruction of Fortress-1. Elisa is able to convince Goliath that Xanatos has been using him, revealing that the disks were actually Cyberbiotics' property and that the Commandos were working for Xanatos.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 5th...

Elisa investigates, encountering first Owen, then Xanatos, then Bronx and finally Goliath. Frightened at seeing a live gargoyle for the first time, she backs away and falls off the building. Goliath saves her life, introduces her to the rest of the clan and agrees to meet her the next night. Early that morning, Xanatos asks Goliath's help to get his disks back. Goliath is reluctant to help. And unbeknownst to him, Xanatos and Demona are planning something. That night, the Trio leaves the castle to explore the city and accidentally trashes the motorcycle of a man named Vinnie. Goliath and Hudson keep the rendezvous with Elisa, who more or less gives Hudson his name. Hudson retreats to the castle with Bronx - where they discover television and lounge chairs. Meanwhile, Goliath and Elisa rescue an ungrateful Margot Yale and Brendan Quarters from muggers, before being attacked in Central Park by the Commandos from the night before.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 4th...

The final touches on the castle are completed. It now sits atop the Eyrie Building, high "above the clouds", thus fulfilling the condition of the Magus' spell. The Magus' curse is broken, and Goliath, Hudson, the Trio and Bronx awaken to a brave new world. Minutes later, a group of Commandos attack and seem to steal three disks from Xanatos. This attracts the attention of New York City Police Detective Elisa Maza. Elisa also meets Officer Morgan for the first time.

The werefox is first sighted in Manhattan.

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