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Man Mountain writes...

I looked through the archives and could not find this question, but if it has been asked, then I apologize.

Can, in the Garg universe, Gargoyles become vampires? If so, does it manifest itself differently than it does in humans? How about Fae?

Greg responds...

Sorry. I'm not yet willing to answer these questions. Try again some other time.

Response recorded on June 26, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg,

I looked up 'The Scream' for ya and it says that Edvard left most of his paintings in a museum in Oslo. He grew up there and after he died they build a museum in his honor. *shrugs* just incase you were still wondering.

Gee..I should have checked to see if anyone else wrote this..ah well *is lazy* *posts*

Greg responds...

Right, got it covered. Still feel like I saw it in Amsterdam in 1980 though.

Response recorded on June 23, 2000

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Abigail Thorne writes...

You know that helicopter Lexington fixed up in "Her Brother's Keeper?" What happened to it? It might have come in handy if the clan needed to do some speedy flying. Did they leave it somewhere for the police to find it, or what?

Greg responds...

The honest truth is that we were embarrassed by that helicopter. We let Kenner talk us into putting it into the series. And then Kenner wound up not even making a helicopter toy. So we let it fade from memory.....

Response recorded on June 21, 2000

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WereFox writes...


Even though her lycanthropy was induced by the eye of Oden, would Fox have been subject to the normal limitations associated with werewolves/foxes? Would she have had a vulnerabilty to silver? Also could she, and did she pass on her lycanthropy by bightring someone. I realize that we already have Wolf, our favorite mutate
Werewolf. What possible reason would we need another.

Greg responds...

I don't think so. Neither Wolf or Fox fit the traditional lycanthropic mode. Fara Maku and Tea are better examples.

Response recorded on June 21, 2000

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ExoLex writes...

Hi again. This is a question about Christianity. Would you have ever even considered making an episode dedicated to Lucifer, and or the Angel race? I bring this up because in the episode "Her Brother's Keeper", Derek Maza makes reference to the title "Prince of Darkness". Thanks.

Greg responds...

I might have dealt with Lucifer or angels at some point (if I could get it past S&P -- the former would be more difficult for obvious reasons), which doesn't necessarily mean that I'd be dealing with Christianity. Both concepts pre-date Christianity, after all.

Response recorded on April 07, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

This question seems to have gotten lost during the February "No questions in queue" glitch, so I'm sending it again.

The series took the attitude that most humans were a danger to gargoyles, and that it was mainly because of the humans that there were so few gargoyles left. But how much is humanity in general to blame? While most humans did indeed seem to fear gargoyles, the ordinary citizenry confined themselves to running away from them (like the yuppie couple) or socially snubbing them (like Princess Katharine and the Magus before their conversion). It was Hakon and his Viking raiders, barbarian invaders from outside, who destroyed the Wyvern clan, not Princess Katharine and her subjects. The gargoyles of 11th century Scotland under Demona were hunted down not by the regular Scots, but by a couple of tyrants (Duncan and Canmore) and a hired assassin (Gillecomgain). The Guatemalan gargoyles were slaughtered, not by the local farmers, but by a band of looters from outside. In fact, in general, the people who actually took up arms against the gargoyles (with one or two exceptions) seemed to be outside the norm of settled society, being outside enemies, tyrants, and criminals. (Admittedly, the Quarrymen in your vision would probably have been more representative of the community).

So, does the responsibility for the near-extinction of the gargoyle race rest on the majority of the human race, or is it more the work simply of the "black sheep" of the species, no more the "human norm" than Demona and Thailog are the "gargoyle norm"?

Greg responds...

Is there a middle ground?

Yes, it's the bad guys. But not necessarily only the BIG bad guys. It's the mob. The banality of evil contributes, and probably more than we showed on camera.

But of course, one of the points we tried to make with the show was that evil comes in all forms. "Human and Gargoyle alike."

Response recorded on April 04, 2000

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A Fan writes...

How would you say that the concept of Gargoyles and Oberon's Children and such fits into the Judeo-Christian bible? Were there certain things missing from the creation myth, deliberately or otherwise)?

As someone else asked, it does make you wonder if there were Gargoyles on Noah's Ark(you are lucky you got it as a portion, I got to read about Nazarites), and why Noah didn't send them out to find land, as they would more efficiently be able to tell him.

Greg responds...

Haven't mentally covered the Flood (Noah's or anyone's) yet.

But I think eventually everything fits. Just cuz so far it has. But I don't pretend to have it all worked out yet.

Response recorded on March 22, 2000

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Puck40 writes...

May... yeah. I bet you'll answer this by May. Just over three months. =)

Okay, you mentioned that you planned to use every legend etc etc etc. I have to know...
1) Would you have done a story about how evil was released into the world?
2) If you did, which form would you have taken? Adam and Eve? Pandora's box?

Greg responds...

Hah. March.

Evil was released? Hmmmm...

Response recorded on March 21, 2000

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Ambrosia writes...

Hi, again, Greg!
How long do you suppose it would be (in years or whatever) before the ridiculous humans put away their predjudices and, worldwide, it was cosidered perfectly normal for gagoyles, New Olympians, humans, and Oberon's Children to be seen wandering down a street or in a dance club? I'm not saying all humans, or every member of the other races for that matter, will ever completely accept the members of the others (Margot, for example. That woman...!), but do you forsee basic equality for all the races in the future?

BTW, I have to put this in... I was reading through the archives and I came accross Celano's post. S/he's right! That gargoyle mother in The Mirror really did have a beard! I've always wondered about that too...
thanks for your time, Greg! You're my hero!

Greg responds...

I don't remember any beard, and I've seen the episode about 50 times.

As to your real question, I like to think that as a species humans take two steps forward and 1.9 steps back. Meaning that eventually, we get where we should be going. But I'm not going to attempt to set a date on the end of universal prejudice. I'm not in the Utopia business.

Response recorded on March 19, 2000

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jenna writes...

Greg- I saw in your rambles that you wanted to see what fans thought of the clock tower being blown up, the "enter macbeth" ep, and the world tour--

How does the word awesome sound?

Seriously though, I must say that Gargoyles' strength is that the characters grow and change. It dared to be real because the "good guys" don't always win. This show had me on the edge of my seat many many times. Thanks for creating a show that dared to actually tell a story; that dared to go someplace; and where the world's problems were not solved within thirty minutes. This show was not afraid of change, and that's what made it awesome.

Greg responds...

Man, this is gratifying.

You are all too good to me.

Now someone tell me what archive I put this in.

Response recorded on March 17, 2000

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