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Matt writes...

Hey Greg.

I watched "Revelations" the other day and had a thought. Given the big building with a massive neon sign attached that says Hotel Cabal, I wondered how much this sticks out in NYC. I mean, I get the hiding in plain sight thing and all, but there has to be more here than a facade.

So is the Hotel Cabal an actual, functional hotel? Perhaps on the lower levels or something?

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

Makes sense. Though it could also be perpetually "Under Renovation" too.

Response recorded on November 19, 2010

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 25th...

Together, Matt Bluestone and Goliath turn the tables on Mace Malone, trapping him in the Hotel Cabal. Later that morning, Martin Hacker reveals he's been a member of the Illuminati all along. He welcomes Matt into the Society as a new member.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 24th...

Matt Bluestone confronts Elisa Maza about the gargoyles at the end of their shift. They return to the Clock Tower, but not before sunrise. Elisa promises to introduce Matt to the gargoyles at sundown. Matt meets with Mace Malone again, who tells him that the way to prove his loyalty is to bring a gargoyle to the Hotel Cabal. Later, Elisa introduces Matt to the Manhattan Clan. He and Goliath arrange to fool Mace at the Hotel Cabal. After they arrive, they are quickly separated, and Goliath is put through the Hotel's paces by Mace.