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Demonskrye writes...

I have a Max Steel Question that hopefully will be more fuin than painful. I didn't get to see the show that often, but from reading this site, I've learned that in your version, Josh's parents were named Molly and "Big Jim". My toy collector boyfriend tells me that there is a British action figure line called "Big Jim" which is quite similar to the American G.I. Joe line and thus in the same scale as the Max Steel figures. Apparently, some people in the online action figure collecting community have been wondering if there's a connection. So...

1) Is the name of Josh's dad an intentional homage to the Big Jim line? (if it is, please skip 3. If no, ignore number 2.)

2) If so, was it a suggestion from Mattel or something you came up with on your own?

3) If not, where does the name "Big Jim" come from? (And isn't it kind of an interesting coincidence?)

Greg responds...

1. When I was a kid, I had Big Jim (here in the U.S.). Also Big Jack, Big Josh and Big Someone Else. I was told by Mattel that when they were developing the Max Steel line, it came out of a desire to revamp their old Big Jim line. Given that, I thought it made sense to name Josh/Max's dad Big Jim. They were fine with it. And Big Jim did make one flashback appearance in the first season.

So it wasn't a coincidence and it was kind of a mutual thing.

Good catch.

Response recorded on April 01, 2004

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kimmer14@comcast.net writes...

Looking for a website that will give me a list of all the title names of the action figures of "maxsteel".We have about 8 of them.Example:"wave flier","samurri warrior",etc. Trying to collect for my son.Any help?Thanks

Greg responds...

Sorry, aside from the time displacement that's unfortunately typical of ASK GREG, I didn't even know the answer to this back in 2002.

Response recorded on March 25, 2004

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Steve Nunez writes...

I loved your episode of Video wars for the jem series, I was wondering how you and cary bates came up with the storyline, and why you only seem to have written 1 episode for the show? You and Cary also seem to have done a lot together. Will you two be working on future shows? and personally, I think you both rock! :-) Stnp@yahoo.com

Greg responds...

Thanks. Cary & I were writing partners for years, mostly at DC Comics. Nowadays, we still like working together, so I made him a story editor on Gargoyles. And I've had him write scripts for me on that show, plus Starship Troopers & Max Steel.

Basically, if I ever get another show, we'll wind up working together again, most likely.

I'm glad you liked the Jem episode. We only did one, because we were only offered one. I'd have been happy to do more. I'm not too clear (as it's been over 15 years) how we came up with that particular storyline, but I think it was suggested by the bible. Not the premise per se, but it felt like a natural.

Response recorded on March 23, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

I know that it's impossible, but in your opinion, what would happen if there was a cross-over between your two creations Gargoyles and Max Steel? How would the characters react towards each other?

Greg responds...

For starters, credit going where it is due, Max wasn't my creation. I developed the show, but did not create it.

After that, I guess they'd fit together all right. Max is assigned to investigate Gargoyle sightings or something. He's got nano-tech powers. It could be fun.

But it doesn't particularly jazz me.

Response recorded on January 22, 2004

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Kathy writes...

What happened to Max Steel? My sons miss him terribly.

Greg responds...

I don't have an answer for you. I only worked on the first season (the first 13 episodes). They did two more seasons after I left. I thought it was still airing in reruns on cable somewhere, but I'm not sure.

Response recorded on December 15, 2003

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George writes...

So, Greg , what type of series are you currently working on your own besides Gargoyles and Redemption Squad, a.k.a. BAD GUYS, Max Steel, Timedancer and all of those other Gargoyles Spin-offs?

Greg responds...

For starters, of course, Max Steel is not a Gargoyle Spin-Off. It was a show on Kids WB, produced by Sony and based on a toy from Mattel. I developed it and worked on the first season in 1999. Since then, I've had no involvement.

I have never stopped trying to bring back Gargoyles or one of its Spin-Offs in some way, shape or form, but in the meantime I still have to earn a living.

I've worked on a number of shows as a freelancer since Max. A non-comprehensive list would include: 3x3 Eyes (English dub), Atlantis: Milo's Return (direct-to-DVD/Video), The Mummy, Kim Possible, Bionicle: Mask Of Light, etc.

I've also been working more recently for a number of companies in development, including Platinum Studios, Warner Brothers, DAG and Hasbro. (All in addition to various spec projects on my own and with partners that I/we hope to sell some day.) I'd love nothing more than to talk about this stuff, but it's both bad luck and bad business to talk about a project before it's sold.

Finally, most recently, I've been writing for a new Warner Brothers animated series for Story Editor/Producer Duane Capizzi (of "Men in Black" and "Jackie Chan" fame). Again, I'd love to talk about it, but I don't know if Warners has announced the series yet, and I definitely do NOT want to be the guy who let the cat out of the bag.


Response recorded on October 22, 2003

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Cathy writes...

MAX Steel
I am a parent of a 7 yr old boy. My son loves Max Steel and all of sudden the show has been cancelled? I cannot seem to find any infomation on why or what. I was wondering if you could bring me up to speed on what happened? I have done numerous searches and cannot find current information on Max Steel. I do really appreciate the response!


Greg responds...

Well, Cathy, I somehow doubt you're still checking this site for an answer after 19 months. And even if you are, I can't be of much help. I worked on ONLY the first season of Max Steel. I know they did at least two more seasons, but I had no idea that it was still on the air at all. I last saw it this past spring -- what I assume was a rerun on cable.

Anybody else know Max's status?

You might check with the Mattel toy company, who has a vested interest in maintaining fan interest in the property.

Response recorded on August 25, 2003

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Sunny writes...

I was wondering what you could tell me about the Max Steel character?

Greg responds...

Lots, probably. What do you want to know?

Response recorded on August 06, 2003

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Sandrine M writes...

Did you see the second season of Max Steel? Did they respect your ideas? What do you think about Kat, Jo, the two robots dog, the robot cat, the absence of Laura, Berto who goes out of his screen's life, the discovery of Max steel's secret by Pete, the new ennemies... Or did you see nothing and you will never see it?
Personnaly, I found the second season too previsible (we had to see an episode on him (Psyco), on him (the other human robot), on her(Dragonnelle)...Dread went in prison in the first one.It was too fast, he can't stay in prison...and I win again, in the last one, he went out)
A third season is in project?
I noticed too the clothes' mistake in the third episode, before Ricky wrote it on your website.

Greg responds...

I have never seen the second season. They didn't ask me my plans, so any resemblance to what I had in mind is purely coincidental and/or a natural result of things I set up in Season One. It's not likely I'll see that stuff. It would probably just make me nuts.

There was a third season, and I (very) recently saw part of one episode of the third season. It seemed like a very different show. Not bad. Just different.

Response recorded on April 15, 2003

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Ricky writes...

Hi Greg, ever thought about getting Max Steel and Rachel together. Despite you're not with the Max Steel project anymore. Have any thought about what you could've done with the characters?

Greg responds...

Well, in the one season (out of three) that I did work on Max Steel, we did (briefly) get Max and Rachel together. In an episode called Sharks, set in a submarine (or two). They succumbed to emotion, the depths and a lot of sexual attraction and kissed. Then they immediately backed off. Max (or rather Josh) was still in love with Laura. Rachel was conflicted, since she's Max's boss.

I'm not sure where we would have gone long term -- since I left the show before season two.

Just last week, I finally saw one of the episodes I didn't work on. (Up to this point, I'd seen none except my thirteen.) It seemed to be from the third season, and had a very different feel in many ways. Max and 'Berto were still there, though 'Berto was now a field agent. Psycho was still the villain, but he seemed to be operating independently. There was a new girl with Max and 'Berto, and no sign of Rachel, Laura or any of the rest of my supporting cast, unless you count the occasional reference to Jeff -- who didn't appear. I watched a couple acts of it, but then my kids lost interest and changed the channel, and I didn't care enough to change rooms and see the end.

Response recorded on April 04, 2003

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