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Ricky writes...

Hi again...

Sorry to hear that the Atlantis project was scrapped, that's terrible news...actually a series like that would've been great to see. Too bad!

Why are all the first episodes of Max Steel titled with "S" names? Was it your idea, any humourous reason?

Greg responds...

My idea. No humorous reason.

The reason in my head was always a bit obscure. I was trying to do something that I never quite achieved. Years later, it's even less clear to me now.

But here's a question... since the titles don't appear on the episodes, how do you know them? From this site?

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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Blaise writes...

Hi again!

This question actually deals with the credits listing of the series (yeah, I know it seems I have too much time on my hands, but that's beside the point).
Two things about GARGOYLES' credits stood out. The first you already talked about--the writers recieving credit at the beginning of episodes during the first season. The second however I also found to be quite interesting--GARGOYLES actually gave a true cast list. Usually in these Disney shows, when the credits say, "With the Voice Talents of..." they just lump the actors' names together without telling who they played. GARGOYLES was the first Disney animated series I know of (BUZZ LIGHTYEAR did it later) that actually listed both the actors and the characters they played. This enabled me to (when I started taping the episodes and could hit pause) more fully discover just how diverse and talented this cast was. I could recognize names and see if a person played multiple roles, and I was quite pleased.

1) Is there any story behind this, like there was for giving the writers' credit up front?
2) Whatever the case, I'm glad I could know who played who.


Greg responds...

I don't know if this would qualify as a story, but I liked how Batman the animated series listed who played who. It seemed to show more respect for the actors (and as I was a fan of Batman) more respect for the fans who might be VCRing the thing and want to know.

So we followed their lead. And I'm glad we did. I tried to talk SONY into doing that for Starship and/or Max Steel, but they weren't interested.

Response recorded on July 18, 2001

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Ricky writes...

I wonder if you noticed this, in episode 2 of Max Steel, when Rachal and Max were in the dark alley and they encounter 3 dread minnions and Psycho, one scene Max is wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans, he's having fainting spells in this episode remembering how he got his powers, after he regains consciousness he suddenly is wearing his fighting uniform, he didn't power up or anything, then after defeating dread's minnions and Psycho escaping, he's back to wearing the dark shirt and blue jeans again...Can you explain this? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Greg responds...

Well, first off, it's episode THREE: Shadows. Not episode TWO: Sacrifices.

Second off, however, I don't recall there being a mistake here. Are you sure he didn't power up off screen.

At any rate, I can't confirm or deny anything. It's just been too long since I've seen the eps.

Response recorded on July 09, 2001

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Ricky writes...

Thanks for responding to my questions. I've written about four novels, but none of them have been accepted. Maybe it's my style of writting I don't know...but perhaps we can help each other in this matter. Would it be all right if I sent you a story on this web page despite it being against your guidelines...I'd like someone to read it, and since it's about Max Steel I thought you would be the more appropiate person to send it to. Just take a look and if you like it then perhaps we can colabrate on something.

Greg responds...


I appreciate the sincerity of the offer. But I'm afraid I'm not interested for a score of reasons. Here are the main ones:

1. Max Steel generally is a painful topic for me. I'm quite less than anxious to see anyone else's version of that character.

2. I don't know you. You may be a great guy. Or you may be law suit happy. Even if you are the former, if I break my rule for you, than someone else who is law suit happy can claim that sometimes I break my rules and that I must have broken it for him or her.

3. I'm sorry, but I'm not looking for a new collaborator. My brother and I are collaborating on a screenplay. But working with him is like working with my second self. Otherwise, generally, I prefer to gut it out on my own.

Having said all that, I wish you all the best with your work. If writing is your passion, then stick with it.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001

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Andrea L. Marbry writes...

Dear Greg,

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but remember when you said that when Max Steel went off the air, you'd reveal YOUR plans for the show? You might want to start to get your notes together. Even though WB has announced that they've committed to a third season, the fact that Max Steel IS NOT on the WB Fall 2001 schedule, coupled with the fact that they ran the last episode of the second season, "Breakout", BEFORE the May 2001 Sweeps, signifies bad news. If the fat lady isn't singing airas, she's definitely warming up....

Greg responds...

The third season will be on Cartoon Network, or so I'm told.

Response recorded on June 27, 2001

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Yttrium writes...

Can you tell us of any particularly amusing/interesting garg reference in either MAX STEEL or 3X3 EYES?


Greg responds...

I can't think of any in max.

There are quite a few in 3x3, including the use of a lot of garg voice talent. For example, Keith David plays a cop and uses his Morgan voice. He also plays a much more startling character. It's a hoot.

There's a homeless guy who hums the gargoyle theme song. I did that voice.

Someone says, "What could be strong enough to leave claw marks in solid stone?"

And so on...

Nothing that didn't TOTALLY fit the context. We didn't want to abuse 3x3 for the sake of Gargoyles. But where it fit, it fit.

Response recorded on June 21, 2001

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Nathan writes...

I can't find info on psycho anywhere! what made him the way he is (I.E. Cyborg)? I really want to know.

Greg responds...

Never revealed that in my 13. Ask Mattel.

Response recorded on June 20, 2001

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Idle Swimmer writes...

I know Mas Steel is still a sensitive subject for you. (Trust me, I can hear it from your tone when you answer some of the questions.) I swear this will be the last question from me. Did they pull you off the show because of the direction you're taking with the Max/Josh-Laura-Rachel relationship triangle?

Greg responds...

Well, though it was always in the development, they clearly came to feel that they didn't like it. So that was one of the reasons. But not the only one. As we had moved past that triangle by the end of my 13th and final episode.

The new triangle I was planning was a Max-Laura-Josh triangle. Which I was mostly going to play for comedy.

And I don't know whether they would have liked it or not. They booted me without ever discussing what they wanted for the second season. Caught me QUITE off guard.

They've claimed I'm a lousy writer. Maybe I am. Max certainly wasn't my best work. But I blame them and they blame me... Etc. It's all very subjective.

Not fun, huh?

(Can't believe I said all that. No wonder I can't get a job.)

Response recorded on June 20, 2001

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General writes...

How did Josh McGrath turn into Max Steel exsactly?

Greg responds...

He activated the Max-Probes in his body and clothes.

Response recorded on May 09, 2001

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Ricky Stewart writes...

Ricky here again,
Max Steel is an **AWESOME** character! I'm almost finished my Max Steel story. Do I have your permission to post it on the internet, or would you like to read it first since you are the creator? Pointers? rickystewart2001@yahoo.ca

Greg responds...

A) I wasn't the creator.

B) I don't read fanfiction EVER.

C) I have nothing to do with Max Steel anymore.

D) I can't give you permission to do anything regarding the character.

E) But I'm glad you like him.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001

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