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Maxy Steel writes...

I just keep rollin' them out, don't I?

1. From the episode "Scions," who played the voices of Jim and Molly McGrath, and Marco Nathanson?

Thanks for putting up with me, and catch ya later! Luv ya all!
-Maxy Steel

Greg responds...

Honestly, I don't remember. They're names would be listed in the credits. If you gave me a list of the actors names, I could tell you who played who.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001

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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg,

I was thinking: Im Max Steel and Starship Troopers, you worked with old garg fellows: Michael Reaves, Lygia Marano, Cary Bates... You invited them or was it a case of great professionals hired to work togheter?

Greg responds...

On those shows specifically, I invited them. If you find good writers, you try to work with them over and over.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001

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Maureen writes...

As you may know, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot is currently being re-aired (heh, mostly aired for the first time, 'cause they only showed 6 eps in Fall '99) by Fox. You wrote the second ep, "Out of Whack", with the rather scary subplot of Rusty being afraid he'd get turned to scrap in
"the grinder". You also introduced the Legion Ex Machina, their mole Dr. Gilder/Number Six, and picked a pretty darn cool (and gutsy!) way for Rusty to save the day. Any thoughts on this episode?

Also, are you related to Marlowe Weisman, who also wrote for Big Guy and Rusty?

Nosily yours....

Greg responds...

I know Marlowe, but no, we are not related. I am related to Jon Weisman, my brother, who has also written scripts for Men In Black, Starship Troopers, Max Steel, Hercules and So Weird.

As for "Out of Whack", most of the credit for that episode, and that series, should go to Producer/Story Editor Duane Capizi. The Legion Ex Machina was his idea. And my version of it was very different. Duane rewrote me quite a bit, actually.

But the basic telling of the story is mine. And I thought it was kind of fun. Originally, I was supposed to write a number of Rusty episodes. But then I wound up doing Max Steel instead. Oh, well.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Maxy Steel writes...

Okay, hi there again...

1. Was Kat a part of your universe?

Catch ya later! Luv ya all!
-Maxy Steel

Greg responds...

No. At least not that I can recall. Again, I only did the first 13 episodes. If the character didn't appear in the first 13 than you gotta figure he or she ain't one of mine.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001

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She Duo Infinity writes...

I have a question regarding Max Steel~ Is Berto hispanic? Right? I am seriously confused, I mean, or is he hawaaian? Also, does Katt *like* Berto? I mean, this is disterbing, and yeah. Anyway, buhbai! Everyone out there, dun dis Max. He's my friend. Anyway, see ya'll around! Dragoness rules!

Greg responds...

'Berto's from Columbia (in my development).

Who is Katt? (Sounds like something from season two, which I have no involvement in (or interest in).)

And do you mean Dragonelle?

Response recorded on March 13, 2001

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Todd Jensen writes...

One "Max Steel" question that I've been meaning to ask you for some time, over a matter that genuinely puzzled me. The story of how he became Max Steel was done, not in the very first episode of the series, but in the third one (at least, the third one from the point of view of intended order of release), via a flashback. And that always surprised me a little, since the origin story struck me as something that I would have expected to see in the first episode. It would have been as if "Gargoyles" had opened with Goliath and his clan already being in New York for some time and the story in "Awakening" being done as a flashback in a later episode (and I mean by the story in "Awakening", all of it, including the present-day parts such as the Cyberbiotics raid and the first battle with the Steel Clan). I was wondering why you took that particular route in the series.

Greg responds...

It was largely a decision that came out of the decision that stated NO MULTI-PARTERS. Trying to introduce characters, locations, situations, etc. at the same time that you are introducing the origins of all that stuff is nearly impossible to do in 22 minutes. So we break up the story into two separate stories. And create a bit of intriguing mystery. (Or so I hoped.)

Response recorded on February 15, 2001

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SEM writes...

Given what you learned from STARSHIP TROOPERS and MAX STEEL -- if you were told that you could do GARGOYLES again but only if it could be done in 3D Animation would you? Do you think GARGOYLES could even work in 3D?

(I know it's a hypothetical, but this was the main selling point that got VOLTRON back on the air after 10 years as VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION for 26 episodes.)

BTW for the person who asked what program MAX STEEL is rendered in -- I know Netter Digital (now defunct) used Lightwave, and that Foundation Imaging used Lightwave for season one (as well as for the work they did on STARSHIP TROOPERS). I presume its still being used for the current season but not sure. Lightwave's major competitor is a program called Maya.

Sorry if I wandered too far off topic, Greg, but since I knew this came up thought I'd answer it for the archives.

Greg responds...

Yes, I think Gargoyles could work in 3-D. And if that was my only option for bringing it back, I'd jump at the chance.

If I had multiple options, however, I'd use the animation style that best suited the subject matter of the series.

Response recorded on February 07, 2001

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Idle Swimmer writes...

I was watching the show that day and I figure the facial expression of Josh seemed to be a bit atatic. I mean yeah, the eyeballs roll around, and he sometimes furrow his brows, but it still felt like something is missing. Same thing goes on with other characters like Smith and Nez. Am i over picky or is the facial animation isn't tip top?

Greg responds...

(We're talking about Max Steel, here, folks.)

I think that some of the animation (on the first thirteen episodes, the only ones I've seen) is definitely not that great. Some of it is all right, but none of it is terrific.

I will say, that there's no reason, however, why Josh shouldn't be as good or as awful as Max. They had the exact same facial model.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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psycho,s son the 3rd model writes...

I just bought a max steel toy of bio-constrictor i ve only watched 4max steel eps and well/has he been in the cartoon series?

Greg responds...

You lost me.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001

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Andrea L. Marbry writes...

Dear Greg,

Just a few more Max Steel questions.

1) If Mairot was going undercover on Jeff's orders,
how was he going to redeem himself in the eyes
of the man he betrayed into a death-trap,
namely Max? And what effect would this have
on Max's relationship with Jeff? My guess is:
catastrophic collapse! But, the fact that Jeff
made a desperate plea to James Bond, Sr, i.e.,
Charles Marshak, to save his son, suggests that
he didn't know or approve of the WAY Mairot
planned his "defection". Or, was Mairot supposed
to get Max out of the lab BEFORE things got

2) If Dread wasn't getting his N-Tek info from
Mairot, WHERE was he getting it from? I have
an ugly suspicion, cobbled together from the
info on the kidsWB site, plus info from here
and there, that John Dread is actually Marco
Nathanson, who has gone rogue for some reason,
instead of dying in an explosion. After all,
bad guys walk away unscathed from all sorts of
stuff, and the info from the site indicates that
Jeff restored N-Tek to its proper mission after
Nathanson's death, which indicates that Nathanson
was warping N-Tek into ... something else,
perhaps something "dreadful?" Plus, after
"Strangers", Dread's first direct attack on N-Tek
was on its leader, which indicates he knew all
about N-Tek (just was attacking the WRONG member
of the family), possibly indicating a personal
grudge with Jeff.

3) Which brings up, when did N-Tek know about
DREAD? Before or AFTER Jeff's abduction? Was
that your way of introducing DREAD to everyone?

4) Was Max's powers "developed" or "discover-
ed"? Like was the "stealth mode", super-strenght
etc, deliberately designed after Josh's in-
fusion, or was it discovered that Josh had these
new powers "naturally", during tests after his
recovery? I must concur with Maxy Steel that
Josh looks too totally different from Max, indi-
cating that Josh is actually doing some sort of
"morphing", not just disguising himself, since
even at very low power levels, Josh stays in
the form of Max Steel, unless he consicously
transforms. Even when rendered unconscious,
as he was in "Shattered" (how did Mairot knock
him out, by the way?), he stays in Max Steel

5) I also concur with Maxy Steel in wishing to
know more about 'Berto and his family, since in
"Snow-Blind", he'd apparently had left to go
home to Columbia on that vacation, yet had al-
ready returned to Del Oro - just in time to help
save Max's life, and protect him against further
Dread phone calls. So what had happened, and
why? Also, in "Spear-Carriers", what was that
guard doing to 'Berto's wrists, while Breamer
was responding to Max's call? I'd thought that
they were unchaing him, but even with VCR slo-
mo, I'm not sure. Since Breamer treated 'Berto
like a stray puppy rather than a prisoner (no
guard on him on the flight deck, let alone not
locked up someplace), I take it Breamer didn't
want to hurt anyone who wasn't a direct threat.

6) No doubt this'll be cold comfort to you after
the way you was "voted off the island" by WB,
but Pete is becoming a major part of Max Steel's
life. I would like to see those three untold
tales in some form or other, as well as the last
four unproduced Starship Troopers stories, just
for completion and closure. If there's anyway
you can let us know what happened, or was to
happen, I (and a lot of other people) would
really appreciate it. As long as it doesn't
get you in any trouble, of course!

Happy Holidays,
Andrea Marbry

Greg responds...

O.K. First off, keep in mind this is my version of events. This may not reflect what the current creators and execs of the show have planned, if anything.

1. Mairot was supposed to find a way to get Max out, if for some reason Max (and/or Marshak) could not. But Jeff didn't know who the real Mole was, so he had to play concerned father to Marshak and everyone, so that whoever the real Mole was would lower his or her guard.

2. Boy, you stuff a lot into a single question. Well, first off, I was trying to lead people to believe that Dread was Nathanson. But he wasn't. There was no personal grudge against Jeff. Just the practical grudge that Jeff's people were constantly thwarting Dread. As for where the information was coming from, the answer there was from N-Tek's master computer. The mole (in my imagination) was not a person, but they're own computer system. Which was built by Nathanson.

3. I don't remember.

4. By your definition, I guess "discovered". But I must reiterate that his facial design is exactly the same. Body design too. The only changes are his hair color and hair style. His eye color. And his clothing. The rest is in your imagination.

5. Breamer was interested in 'Berto. Thought he had found a kindred spirit. Also didn't perceive him as much of a threat of any kind. But I don't remember the wrist thing you mention. As for 'Berto's family, I think I did a little background work on him, but mostly I was saving it for a chance when we'd do an episode about them. Never got to though. Oh, well.

6. Uh, are we talking Starship or Max here? I always liked Pete.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001

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