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Niner writes...

Dear Mr.Weisman,
I have a kazillion questions but I'll try to keep from going over five.

1)What did you have planed for a)Max Loew and the Golem?

2)Would King Arthur have recruited any more new knights besides Griff?

3)Would Sora, Taro, Vinnie, Talon, or the Pack have appeared in "Bad Guys"?

4)Finnaly, would the Clones become more intelligent or would they stay dirt stupid?

Thank you very much.

Greg responds...

These are kinda all on separte topics, but....

1a. No immediate big plans, but I had some adventure stuff in mind.

1b. Adventure and romance.

1c. See 1a.

2. Eventually, but not right away. I didn't want the cast of a quest show to grow too big or unwieldy.

3. Sora and the Pack definitely. Taro & Vinnie, maybe. Talon. Doubtful. (At least not in my immediate plans.)

4. They were never dirt stupid. They were dirt ignorant. There's a huge difference. And in my plan, they would have been educated.

Response recorded on December 16, 1999

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