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Nolan Nimble writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman

I recall that you, once upon a time, collected Legion of Superheroes (LOSH) comic books and that you used to be a fan of the property. So, considering that you did work (Young Justice) in the same universe as the LOSH property, my question is this: do you, in your professional opinion, think that someone could effectively do a LOSH show that carried on indefinitely? (I know that there used to be such a show, but it was cancelled fairly early on and, ever since then, there has been much vitriol spewed out against the property. Even now, the critics are whining about how a LOSH movie, in the current DC comics cinematic universe could never work.) If you were ever given the chance, do you think that you would be willing to write for and/or spearhead such a show?

Greg responds...

I'd be happy to do a Legion show. Wrote one episode of the previous Legion show. But this notion of ANY show "that carried on indefinitely" is just wishful thinking. The Simpsons. 60 Minutes. Maybe they can go on forever. Maybe. But even Law & Order ended its run.

Response recorded on May 23, 2016

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Angel writes...

I have more questions, hehe

1. Did Donna Troy called herself Troia when she joined the Team or did she had other codename before? Let's say Wonder Girl?

2. Most of The Light's members seems to be people that have idealist beliefs so I find it interesting how Black Manta became a choice for The Light's membership, what were The Light's motives to offer him a place in their society?

3. How many villains are aware of The Light's activities? If there are, even tough they may not know The Light's motivation or plans, Are there some villians that may actually rivalize or oppose them over the fact that the may monopolize villians for some criminal activities? We've seen that The Light in fact doesn't tolerate this kind of activities when Sportsmaster attacked Intergang

4. I've seen that in some of your answers you don't seem to know too much about some modern comics, I remember that in the early stages of developement you choosed the lead characthers over around 100, some were elected based on how much screen time they had before, how they fit with the story, how they can contribute to the story, etc. I even have vague memories about some early concept art of Mary Marvel.

Did you needed to read some issues in which some of those recent characters appear to help you decide which ones will be elected or you just researched the ones that you think would be good for the show?

5. I remember that when The Batman was on air, they introduced Batgirl first in the show just because they couldn't use Robin because he was on Teen Titans, so when Teen Titans ended they in fact introduced him in the next season. There have been some cases like the fact that Superboy couldn't be named Superboy in Legion of Superheroes because Smallville was on air so they renamed Superman

With Teen Titans Go! on air now, if Young Justice were to be renewed for another season that would mean that we would have said good-bye to screentime for Nightwing, Beast Boy or Robin? or we would have never seen Starfire, Raven or Cyborg? Or Nightwing would be safe as he is counted as a different character of Robin? Would Tim Drake be safe as he is not Dick Grayson Robin or he would need to change to Red Robin?

Greg responds...

1. Troia.

2. His competence and their need for his specific skills and tech mostly. But Manta believes his motives are pure.

3. A number are vaguely aware. Only a few really know who's in the inner circle, let alone understand their true intent. I could see certain villains opposing them. Joker, for one, who was not initially aware that he was being used by them when he was part of the Injustice League.

4. Clip art of Mary, not concept art. We never got around to designing her, even in a rough stage. And, yes, I read a number of recent comics to get up to speed. But it's not a comprehensive education by any means.

5. I don't know for sure what happened in the past, but I think your claims in the question aren't quite accurate. I don't think Superboy in LSH being called Superman had anything to do with Smallville. I think that was about legal issues DC had with the estates of Superman's creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. And I'm not even sure if the real reason Batgirl came before Robin in The Batman had anything to do with Teen Titans either. Maybe, but I'd guess otherwise. In any case, vis-a-vis YJ and TTG, I don't think there's any issue with two such different versions being on the air simultaneously. But the situation changes all the time, so who knows?

Response recorded on September 19, 2013

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Antiyonder writes...

Never got around to mentioning it, but someone in the comment room mentioned your writing for the part of Legion Of Super-Heroes "Man From The Edge Of Tomorrow, Part 2". Good job on the episode. I enjoyed the reference to Batman and the JLA as well as the moments between Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel. So anyway, I had some Legion questions (cartoon and comics related) if you don't mind me asking:

1. Anything major changes between the episode drafts story/character/dialogue wise?

2. Did you collect LOSH on a regular basis?

2a. If yes, any thoughts on The Great Darkness Saga if you read it (which had Darkseid as the major antagonist)?

2b. Once again, if yes, what were your thoughts if any on the storyline which dealt with the Legion's Superboy. The story in question had to come up with an explanation of Superboy's presense in the LOSH when John Byrnes' revamp made it clear that Clark Kent never took on the role of Superboy.

Greg responds...

1. Lots of minor changes. A few I'd even consider major.

2. Once upon a time, yes.

2a. I remember liking it, but it's been, what, like twenty-five years or something?

2b. I don't recall this, sorry.

Response recorded on February 06, 2008