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Nathan writes...

Hey Greg, just found this place after looking for a way to contact you, and figured I'd do just that! I'm a big fan of Gargoyles; the universe you've created is absolutely incredible, and the tale you've told in it masterfully crafted.

I've only just managed to get my hands on the collected volumes of the comics (I've only gotten my copy of Vol. 1 as of yet, actually, so I'm not quite at the end yet!), but I'm already sad that there's not much more for me to see. And so, I come here to ask you simple question: Is there anything Gargoyles related in the works at this time? And if not, are you still pulling to get the stories you want to tell told in some form someday?

Greg responds...

There isn't yet. But hopes are high with the comic book license now at Joe Books. And I NEVER stop pulling to tell more Gargoyles stories.

Response recorded on June 03, 2016

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Ashlee writes...

Hello there~
First of all, I just recently re-discovered Gargoyles. I watched some episodes as a kid, but after rewatching the whole series again (minus TGC because I can't find that ANYWHERE), I only now as a 21 year old understand how fantastic that show really was. I'm only sad I'm just now finding this out, just to see that it was cancelled for various reasons.

However, I still want to support this series as much as I can. I just bought the 2nd part of season 2 from Walmart (was very shocked to see that in the Disney section!), and I've recently discovered you made a comic series that takes place after the end of season 2. I want to read this so bad, but this is such an old series now that any trace of scans are all gone due to the sites being dead. And unless I used my credit, I couldn't even afford the comics because Clan Building 1 alone goes for almost $200 now...

Sorry for the splurge of info, but I would like to know if you know of another way I can read these comics? I know I'll buy them someday, but for now I just want to read them - I'm really interested in it!

Anyway, hope life's going well, and would love to see a Gathering maybe in Wisconsin sometime! ^^

Greg responds...

I can't recommend Goliath Chronicles. We don't consider it canon.

As for the comics, I don't have a good answer for you now. They're just flat-out out of print. We're trying to rectify it, but unless you want to spend bucks on used copies - or can borrow 'em from a friend, you're just out of luck for the time being. That does NOT make me happy, as I want fans to be able to read them. But there's not much I can do about it now.

We don't really do Gatherings anymore. But I was in Madison for a convention last summer. Were you there?

Response recorded on April 06, 2016

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Colton Clayton writes...

Hey Greg, long time fan here, first time asking a question here.

Gargoyles was one of those shows I really enjoy watching with my Mom, and we both enjoy it (as do we love Star Trek: The Next Generation, amusingly enough). I've already pre-ordered Season Two Part Two so we can rewatch the whole show together, but enjoying the comic together is a little tricky (she's not much of a reader).

I had wondered this for a long time anyways, but have there been any considerations (official or otherwise) of doing an audiobook or something akin to it (maybe a voiced motion comic?) for the Gargoyles SLG comic with the original voice cast? I can easily hear their voices in my head, but it would be a whole other experience to have them do it in the modern day.

Thanks for your time Greg, and I hope my asking this isn't a bother. I'll continue to support this series I love, and anything you do (as I always end up enjoying your work)!

Greg responds...

I'd love to do those stories as AudioPlays, and the subject has come up on occasion. I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but there are no current plans.

Response recorded on March 31, 2016

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John Pannozzi writes...

Since Joe's Books has the license to publish Disney comics (and they're continuing Darkwing Duck from where Boom!'s series left off), do think they'd be interested in doing Gargoyles comics?

Greg responds...

That's our hope. We're starting with Gargoyles Cinestory, Volume One, which is an adaptation of our five-part pilot, "Awakening".

Response recorded on February 11, 2016

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Caio writes...

Hello, Greg. I was reading about what happened to the Gargoyles comic, and from what I understand, you stopped making them because Disney raised the licensing fees and you couldn't find any publisher who would be willing to pay for them. I'm wondering, could you make a Kickstarter to raise the money to pay those fees? I don't see how that could be illegal, since you are paying for something that disney would sell if you had the money. In case I'm wrong, sorry for the ignorance. But it really seems to be a waste for a story likes this to never end because of such a reason. Well, thank you very much for creating this amazing story and I hope the comic isn't the last we hear from Gargoyles.

Greg responds...

I cannot crowd fund a property I do not own. Period.

Response recorded on October 03, 2014

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My CONvergence 2014 Schedule

So the #Gargoyles20 U.S. Tour continues. Stop #3 is CONvergence in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Well, actually in Bloomington, Minnesota, but close enough.) http://www.convergence-con.org

This is a big one for us. It includes a number of events that we used to do at the old Gathering of the Gargoyles Conventions, which ran from 1997-2009. And I know a bunch of Gargoyles fans will be attending, so it'll also be a reunion of sorts.

My schedule for the long weekend is quite packed - which is just how I like it!

Ever wanted to be in a radio play? Now is your chance! We are holding auditions for a live performance at CONvergence! You don't even have to be a fan of Gargoyles to enter. You just have to know how to read! Casting: Myself and Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice). Casting decisions will be posted by 7:00pm on Friday, July 4th. ATRIUM 7.

Okay, so Gargoyles ISN'T the only show celebrating an anniversary. The Buffy/Angel universe has been off the air for ten years. Let's reminisce and talk about the impact these shows have had on TV fantasy since their cancellation. Panelists: Myself, Tim Lieder, Cetius d'Raven, Madeleine Rowe, Mark Goldberg. EDINA.

7:00pm - 8:00pm OPENING CEREMONY
If it's not exactly a magical invocation, it is nonetheless our official kick-off for the convention! Join CONvergence mascot Connie as we welcome our Guests of Honor, give out some awards (including the Mark Time and Ogle winners), and get this party started. Panelists: Myself, Amy Berg, Emma Bull, C. Robert Cargill, Sarah Clemens, Scott Lynch, Marina Sirtis, Frank Paur, Matthew Ebel, Dawn Krosnowski, Greg Guler, Rob Callahan, Windy Bowlsby, Michael Lee. MAIN STAGE.

Geek Partnership Society is excited to host the Greg Weisman Fancy Bastard Pie Competition at CONvergence 2014! It is open to all CONvergence members who wish to participate. The goal is to make a pie that Greg Weisman, herein to be known as "Fancy Bastard", likes best. The winner will be told super-secret Young Justice spoilers. Find out [some of] what would have happened in Season 3! (But winner must swear to secrecy to claim prize.) See below for some helpful hints.* CABANA 110.

FRIDAY, JULY 4th, 2014
Ever wanted to be in a radio play? Now is your chance! We are holding auditions for a live performance at CONvergence! You don't even have to be a fan of Gargoyles to enter. You just have to know how to read! Last chance to audition! Casting: Myself and Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice). Casting decisions will be posted by 7:00pm on Friday, July 4th. ATRIUM 7.

12:30pm - 1:30pm FROM TV TO COMICS
We'll discuss the TV shows that expanded into the comicverse, such as Buffy, Smallville, Young Justice and Gargoyles. Did they succeed? Were any of the comics improvements on the shows? How did canon change during the transition? Panelists: Myself (Gargoyles, Young Justice), Shawn van Briesen, Jonathan Palmer, Greg Guler (Gargoyles), Karine Charlebois (Gargoyles, Bad Guys), Christopher Jones (Batman Strikes, Young Justice, Bad Guys). PLAZA 2.

2:00pm - 3:00pm SIGNING
Myself, Christopher Jones (Young Justice, The Batman Strikes, Parallel Man) and Greg Guler (Gargoyles, Phineas and Ferb) will be holding a signing session. Both Chris and Greg always have an array of stuff (books, prints, etc.) to sell and sign. But this time I'm pretty darn prepared as well. First off, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE - especially if you buy my book. ;) CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

3:30pm - 4:30pm CREATING GARGOYLES
This is what we used to call (at the Gathering) the Rocky Horror Gargoyles Show. The creators of Gargoyles show clips and tell stories of how the show came to be. Lots of visual aids. Panelists: Myself (Creator, Supervising Producer/Story Editor, Writer), Frank Paur ( (Supervising Producer/Director), Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer). ATRIUM 6.

7:00pm - 8:00pm TIME TRAVEL THEORY
Let's assume for a moment that Time Travel is possible. This panel will explore the theories behind such technology. We'll explore quantum realities, temporal anomalies and all other challenges our theoretical time travelers will be face! [Now, I suggested this panel, but then they went and put some actual scientists on the damn thing. So I may quickly be embarrassed into silence.] ;) Panelists: Myself, Nicole Gugliucci, Jim Kakalios, G. David Nordley, Amy Berg. ATRIUM 4.

8:30pm - 9:30pm GARGOYLES Q&A
Join the cast and creators of the "Gargoyles" series and SLG companion comic books to ask and talk about the property. And, as always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Myself (Creator, Supervising Producer/Story Editor, Writer), Christopher Jones (Bad Guys guest artist), Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona and Margot Yale), Frank Paur (Supervising Producer/Director), Karine Charlebois (Gargoyles Guest Artist, Bad Guys Artist), Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer, Gargoyles Guest Artist). MAIN STAGE.

SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 2014
9:30am - 10:30am GARGOYLES SIGNING
Myself, Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona and Margot Yale) and Frank Paur (Supervising Producer/Director) will be holding a signing session. Again, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

This is a closed session - for those who were cast in the Radio Play - led by Myself, Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice) & Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona, Margot Yale and Queen Bee). ATRIUM 6.

Fans and professionals - including Myself (voice of Donald Menken and Lucas "Snapper" Carr), Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice), and of course, Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi from Star Trek TNG and the voice of Demona, Margot Yale and Queen Bee) - perform a LIVE, ORIGINAL Gargoyles radio play! ATRIUM 6.

A "what if" panel about the biology and culture of the Gargoyles universe. Creators and performers speculate about anything and everything going on outside the frames of the TV series. Panelists: Craig A. Finseth moderates Myself (Creator, Producer) and Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer). ATRIUM 7.

3:30pm - 4:30pm RAIN OF THE GHOSTS
I'll be reading from and talking about the world and characters of my novel "Rain of the Ghosts" and its sequel, "Spirits of Ash and Foam," which comes out July 8th, 2014, one week after the convention! ATRIUM 3.

Hal Bichel will moderate a one-on-one panel with Myself. PLAZA 2.

8:30pm - 9:30pm SIGNING
Once again, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

10:00pm - 11:00pm BLUE MUG
Ever wonder about the sexual habits of Gargoyles? Ever wonder who was sleeping with whom among the Young Justice Team or the cast of Spectacular Spider-Man? Join us for for a late night peek at your favorite animated series. This panel will get blue! (So attendees will be carded!) Panelists: Myself, Christopher Jones, Mara Cordova (Last Tengu in Paris Artist). It is also rumored that Edmund Tsabard (an unfancy bastard and Last Tengu in Paris Writer) may make an appearance. EDINA.

SUNDAY, JULY 6th, 2014
Shakespeare portrayed several intelligent, independent, and self-aware women--Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Katharine, Beatrice, Viola, Rosalind. We'll discuss the problematic and the remarkably (for the era) fleshed-out aspects of their representation. Panelists: Myself, Elizabeth Bear, Ashley F. Miller, Joseph Erickson, Alexandra Howes. EDINA.

12:30pm - 1:30pm GARGOYLES FAN PANEL
It's the 20th Anniversary of Gargoyles. Come share your favorite moments from the show. As always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Daniel Mohr moderates Myself, Ryan Alexander, Robert Wagner, Maggie Schultz, Jennifer Anderson, Karine Charlebois. ATRIUM 6.

2:00pm - 3:00pm SIGNING
Myself and Greg Guler (Gargoyles, Phineas and Ferb) will be holding one last signing session. Greg G. always has an array of stuff (books, prints, etc.) to sell and sign. And I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE - especially if you buy my book. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

3:30pm - 4:30pm YOUNG JUSTICE
Creative minds behind the Young Justice TV and comic book series will talk about this fan favorite. We're planning some special surprises as well. And, as always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Myself, Marina Sirtis (voice of Queen Bee), Christopher Jones (Artist YJ Comic). MAIN STAGE.

5:00pm - 6:00pm CLOSING CEREMONY
It's not over 'til the gynoid sings - or something like that. Join CONvergence mascot Connie and our Guests of Honor as we say farewell to another convention. Shenanigans may ensue. Panelists: Myself, Amy Berg, Emma Bull, C. Robert Cargill, Sarah Clemens, Scott Lynch, Marina Sirtis, Matthew Ebel, Frank Paur, Dawn Krosnowski, Greg Guler, Windy Bowlsby, Rob Callahan, Michael Lee. MAIN STAGE

SEE?!! I told you there was a lot. And that's only the stuff that I'm doing. CONvergence is jam-packed with all sorts of pop culture nutritional goodness. So stop by and say hello!!

*In the interest of Full Disclosure, Fancy Bastard would like all to know that he especially likes the following pies:
BERRY (pretty much any kind of berry or a mix of same)
BANANA CREAM (herein to be known as the funniest pie)
Combinations of some of the fruit pies can be great. Contestants are welcome to try other pies at their own risk.

Fancy Bastard does NOT especially like the following pies:
Anything with Chocolate or Lemon or Meringue
Raisins in Apple Pie
Almost never Cherry, though he has tasted the rare exception...

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Thomas writes...

So, I actually have a question about the old SLG comics you did. Was keeping Gargoyles true to it's late 90's setting ever a struggle for you? As in, did you have to make sure you didn't include anything into the story that, while around now (such as, let's just say, an mp3 player), would not have made so much sense for the setting? The other day I was just thinking about how I take it some things for granted like smartphones and mp3 players, even though they are very new things that weren't even around when Gargoyles was.

I hope this made sense, what I was trying to ask.

Greg responds...

It wasn't a challenge, probably because I'm such a technological moron myself. It doesn't occur to me to put those kinds of things in.

Response recorded on December 18, 2013

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Juan Gonzalez writes...

Hello Greg,

I just rewatched the shows of gargoyles and read the comics. First my hat goes off to you on the excellent universe you created. I also read the comics before watching season 3 since I know its not canonical, and I couldnt help but notice that the way you finished the comics and how season 3 is structured you could almost take the shows of said season as stories that could have easily taken place after the end of the clan building arc. Itried to view them as such and think that (looking over some slight differences in caracter developments) they make a decent ending until you can once again retake work on Gargoyles.

Did you structure it this way when you closed the Comics? If so diddo. Hope you are able to retake work on Gargoyles in the future, it is definately a very rich world that deserves to continue.

Once again thank you for your great work and I was and continue to be an avid fan of Gargoyles.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 10, 2013

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Kaitlyn L. writes...

Hello Mr. Greg Weisman,
I saw that Disney.com is streaming the complete series of Gargoyles after such a long time of being off the air. As a result I wanted to ask if this meant we might be getting another Gargoyle comic series? Or some form of continuation in the near future? Hopefully with you being a part of it (if it happens)
I also wanted to say thank you for all the work you've done over the years with Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H, Gargoyles and Young Justice.

Greg responds...

You're welcome.

I don't see how the two things are connected. I'd always love to do more Gargoyles though - in any medium.

Response recorded on December 12, 2012

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C. David Cole writes...

Hi Mr. Weisman,

First I like to tell you that I'm a big fan of your work, especially Gargoyles, I sad that the series ended and that you didn't get chance to create the season 3 you envisioned; I hope that you get the opportunity to work with the series again someday and tell the rest of the stories you had in mind. Secondly, I like to thank you and the moderators in advance for taking the time out of your schedules to read my questions.

I read that when you worked on Spectacular Spider-Man you had a central theme for the series "The Education of Peter Parker." So I was wondering:

1. Did Gargoyles have a central theme? If so what was it?
2. Do you think that a series has to have a central theme?
3. Do you think that each episode within a series has to have its own theme? Can some episodes be non-theme oriented? (Ex: Can the heroes try to stop the villains from committing some terrible act without there being a deeper meaning to it.)

Greg responds...

I hope you've picked up our three Gargoyles Trade Paperbacks, which contains at least a portion of our Season Three.

1. I'm not sure I had it boiled down quite as clearly, but it was probably something along the lines of: "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

2. No. Not every series.

3. No. Not every episode. But most benefit from one, even episodes that are mostly one big fight.

Response recorded on December 10, 2012

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Salieri writes...

Hello, Greg! I've noticed you answer a lot of "would you ever make series X with character Y" with "IT IS NOT UP TO ME". So, I was wondering, have you ever been in a situation where those sort of decisions were up to you? If not, do you ever hope to be in a position where you have full reign over those decisions?

Thanks again for the awesome Young Justice! I wouldn't be this invested if the writing weren't this spectacular!

Greg responds...

No, not really. Maybe the closest I've ever come is making creative decisions on the Gargoyles comic book for SLG. I was pretty much given free reign there. But keep in mind the decision to make and then to stop making the comic was still completely out of my hands.

As for whether or not I'd hope to be in that position, of course. But I doubt it will ever happen. EVER.

Response recorded on December 04, 2012

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Derek writes...

I was looking up the Marvel Gargoyles comic. If you wanted to use to use any of those characters are they considered marvel characters or Gargoyle characters? It's probably a non issue but I am curious. Venus seems like such an obvious character to deserve a parody, although Delilah probably already fills that role.

Greg responds...

I'm not really in the business of parodying Gargoyles' characters. (That's really more of an Edmund Tsabard thing, and even that guy went out of business.)

I don't know what the legalities are, but I'm not to interested in importing non-canon characters into the mix.

Response recorded on October 04, 2012

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Kristopher "K-Dog" H. writes...

Will the comic book series of Gargoyles continue, or is it over? And if it is to be continued, when do you think the next issue is likely to be released?

One more: will there be a chance of Gargoyles returning to the TV screen at some point?

Thanks for your time! Love this series!

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"The comic is officially over for now, but I haven't given up on bringing it back."

[Response recorded on April 28, 2010.]

"Love to. Not up to me."

[Response recorded February 10, 2012.]

Response recorded on September 29, 2012

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gipdac writes...

It's been quite a while since I've written, so here we go.
This may be moot (but hopefully not), but you mentioned you the spinoff comics mini-series you planned to do were Bad Guys then Pendragon then TimeDancer. I had some questions about the potential format for TimeDancer. These are mostly questions about the format of the book (not looking for big plot spoilers):
1) Would TimeDancer have been six issues or more or less?
2) Would the TimeDancer mini-series have picked up were we left Brooklyn in 997 Scotland in #12?
3) Would the TimeDancer mini-series have focused on one or two larger events (meeting Katana or Gnash's birth, etc) or would it have been several smaller events?
4) Again, possibly moot (but hopefully not), after Pendragon and TimeDancer, what would have been next (2198, Dark Ages or New Olympians?)
5) Is there any remote or slight update from Disney or SLG about the potential of more Gargoyles comics?

Greg responds...

1 - 4. lt's all hypothetical now, since we no longer have the license. If and when I get another opportunity, every parameter could be different.

5. I'm afraid not.

Response recorded on July 27, 2012

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San Diego Comic-Con 2011

San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Well, I'm here!

I've so much work backed up from Oregon, ConVergence and being sick that I may spend an unfortunate amount of time holed up in my hotel room, nose to grindstone (grindstone = laptop), but if YOU are here, there are a few places you can find me:

Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:30am - 12:30pm, I'll be signing Gargoyles TPBs at the SLG Booth (#1815 - across from the DC Comics booth). Stop by and say hello!

Sunday at 10 am, Brandon Vietti, character designer Phil Bourassa, Danica McKellar (the voice of Miss Martian) and myself will be appearing at a panel for YOUNG JUSTICE in Room 7AB. We'll be screening an episode, followed by a Q&A.

After that, from 11:15am until noon, the four of us will be signing some VERY cool and unique (and even spoilerish) YJ giveaways at the Warner Bros. Booth (#4545). So again, stop by and say hey!

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SO WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Updates & Debunks

Hello everyone,

Haven't posted here in a while, and since I did a bit of message board lurking this morning, it seems to have led people to believe all sorts of odd things, so...

Where have I been?

Well, in early June, my family and I went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.
We saw seven plays in four days. Six of them (Henry IV, Part Two, The Language Archive, To Kill a Mockingbird, Julius Caesar, Love's Labours Lost and Measure for Measure) were just stellar productions. Everyone was great, but I'd like to particularly single out Susannah Flood in both Language Archive and Mockingbird, Dee Maaske in Mockingbird and Michael Winters as Falstaff in 2HenryIV.

Coming back from that, I was understandably swamped and didn't have time to post.

Next, I went to Minneapolis for the always great ConVergence convention. I did about thirteen panels. Some of which, like Gargoyles and Spider-Man and Young Justice, I felt qualified to be on. And some, like Dexter and Galaxy Quest, my only qualification was being a fan of whatever we were talking about. This was my third ConVergence, and it continues to be the best run convention I've ever attended. And now that the Gathering of the Gargoyles is no more, it has become my FAVORITE convention to attend.

Returning from ConVergence, I then got quite ill. In fact, I'm still home sick today. (Home sick as opposed to homesick, clear?)

So THOSE are the reasons I haven't posted. Nothing nefarious.


We have aired episodes 101-109 (i.e. Season One, episodes 1-9).

(Yes, episode 110 accidentally was posted on Cartoon Network's website, but I'm going to pretend that never happened.)

Episodes 110-115 are in the can, i.e. they are completed and ready to air.

Episode 116 awaits only the final on-line, i.e. the final review of the episode. This has been delayed ONLY because I've been out sick this week.

Episode 117 will have it's sound mix on Friday. (I hope to be back at work by then.)

Episode 118 has been edited and work progresses on scoring and sound effects.

Episode 119 is ready to begin post-production.

Episodes 120-123 are being animated in Korea.

Episodes 124-126 are in layout in Korea, while we finish the final color models here in the States.

Episodes 201-202 (i.e. Season Two, Episodes one and two) - Are fully recorded and are in storyboard. (201 was written by me. 202 by Nicole Dubuc.)

Episode 203, written by Kevin Hopps, is almost fully recorded. We have one actor left to pick up, who has been out of town. It is also in storyboard.

Episode 204, written by me, will record this week. It is also in storyboard.

Episode 205 - Brandon Vietti, has turned in his draft of the script. I have to read and edit it.

Episode 206 - The outline, written by Peter David and edited by me, went out Monday for notes, which are due tomorrow.

Episode 207 - Kevin Hopps turned in his outline, which I need to read and edit.

Episode 208 - I'm writing this one. I'll start the outline, after I've edited the outline to 207.

Episode 209 - Jon Weisman turned in his outline, which I need to read and edit.

Episode 210 - Kevin Hopps is working on his outline.

We do NOT yet have a pick-up beyond episode 210, but our bosses have told us to start blocking out episodes 211-220 in anticipation of one.

Episode 211 - We've broken this story. I still need to find time to write up the Beat Outline, though I have it all on index cards.

Episode 212 - We've got the basics of this one down, but we (i.e. myself, Brandon and Kevin) still need to finish breaking the story.

Episodes 213-220 - We've got a very clear sense of the arc and what things need to happen, but we haven't started on these yet.


Everywhere on the Internet, all I see is that YJ is Greg Weisman's show. That's just blatantly false. This is a VIETTI/WEISMAN production. Just as Spectacular Spider-Man was a COOK/WEISMAN production and Gargoyles was a PAUR/WEISMAN production. I am not, nor have I ever been, a one-man show on ANY project I've EVER worked on. EVER. And in particular, on YJ, it's extremely unfair to Brandon to leave him out of consideration. Brandon is heavily involved in every aspect of production, INCLUDING SERIES DEVELOPMENT AND STORY. He's been right there with myself and Kevin Hopps breaking every single episode. It's been a team effort from day one. Many of the series' best ideas came/come from Brandon. And this is aside from the fact, that of course, Brandon can write - but I cannot draw, which arguably makes him MORE important to the production than I. I am exceedingly proud of this series and my own work on it - though certain very vocal fans seem to think I shouldn't be - but that doesn't change the fact that Brandon and I are a team.

Another blatant misconception. Look, Brandon and I are both perfectionists. Neither of us would deny that we'd LOVE to have more time on each and every episode. But that's not the same as being rushed. Let's make a comparison: on Spectacular Spider-Man, I basically had one week to develop both the series and the entire first season. Then Vic Cook came aboard, and we raced to get into production in less than two months. Brandon and I had seven months to develop the series, break the first season (which granted had twice as many episodes as the first season of Spidey) and head into production. The show isn't and never has been rushed. That's not to say the schedule isn't tight. But we haven't aired a single episode that wasn't ready to air. And we won't.

This is my favorite. I love it the most because the first person I saw who posted this rumor also said that I'd deny it. So here I am denying it, which of course serves to PROVE that he or she was correct, see? Let's be clear: for better or worse, this series is COMPLETELY unaffected by internet criticism BECAUSE of schedule. Everything of any significance was set and DONE before even the pilot movie aired last November, so we couldn't address fan concerns even if we wanted to. And, honestly, we don't want to. We don't in part because there is way less consensus than some people seem to think. For example, for every post I see expressing hatred for "Hello, Megan!", I see a post that likes it. And personally, I like it. Brandon likes it. So why would we change it, even if we could? In fact, even Season Two is moving forward more or less disregarding "fan" criticism. Brandon and I always had very clear ideas for what we wanted to do in Season Two (and even Season Three, should we get one) and those ideas haven't changed. As with every series I've co-helmed, all we can ever do is write and produce to OUR OWN passions - and then just cross our fingers and hope enough people share our passions to make it a success. Anything else is doomed to failure, because if we're not passionate about it, it'll show in the work, and then no one will like it. And just to make it clear: WE LIKE OUR SHOW!! Doesn't mean you have to - but don't try to tell me I don't.

So why aren't we airing new episodes now? That's a fair question that I don't have an answer for. After all, we have six unaired episodes in the can, with four more on the verge of completion. It's a Cartoon Network decision. Some fans have argued that they shouldn't have started airing ANY episodes until ALL episodes were in the can. But that too is a decision above my pay grade.

My best guess - and that's all it is - is that CN will air new episodes - starting with 110 ("Targets") - in September. The good news is that the later they wait, the more weeks they can go uninterrupted by reruns. I do know that Season Two (i.e. "Young Justice: Invasion") will begin airing as part of DC NATION in March of 2012. And by then ALL of Season One will have aired. So do the math.

People have asked me if I'm bummed about losing momentum by this delay. But the thing is we've ALREADY lost all momentum. So as long as they PROMOTE us whenever they finally do start airing us again, then pragmatically I'm good. Yes, I'll admit to a certain level of frustration in that I want our stuff to get out there, but if CN has a plan to make the most of the episodes, then more power to them.

Anyway, I think that's it for now. I'll get back to answering questions on ASK GREG as soon as I can find the time. (But keep in mind that San Diego Comic-Con is fast approaching. Note: Young Justice has a panel scheduled for Sunday, July 24th at 10am, with a signing to follow. I'll also be signing Gargoyles comics (and whatever else anyone might want) at the SLG Booth from 11:30am to 12:30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (July 21, 22, 23).

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Patrick writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman, my question is simple, are you doing, or are planing to do more work on gargoyles comics?

Greg responds...

If given the opportunity. I need a publisher who has the license from Disney.

Response recorded on May 25, 2011

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Wilco writes...

A year ago I rediscovered the Gargoyles, by accident. I'm from germany and the last time I saw Gargoyles was back in 1998, so I was like "WTH?" when I switched through all those stupid TV channels here in germany and all of a sudden I stumbled over Gargoyles. I was about 8 years old, the last time I did see the show (and never actually understood the storyline), Gargoyles was just sooo cool back then. I love watching those Disney Afternoon tv series (Darkwing Duck, Talespin and stuff), but completely forgot about the Gargoyles. Thanks to the internet I found out, that they re-air Gargoyles in germany: Every sunday two episodes, since 2008! And they still air it and don't seem to take Gargoyles off-air for another year. I think you must be very proud of Gargoyles. Anyways after I discovered Gargoyles again I watched the complete show and what can I say? It's a true masterpiece but the last 12 episodes were strange. The Gargoyle Chronicles are aired with the intro of the second season here in germany, but I'm aware of them now. :D This time around I finally understood the timeline and everything. Brilliant! I couldn't resist and ordered the three TPB of Gargoyles/Bad Guys. Again: Brilliant, but just too short. I imported both DVDs and received them a week ago. Thank's god there are region free dvd players around! I like watching some movies in the original language and that's what I'm trying to do with Gargoyles, even though the german dub is fantastic, too.
I follow this "ask Greg" section since a few months and was reading a lot about Young Justice then. I thought I'd give it a try and thanks to the internet (forgive me) I was being able to see the pilot of Young Justice. What can I say: Another great show! Problem is here in germany we barely know of any of these superheroes, because all these comics aren't being sold here. I know Batman, Robin, Superman, Spiderman and that's pretty much it. So I was like "hell, I don't know anything" when all those superheroes appeared at the end of the pilot. And then my question is:
Do you know when and if Young Justice is coming to other countries? Germany to be precise?
I asked the german Cartoon Network channel, but they say they don't have plans to air Young Justice right now, but that may change in the future...
Just wanted to ask if you know a bit more.
Forgive me my grammatically weirdness and keep up your great work!!

Greg responds...

Thanks for writing Wilco. I'm afraid I have no info on YJ's international distribution. They don't inform me of such things.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011

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Kyle writes...

Are you planning to create any more Gargoyles comics, like maybe one for Timedancer?

Greg responds...

I'd love to, but it's not up to me.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011

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Hey gang,

I'm finally all caught up on the ASK GREG queue. Gonna take a short break, but we'll open the queue again on September 27th, 2010 in preparation for the release of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse which also contains the DC Showcase Green Arrow short that I wrote.

As always, I urge you guys NOT to flood ASK GREG with questions. Check the archives. Check the FAQs. Ask questions of the loyal fans in the Station 8 comment room.

AND, please, THINK BEFORE YOU POST. I am NOT, for example, going to SPOIL "Young Justice" before it airs. I'm not going to SPOIL "Gargoyles" either since I still have hopes of bringing that back. I'm not even going to "SPOIL" Spectacular Spider-Man, because I don't see any real point in revealing future plans and ideas independent of their execution.

Happy to talk process. Happy to talk about what's ALREADY aired or been published. Happy to talk about Mecha-Nation and many other things. But. NOT. GONNA. SPOIL.



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Philip Gipson writes...

Hi, Greg. "Gargoyles" happens to be your very best project. It's so well regarded by people like my mother and I. BOOM! Studios currently publishes several Disney comic books, such as "Darkwing Duck." Since "Gargoyles" is a Disney cartoon and your creation, would BOOM! have to ask for your permission to publish all-new "Gargoyles" comics, but under the title of "Disney's Gargoyles"?

Greg responds...

They wouldn't need MY permission. But if they got the license for the book from Disney, I'd hope they'd ask me to write it.

Response recorded on September 17, 2010

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Brian Bartoccini writes...

Hi Mr. Weisman, I'm from Italy and I'm a big fan of the Gargoyles since 1997(when the tv series arrives for the first time in my country).
My question is about the dvds(season 1 and season 2 volume 1) and the comic books: do you know by chance when they will released in the other countries?
Maybe if will happen the sales will increase more and then there will be hope for Gargoyles 2 season volume 2, what do you think?
Well I hope my english is understandable, and so goodbye Mr. Weisman.

Greg responds...

Your English is great. But my answer unfortunately remains the same: I don't know. I would think the comic books (in English) would be available on-line for anyone. Same with the DVDs but they might not work on non-American machines.

Response recorded on August 16, 2010

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Diego writes...

Should more comics never be made, will we ever see your master plan(s) for the gargoyles universe?

Greg responds...

More of it anyway...

Response recorded on August 13, 2010

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Diego writes...

I thought I would check in: what is the current status on more comics? Anything new?

Greg responds...

Nothing at the moment. As always, if I know something I won't be shy about letting all of you know. I'll WANT help spreading the word. So really, there's no need to ask. (And ask, and ask, and ask...)

Response recorded on August 13, 2010

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Hey gang,

Well, I've finally caught up with the backlog here at ASK GREG. I'm going to take a short Ask Greg vacation, and then we'll be reopening the site soon... i.e. on the Monday (July 26th) AFTER San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

As always, I ask that before you post a question you do your best to make sure it's not a question that's been answered in the archives already AND that it's not a question that someone posted just before you. You can also try asking your question first in the Station 8 Comment Room, as the fans know a LOT of answers already.

We're just trying to avoid flooding the site with so many questions, that I'm immediately backlogged again.

Meanwhile, I will be at Comic-Con next week. Subject to change, here's my current schedule:

10 - 11:30am - Mecha-Nation signing at the Kizoic Booth. (We'll be premiering the first issue.)

FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010
10:30-11:30 am - Brave and the Bold/Young Justice Panel. (We'll be premiering our first Young Justice footage in a mini-panel jam-packed with revelations!)

2 - 4 pm -Mecha-Nation signing at the Kizoic Booth.

11:30am - 1pm - Gargoyles signing at the SLG Booth.

3 - 4 pm - DC Showcase panel. (We'll be previewing some footage from the Green Arrow DVD short that I wrote.)

5:30 - 6:30pm - DC Showcase signing. (Location TBD).

SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
10-11am - Mecha-Nation signing at the Kizoic Booth.

11am - 12:30pm - Gargoyles signing at the SLG Booth.

Please stop by and say hello!

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Vivvav writes...

Hey Greg,
I'm rewatching Gargoyles on YouTube right now. I have to say that one of my favorite characters in MacBeth, if for no other reason than he's voiced by John Rhys-Davies. In the modern day with the comics, do you still imagine the characters' voices as being that of the voiced actors who played them all those years ago? Do you still imagine Goliath as Keith David, or as something else?

Greg responds...

Of course, I imagine the original voices.

Response recorded on June 25, 2010

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matthew ryan writes...

after you did all 3 seasons are you think season 4 or as 3 . as 1990 in 1994 it was on i want a fan in 15 years i was't what are you going for me now . wane are you put bake on the air .

Greg responds...

I'm not at all clear what you are saying or asking.

The decision to "bake" isn't up to me. But check out the trade paperbacks; they're pretty well-baked.

Response recorded on May 28, 2010

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Derek writes...

Has there been any word yet on whether there will be a third Gargoyles graphic novel?

Greg responds...

No news.

Response recorded on May 27, 2010

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Balron writes...

You've probably gotten this question 1 million times by now, but I'll ask anyway since I've tried to find it and haven't.
Is the gargoyles comic officially over, since the gatherings and fanbase have been down?...and if this question has been asked, could you link me to a couple of people who have asked it?

Greg responds...

The comic is officially over for now, but I haven't given up on bringing it back.

Response recorded on April 28, 2010

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Phil writes...

Hey Greg,

I'm sure it's cliche and you're tired of hearing it by now, but I loved Gargoyles as a kid and continue to do so...I guess there's no need to go into any more detail than that. Just wanted to start off by saying thanks for all the hard work.

Anyways, onto the questions:

1. With the Marvel/Disney merger, what are the odds now that we'll see you pick up where you left off on the Gargoyles comic?
2. Does SLG still own all the rights to the comics you wrote for them or is it all owned by Disney and thus now a part of Marvel as well?

Now that the semi-practical questions are out of the way, time for my far nerdier side to kick in:

3. If asked to do a Marvel/Gargoyles crossover, who would be your first choice in Marvel character to cross over with? And since it's likely to be Spidey, who's your second?
4. Have you been approached about bringing Gargoyles into a future Kingdom Hearts game?


Greg responds...

1. I don't know that the Marvel merger has any effect on Gargoyles.

2. For starters, Disney owns Marvel, not the other way around. Marvel has no control or say over Gargoyles. But I don't know the specifics of the Disney/SLG deal or who owns the reproduction rights. I do know that Disney maintains ownership of the intellectual property including anything added in the comics.

3. Uh... I'm not that excited about the idea at all. But I guess the Defenders.

4. No.

Response recorded on March 30, 2010

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

Loved the trades, loved the single issues. Assuming that more stories will be published, (and I certainly hope so), is there any thought to releasing trades the size if the original art?

Greg responds...

There's been some talk. Nothing definite.

Response recorded on March 22, 2010

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James writes...

Disney as of recent bought out Marvel. That in mind will Marvel release thier comic adapton to Gargoyles as a graphic novel?

Greg responds...

I doubt it.

Response recorded on March 18, 2010

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Bronx :) writes...

If SLG doesn't continue to make Gargoyles comics do you think that you could move over to BOOM! Studios, who now make Disney comics? or would Disney give you the chance to continue the comics there?

Greg responds...

I have no idea.

Response recorded on March 17, 2010

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skeeJay writes...

Hi Greg. A quick response on your "accessibility" ramble. I actually really appreciated the way you approached it in the comics. It was handled in a very classy way that wasn't redundant or insulting for existing fans. In fact, the spread in Issue #1 was elegant, fit the story well, and was a fun extension of the opening credits monologueâ€"which, of course, was intended to bring new fans up to speed in the first place, and ended up becoming a touchstone for the loyal existing fans. I feel like the same was accomplished here (the spread, Al's story, etc.), and as someone mildly irritated whenever a story feels it has to "talk down" to me, I appreciate it.

Greg responds...

Well, I tried.

Response recorded on March 03, 2010

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tom writes...

now that disny has reportedly purchest marvel do you think or hope that there is anny chance of restarting the commics, i certanly hope so and i wonder if this is why disny didn't continue them at SLG.
thank you for your time sincerly a gargoyles fan :)

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

I've answered this before. Check the archives.

Response recorded on February 26, 2010

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Ming writes...

I don't know if people have asked you this, but anyway -- with Marvel now part of Disney, would you write more Gargoyles stories assuming that Marvel decides to revive the Gargoyles comic series, maybe do some limited series for the spin-offs?

Greg responds...

It's been asked and answered. Check the archives for a more detailed answer, but the short answer is... for now, I'm sticking with SLG, as they currently represent our best chance of getting more comics.

Response recorded on February 24, 2010

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GargFan writes...

Of the stories in the gargoyle comics that were originally planned for the television show such as the stone of destiny and double date stories, how much of what appeared in print was conceived during your time as the producer of the show and how much was developed as you started writing the story for the comic?

Was the Double Date story always suppose to feature the return of Thailog and was the Stone of Destiny story intended to be always non linear or for that matter to show that the Stone had multiple vessels?

Greg responds...

The broad strokes have all been in my head for years. Little details were ALL worked out at outline and script, i.e. relatively recently.

Response recorded on February 01, 2010

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Michael writes...

What do you think about the Disney Marvel merger? Do you think it will change anything for you(or in other words you're struggle to get more episodes of Gargoyles made)? Do you think we will see you're gargoyles comics published by Marvel in the future?

Greg responds...

1. I'm withholding judgement.

2. I don't know.

3. No.

Response recorded on January 22, 2010

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Rebel writes...

I know that whether any more Gargoyles trades are made by SLG depends in large part on the sales of the existing trades. Did Dan Vado give you any specific numbers (or even ballpark figures) of how many copies of the trades need to be sold so that SLG will consider approaching Disney to make more Gargoyles trades? If he did, what are those numbers/figures/estimates? Also, I don't know how closely you keep up with the sales of the trades, but can you tell us approximately how many have been sold so far so that we know how close we are to potentially meeting the goal so that we might get new trade paperbacks in the future?

Greg responds...

He did not give me specific numbers, relative either to his expectations or to actual sales. But clearly the numbers warrant the fact that he's now (still) in the process of trying to secure the license again from Disney.

Response recorded on January 21, 2010

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Chris writes...

Will Disney buying Marvel Comics mean anything for the Gargoyles comic book series?

Greg responds...

I don't think so, but I don't know.

Response recorded on January 21, 2010

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Darren writes...

Hi Greg
The two Gargoyles & Bad Guys TPB volumes are currently winging their way to me via the net. Do you know if there is any chance that the Marvel series will be reprinted (maybe by SLG, in the fashion that Dark Horse reprint Marvel's old Star Wars stuff). I know you weren't directly involved with that run, but I was just wondering if you were in the loop. Thanks for the hard work.

Greg responds...

No idea.

Response recorded on January 04, 2010

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Dan writes...

Not sure whether this could be classed as a question, or whether it's more a suggestion. Have you ever thought of setting up a donations button to raise money for the gargoyles comic? Maybe as incentive have a draw at the end of each comic that allows the winner to have a character (either thier own design or one from the series) drawn for them by the current artist of that comic.

Greg responds...

It's a thought.

Response recorded on December 07, 2009

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Cynthia from Riverdale writes...

Dear Greg,
I just finished reading Clan Building Vol. 2 and I wanted to know, will there be more Gargoyle trade paperbacks? I know there is one for Bad Guys coming out, but I wanted to know about stories concerning the main Gargoyles. Also, speaking of Bad Guys, how many issues will be in the trade? Lastly, I thought the trade rushed Brooklyn's time traveling story, will there be a trade paperback to cover what wasn't told? Thanks so much for giving fans the unpublished issues.

Greg responds...

Bad Guys Trade is out. Contains six issues worth of content, including covers.

Brooklyn's story wasn't all that rushed to my mind. IF you're asking about his ENTIRE time-travel journey, then please understand there was NEVER any intent to show all of that here. That story takes place over FORTY YEARS of continuity. I hope to tell more of it eventually, but let's be honest -- there's no way I'm ever going to cover all forty years in my lifetime.

And, yes, I hope there will someday be more Gargoyles trades. Dan Vado and SLG are working on that now.

Response recorded on December 03, 2009

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Clark Cradic writes...

What Gargoyle arc would you say was the most enjoyable to write? I don't mean this as a question of 'favorites', but what do you think really made you pat yourself on the back more than normal?

Greg responds...

Uh... I don't know. The prep on the "Rock" arc was extensive, so completing that was... a relief.

Truth is, I'm pretty proud of all the so-called canon Gargoyles work. (Maybe too much so.)

Response recorded on November 04, 2009

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Meg writes...

"Vic Cook and I will be signing promotional postcards and talking about MECHA-NATION, our new comic book series (with Greg Guler and Antonio Campo). This was a project that was seen at a couple of Gatherings and was previously announced with SLG. Unfortunately, SLG had to bail, but the good folks at APE scooped it up. "

Hi Greg,
I realize that SLG has been good to the Gargoyles fandom, and that you seem to have a great working partnership with them. That said, while I don't want to disrespect SLG or anything like that, if they can't make continuing Gargoyles financially feasible, is there any chance that the comics might be able to continue at APE?

Greg responds...

I don't know if Ape is interested, but I KNOW SLG is. So what's the point of jumping ship -- even hypothetically -- now?

Response recorded on November 02, 2009

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haley J. writes...

I know that Disney isn't totally giving up on the Gargoyles franchise, but is there anything specific they are giving up on? And is there anything special in the future for Gargoyles? Because i am getting a little tired of the same episodes and comics. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Greg responds...

You're ALREADY tired of the comics? Some of them JUST came out.

Disney has no current plans for Gargoyles. The good news is SLG is still interested in making more Gargoyles and Gargoyles-related comics, but need to make a new licensing deal with Disney before they/we can start.

Response recorded on October 16, 2009

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C. Damien Belyeu writes...

Dear Greg,

I have watched Gargoyles ever since it came on back in the nineties. It was a shame to see it end with the Goliath Chronicles... Will you try to revive the show, and if you do, when?

Greg responds...

We have revived it... as comics. Please pick up the three trade paperbacks.

Response recorded on September 29, 2009

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So I've been lurking a bit, and I see folks are questioning the accessibility of the Gargoyles comics.

And I know I shouldn't do this, but I'm going to defend my own work here instead of just letting it stand on its own.

I totally reject the notion that the comics aren't accessible to new readers, unfamiliar with the GARGOYLES property. Now, granted Clan-Building, Volume II is pretty inaccessible IF you haven't read Clan-Building, Volume I. But in fairness to me, the Clan-Building arc is published in two volumes for commercial reasons, not creative ones. It's not two six-issue arcs; it's one twelve issue arc. So if you read Clan-Building in it's entirety OR if you read Bad Guys in it's entirety, I think both these arcs are extremely ACCESSIBLE.

And, yes, I've seen the reviews that claim that they're not. But I notice that those reviews are written by people who ARE passingly familiar with the cartoon and are making the ASSUMPTION that the books would be inaccessible to new readers. But I don't buy it. I've been doing this for a LONG time. And I know how to fill in my reader and/or viewer, introduce new concepts, etc.

Every issue in sequence introduces all the necessary information to a new reader that said reader would need. Does a reader benefit if they know all the backstory? Of course. But they don't have to know that backstory to enjoy the comic.

Let me take a specific example -- one that a reviewer specifically brought up. At the very end of issue #2 of Bad Guys, Sevarius appears. The reviewer (who knew exactly who Sevarius was) thought that I was blowing off new readers, because I gave NO backstory or introduction to Sevarius in that issue. But I'd argue that no introduction was necessary at that point. We've seen a mysterious figure descend into the Labyrinth, taser a guard, shed a disguise and confront Fang, claiming to know his real name and stating that he is Fang's "maker". That's ALL you need to know at that point as a new reader. It's perfectly okay if you DON'T know who this guy is. It's intriguing enough on that level. And in the very next issue (or chapter if you're reading the trade) Hunter gives all the backstory on Sevarius that you need to appreciate his role in issues/chapters #3 and #4. Yes, a hardcore fan is going to get extra juice when Sevarius pulls off his disguise because they'll recognize him. But even if Sevarius had been a brand new character, I wouldn't have handled his introduction any differently.

Look at Tasmanian Tiger. He is a new character. I hope he's at least a little bit intriguing. But is a new reader lost because they DON'T know that this is his first appearance? Readers, whether they are hardcore Garg fans or complete newbies, know as much about TT as they need to know -- and no more.

Yes, there are resources on the web -- BUT I don't count on those AT ALL, with one exception. And that exception is if people wonder why I'm ignoring Goliath Chronicles. And a new reader isn't even going to KNOW about Goliath Chronicles, so it's NOT an exception to him or her.

Otherwise, I use the tools I have within the book to explain what an audience needs to know. Someone familiar with the property may THINK the reader needs to know more, but I flat-out think they're wrong. My proof is anecdotal but it exists. I know people who've read the books and enjoyed them even though they never saw the show. Has it interested them in finding out more about the original series? Yes. And that's good and fine. But there's a difference between a new reader being intrigued and WANTING to learn more and a new reader being confused and NEEDING to know more to get what's going on.

You don't need to KNOW Brooklyn's entire history to know he's hurting because he can't get a date, to know he's pining for Angela and to know he's trying to get away from Angela and Broadway before chapter 10 of Clan-Building comes along -- and he's thrust into the past. Everything you NEED to know about him is present in issues 1-9. One benefits from knowing more, but that doesn't make it necessary to know more.

Of course, the greatest blockade to accessibility is the non-linear structure of chapters 7-9. But that's not property-based or familiarity-based, that's me using a non-traditional structure, which I might have done on an issue of, say, Captain Atom or Spider-Man or whatever. Hopefully, if a reader has read the first six chapters, they're intrigued enough to want to follow along despite the difficult structure.

Remember, issues 1 & 2 are designed to introduce you to the world of Gargoyles and any relevant information about said world. I got slammed by one reviewer for opening the comic book series with that adaptation of "The Journey", but I thought it was essential for new readers. One could argue fairly that each succeeding issue isn't as accessible as those first two, but complications and characters were added gradually through those first six issues. Anyone reading the book in order would not have been lost for a minute. If we hadn't been plagued by delays and late deliveries (which I had no control over and did not anticipate) it wouldn't have been the same kind of problem.

Any comic book or animated series that employs serialization and continuity is subject to these difficulties. And the middle chapter of any story (including a twelve-part story like Clan-Building or a six-part story like Redemption) can be tough to follow without having read the first few chapters. But just as I feel you can enjoy, say, "Leader of the Pack" without ever having seen any episodes from Season One of Gargoyles, I think Clan-Building can be enjoyed without having seen ANY of the Gargoyles TV series. Is the same true for "Avalon, Part Two" or "Avalon, Part Three"? No. But I think it IS true for "Avalon, Part One" and/or the three-part "Avalon" series when considered as a single unit.

My point is, I'm very familiar with the dilemma, and I know how to compensate. Or in any case, I'm VERY aware of the need to compensate. One can argue that I failed, I suppose. It does become subjective at some point. But nothing I did was done without very conscious thought on my part vis-a-vis the needs of a new reader. So any reviewer who claims that I didn't care or didn't try to make the book accessible is just -- well, wrong. And I think they are making assumptions based on THEIR knowledge of the richness of the property. They get all these resonances and call-backs, etc., and ASSUME a new reader would be lost without them. But you know what they say about the word "ASSUME". The resonances and call-backs are gravy. (And if you don't know they exist you won't know you're missing anything.) The meat, in my opinion, is all right there on the page.

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David writes...

when do you think the will put the second part of season two on dvd & will they be puting the goliath chronicles on dvd too? also do you think you will be making more episodes os spin off of the series?

Greg responds...

The "more episodes" exist in comic book form. Check 'em out. And Disney currently has no plans to put out more DVDs. See the archives for more info.

Response recorded on September 17, 2009

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A few thoughts...

Got easily a hundred calls, texts, e-mails yesterday about the big Marvel/Disney news and a few about the Sony/Marvel/Spidey news, so here are a few random thoughts to go with what I posted yesterday...

1. SPEC SPIDEY: The main thing that's changed about the Spec Spidey situation is that Sony is now out of the loop/decision making process about whether or not there's a third season. Before Sony was waiting to see if Disney picked up the series. Then they'd decide on its economic feasibility for Sony. Now Sony isn't part of that equation, leaving the whole thing in Marvel and Disney's hands. Of course, now that Marvel and Disney are kinda one hand, so-to-speak, I don't know what that means for us. Other than the obvious, which is that I'm sure we're not exactly Disney/Marvel's highest priority at the moment. How and when this decision gets made is really up in the air, but a former negative does feel good -- now -- that our last six episodes won't start airing on Disney XD until late October. That means our last episode won't air until early December, which may be a better time for Disney/Marvel to focus on the show. (Or not.) Of course even a positive decision in December or (more likely) January means a HUGE gap between Seasons Two and Three, but I'd take that over no new episodes.

2. FLASHBACKS:I can't help but be reminded of events in the mid-nineties, when Michael Eisner (then CEO of Disney) wanted to buy Marvel, so that he'd have super-heroes to compete with Warner Bros' DC Universe heroes (including Superman and Batman). Back then, however, Marvel was, or so I was told, a corporate mess. And it wasn't just that -- as now -- various studios already had the rights to individual characters, but that the rights had been double sold all over the place, and that every character pretty much represented a lawsuit in the making if not already in the works. Eisner was advised NOT to buy Marvel, and of course he didn't. But he REALLY wanted to be competing in the boys action/super-hero market. That was when the Gargoyles Universe was raised as a possible alternative. We pointed out that the Marvel Universe began with the Fantastic Four, and that we could use Gargoyles as a springboard to more properties and to an entire Universe. We were encouraged by Michael to create spin-off properties, backdoor pilots, etc. And that was THE major impetus for us to work on things like New Olympians, Bad Guys, Pendragon and Dark Ages. (Gargoyles Future Tense -- which became Gargoyles 2198 and TimeDancer came later.) It was also a reason to be expansive with the World Tour and introduce more and more new characters, etc. Of course, by the time all this stuff was actually made, the world had changed again. Frank Wells died. Michael and Jeffry Katzenberg went to war, with Jeffry eventually leaving to found DreamWorks, and taking two of my immediate superiors, Gary Krisel and Bruce Cranston, with him. Rich Frank (another of my bosses up the chain) also left. Dean Valentine was placed in charge of Walt Disney Television Animation and he had no affinity for Gargoyles or its spin-offs. And Michael, who had initiated the whole thing, had way bigger concerns on his plate. I was more or less forced out. But for one bright, shining moment...

3. GARGOYLES: I'm sure a lot of people are wondering what this means for our favorite winged warriors, but in the short term, I'm sure the answer is "Not much." Gargoyles is pretty much under Disney's radar right now, and really doesn't exist on Marvel's radar at all, as far as I can tell. We'll be an extremely low priority. Our best bet is still SLG, which HOPEFULLY will be motivated by the sales of the Trades to want to make more content with me. Having read Dan "Mr. SLG" Vado's recent reaction to the Disney/Marvel merger, I'm hoping he isn't too discouraged by being in bed with his competition. But I have no doubt that the best way to get Dan fully on board is to make it worth his while by having those trades sell VERY well. So again, buy the trades and/or SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

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Okay, in the period of just a few days, I have been rocked by two incredible pieces of news.

1. Last Thursday (8/27/09), Vic Cook and I were informed that in exchange for some concession vis-a-vis the live action Spider-Man features, Sony returned the television rights (including the animated television rights) for Spider-Man to Marvel. This took place the day before ComicCon, I'm told. But I was only informed of it this past week.

2. Today (8/31/09) comes the news that Disney has purchased Marvel outright.

NOW, before you ask -- before you post a thousand duplicate and/or overlapping questions to ASK GREG -- let me be clear: I have NO IDEA what this means for either Gargoyles or The Spectacular Spider-Man. Neither of these developments are by definition good news or bad news. Shocking news, sure. But how it will play out for either or both properties is a complete mystery to me. As soon as I have ANY information on either property, I will post it here at ASK GREG. Until then, don't ask. Seriously. Just don't. There's just no point in bogging down the queue with questions I have no answer to. Thank you for your cooperation.

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GATHERING 2009 - Monday, August 24th

GATHERING 2009 - Monday, August 24th

Midnight - The goodbyes begin for folks who are leaving first thing Monday morning or right now. Said goodbye to Marina, Zehra, Sarah, Michael McAdam and probably quite a few others...

1:30am - The party downstairs finally breaks up and I head up to my room.

4am - Went to bed. But I just couldn't sleep at all.

8am - Finally gave up and got up.

9am - Brought my luggage to my car and then went to the staff breakfast: crepe, ham, potatoes, OJ.

10am - Comic book panel with Karine Charlebois and Greg Guler. I'll just repeat the main message I gave. I have no info on the future of Gargoyles comics beyond this: SLG's Dan Vado is sincerely interested in doing more. His ability to make an offer for the license to Disney will depend on the sales of the three trade paperbacks. Beyond that, we had some really interesting discussions about the books.

11:30am - Gargoyles Biology and Culture panel with Jade Griffin and Matt Parker. I love this panel. Always full of interesting discussions, that influence how I handle things in the Gargoyles Universe.

1pm - Closing Ceremonies. Okay, I admit it. I pretty much lost it more than once. It was VERY emotional. A number of us told stories of past Gatherings and how they changed our lives. It was warm and all too fuzzy, but wonderful. I love all you guys. Thank you.

2:30pm - We finally closed the Closing Ceremonies. I helped Patrick and a bunch of other volunteers carry things down to Patrick's rented van. Then we headed up to the Constaff Suite for a dead dog party. Christopher bought pizza for everyone, which was very generous. I had a coke and a virgin jello shot. And we just hung out.

5:45pm - Time to go, to return to real life. I hugged EVERYONE. Jennifer Anderson walked me to the elevator. I was pretty wrecked. It felt a bit like it felt to end a long job. You walk away. What else can you do? You take your memories with you, but you also know you're leaving a piece behind.

But it's been a FANTASTIC THIRTEEN YEARS. Thanks to everyone who ever attended a Gathering. You really changed my life!

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F.Z. writes...

Hi Greg, first time that I make a question here Xp, that thing is I am from Mexico and i really wish to buy the comics and the DvDs and apparently neither of them where imported, so the question is if I am gona need to buy them in english because they are never gona be translated or i can wait for them to been Translated?
i ask that because the shipment is expensive Xp, But i really want the comics
P.S. Sorry the bad english, and congratulations fot TSSP the series is awesome

Greg responds...

I don't remember off the top of my head whether the DVDs have a spanish language track or not. The comics probably won't be translated.

Response recorded on August 13, 2009

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a garg fan writes...

what do you think/is the future for gargoyles are there and plans to continue the "saga" after the last few comics are released or is Gargoyles dead in the wind.
-thanks for reading

Greg responds...


No one checks the archives...

Anyway, we are hoping to do more, but much depends on the sales of these most recent trade paperbacks.

But in any case, Gargoyles will NEVER be "dead in the wind" as far as I'm concerned.

Response recorded on August 11, 2009

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Hey gang,

I know -- and share -- the frustrations over the vague release dates of the two remaining trades. Both are DONE. So it's just an issue of getting them from the printers, through customs, out to Diamond and then into stores, etc.

BUT, Dan Vado has ASSURED me that all three trades (GARGOYLES, CLAN-BUILDING, VOLUME ONE; GARGOYLES, CLAN-BUILDING, VOLUME TWO; GARGOYLES: BAD GUYS, REDEMPTION) will be available for purchase at the Gathering. Hopefully, they'll be available everywhere sooner or at least shortly thereafter, but at the very least -- if you come to the con, you can get the books!

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JLB writes...

First off just letting you know I love your work and especially Gargoyles.

This is a two part question about the future of your Gargoyles comic. It seems that the latest news I've seen is dated in 2008 so I was wondering if there were any updates since then if SLG will be doing any further arcs, after the current one is finished in the graphic novel, or if you've found another property to publish them. Lastly, is there anyway to help you like someone at Disney the fans can write to so they won't be stingey with their liscense?

Greg responds...

Trust me, if there's news I will post it here at ASK GREG. Right now, everything depends on the sales of the two trade paperbacks, due out this July and August.

And, no, I'm afraid I don't have a contact person for you to communicate with at Disney.

Response recorded on June 10, 2009

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Derek writes...

Any chance of a big tell all double page splash in the next Gargoyle graphic novel showing us 2198, Artus, Gwenyvere etc? Giving us some hints about that series, Demona's future loves etc?

Greg responds...


Why would I do that?

Response recorded on June 05, 2009

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Antiyonder writes...

Being that you've worked at Disney, as well as some comic book companies, I have a question regarding liscensed comics.

I've noticed that other companies have been publishing reprints of liscensed comics that were at one point published by Marvel (such as Dark Horse trades containing Marvel Comics Star Wars run).

If Disney ever was to show an interest in selling reprints of their 90s comics published by Marvel (i.e. Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast, Gargoyles, etc) can they legally reprint them anytime they choose?

Greg responds...

I would assume so, but it's not like I've personally laid eyes on the contracts.

Response recorded on June 05, 2009

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Cartoonlover writes...

None of my local stores carry anything Gargoyles. Would buying it from Amazon suffice?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on June 02, 2009

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baron keels writes...

now that slg lost the rights to gargoyles, will the comic come back in another company?

Greg responds...

SLG still has the three trades, and they remain our best bet for more new material. Obviously, we'll have to see how these last two trades sell.

Response recorded on April 09, 2009

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Marjorie writes...

Hey Greg,

Just finished reading your latest post about the SLG license expiring, and my feelings can be summed up in one word: bummer. It's such a shame that we won't be able to see the rest of the story arcs in Gargoyles and Bad Guys in issue form; I really enjoyed looking forward to each issue and the size of the artwork on the page....but at least we'll still see the end of it, which is a great thing.

I suppose I have two questions concerning this development:
1. I understand that the content of each issue had to be approved somehow before it's okay to print. Was this the cause of the large release delays for some of the issues, and possibly why time ran out on the license before the series could be completed, or was there some other factor?

2. Now that Disney has its own publishing house for comics and it seems unlikely that SLG will continue the license, are there any plans to continue the series at Disney?


Greg responds...

1. It was a cause, but not the cause. Ultimately, it's hard for artists to draw fast and well and for so little money that they have to take other work to pay the bills. Everyone tried very hard to stay on schedule, but...

2. Not that Disney has said.

Response recorded on October 22, 2008

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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg lets just say if the comics are sucessful and thier that popular. Do you think we will have a new series of Gargoyles or a remake of season 3? In the future I hope we get a live action movie of Gargoyles and hopefully there will be new products such as games, toys, cups, keychains, posters, etc.

Greg responds...

Anything's possible.

Response recorded on October 22, 2008

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Darkflame writes...

Not a question, just an exclimation;
ARHhhhhh!.....I only just found out/started reading your excellent Gargoyles comics recently and Disney are pulling the licence already. I got a load more to read, which is a blessing, but I still feel cursed by my timeing.
If the sales are good, yet Disney licence costs too much for them to admin, it seems to me someone has got a serious bureaucracy problem.
-sigh- Oh well, thanks for the fantastic series resurection, and I only hope and pray it happens again soon!

Greg responds...

Me too.

Response recorded on October 21, 2008

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Well, I sadly can't buy the individual comic issues anymore. Since Disney won't let SLG publish any after 9/31, I'll have to wait for the trades. I can't afford to buy each issue twice.

I do have a question about the Labyrinth Clan, who are sort of topical:

We know that gargates gain energy by absorbing heat or sunlight during the day, and that if a gargoyle were deprived of this for enough nights in a row, she would eventually start feeling some kind of negative effects.

Given this, what will happen to the clones as they continue to sleep underground every day? It's dark and probably cold and damp down there.

Greg responds...

Um, there are no individual issues anymore, I'm afraid.

I'm not sure it's all that cold in the Labyrinth.

Response recorded on October 20, 2008

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Juan Reyes writes...

How can the Gargoyles comic be saved?

Greg responds...


The current comic -- with single issue releases -- cannot be saved. But the trades will come out finishing both the Gargoyles Clan-Building arc and the Bad Guys Redemption arc. If those sell well enough, SLG wants to do graphic novels and will approach Disney about it. If not, I'll look for a new publisher. But again, high sales on what we have and eventually release will make finding a new publisher easier -- not to mention convincing Disney to license the book to SLG or a new publisher.

Response recorded on October 15, 2008

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Drew L. writes...

Hello, Greg. Before I ask my question: I love Gargoyles. Have loved it ever since I saw it on its very first week in 1994. I also love the comic series (don't much like the change in the look of the characters, though, but that's just superficial).
Anyway, onto my question:
I'd heard that the comic book series is in trouble. Is that true?
If so, is this going to be the straw that makes you give up on the Gargiverse (as I call it)?

Greg responds...

SLG did lose the license, though we will be finishing out both "Clan-Building" and "Redemption" in the Gargoyles and Bad Guys trade paperbacks, respectively. And we are hoping to come back eventually.

And, no, I'm not giving up. Ever.

Response recorded on October 08, 2008

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Phalanx writes...

Hello, Greg.

Now that SLG decided not to renew the license, will we be seeing any more Gargoyle comic books? From Boom, perhaps?

Greg responds...

We'll be seeing two more trades from SLG. After that, nothing's known for sure. SLG is still interested in doing more with Gargoyles. Boom has not contacted me.

Response recorded on September 26, 2008

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slayer38 writes...

Iam very interested for the 3rd season as comics. But i want to know, comes this comics also translated into german language in the german book stores? My English is not the best, << you can see that in my text. and another question? in 1996 at the moment disney do not produce season 3 with you as author, why you dont changed to another company at this moment. (btw. The goliath chronicles sucks, the liason between goliath and eliza are also ignored.)

And btw. My favorite Episodes is Hunters moon part 1 - 3. Great story, very dramatical, and the lovely end, << at this moment between goliath and eliza, the fans waited since episode "the mirror" / german titel "Der Spiegel"

And is that true. Episode "the mirror" is cutted in usa (in tv) because the "world trade center"?

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I have no information on German translations.

And I don't own the property. Disney does. It wasn't and ISN'T mine to take anywhere else.

As far as I know, "The Mirror" still airs with all the others.

Response recorded on September 24, 2008

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anonymous writes...

Dear Greg,

After issues 9-12 are out, along with the rest of Bad Guys, do you think you will continue Gargoyles, by getting a new liscense with another comic book publisher, like Kingdom comics, or will you stop all together.

Thank you for everything you do,

Greg responds...

I'm hoping to continue with someone. Hopefully SLG. But I'm not done telling these stories in any case.

Response recorded on September 23, 2008

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Peaseblossom writes...

Hiya! It's me again. I'm a persisent lil' fay. Since the the story of what the star of arabia is and how Xanatos got it, is a story for another day...my question is this: Do you think that story will be touched upon in the comics as all?

Greg responds...

Not in Clan-Building. But hopefully someday.

Response recorded on September 22, 2008

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bob writes...

I was wondering if Amazon.com was still selling the Gargoyle comics, at the time of writting this they only have up to number 6 and the trade. With the earlier comics you could purchase them about a week after their official release date.

Greg responds...

As far as I know, they are.

Response recorded on September 19, 2008

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Matteo writes...

Hey, I tried looking up Venus on the Ask Greg search, and only found one question from like 9 years ago that said you weren't sure of because you weren't writing for it back then. My question is after all this time is there any chance Hell will freeze over, and bring her into SLG?
BTW I love your sarcastic spin on your answers. Thanks.

Greg responds...

I have only the vaguest memories of Venus. She isn't one of my characters and hasn't any place in my plans.

Response recorded on September 18, 2008

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Litwolf writes...

You may have answered this in a ramble after I posted this question but I thought Id throw it out there. Youve said that its possible that the Gargoyles comic will leave SLG publishing and fall fully into Disney's hands. At first, I thought you meant the comic was going to die all-together and I nearly cried. But then, I realized you meant it might just be changing to a Disney publisher. I was relieved but still worried because, from the Gathering Rambles others have posted, it sounds like it would be a bad thing if Gargoyles got moved to Disney's publisher.

Why is that bad? I mean, we'll still have the comic, just under a new name. So why is it bad that its moving? What would change if Gargoyles moved? There would still be the same artists, writers, and stories, right?

Also talking about the future of the comic, you've said that we'll see the other spinoffs if Bad Guys does well. So I wanted to ask how the series is selling (and for that matter, how is the main Gargoyles comics selling? Any idea how many issues of the main comics we'll see?) Also, I believe you've said that, after Bad Guys, you'll do Bad Guys (because of a nagging story, right? ^_^), Pendragon, and then TimeDancer. Any idea which spinoff (2198 and New Olympians) will be up after that, what the order will be following TimeDancer?

Thanks for answering these questions! Ive been dying to get some comic news since Ive read these Gathering Rambles!

Greg responds...

I never said it was a bad thing if Disney decided to publish Gargoyles on their own. But Disney has expressed no interest.

Gargoyles and to a lesser extent Bad Guys both did well for SLG in sales. Not necessarily in profits. Not enough to justify an increased license fee. SLG is done publishing individual issues, but the trades will come out and will cover all creative material that would have appeared in Gargoyles #7-12 and Bad Guys #1-6.

Response recorded on September 17, 2008

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LadyMidnight81 writes...

Hi, this has probably been asked already but I can't find it in the archives or the faq and don't have the time to read through all the archives. I was wondering if you were planning on turning the other spin-off ideas, besides Gargoyles: Bad Guys, into comics if the first the first two did well enough and SLG was in favor of the idea? I would love to read the Timedancer and the one that takes place in 2198 in this format if the cartoon version aren't possible at this point.
Sorry if this has been asked a bunch and if you don't want to answer the question again could someone just tell me what the original answer is under in the archives....anyway thanks for bringing back Gargoyles, any format is better than no format at all, and I love comics so it's nice to see a good one on the shelves.

Thank you for your time and keep up the excellent work.

Greg responds...

You couldn't have checked the archives too well. And a routine question can definitely be answered more quickly in the Station 8 Comment Room. But, yes, I'd love to do all the spin-offs, eventually. And I'd happily do them as comics. The SLG license has ended, but hopefully someday.

Response recorded on September 10, 2008

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Hey gang,

There seems to be some confusion about where things stand with the comic books, so I'm going to try again to clear things up. The SLG license expired on 8-31-08. That means there will be no more individual comic book issues on either Gargoyles or Bad Guys.

However, SLG does still have the right to put all existing material out in the Trade Paperback format. They are also allowed to include Bonus Material in these trades.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building, Volume One will remain available, and as soon as possible, we will be putting out Gargoyles: Clan-Building, Volume Two and Gargoyles: Bad Guys: Redemption out in trade.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building, Volume Two will include (obviously) Gargoyles issues #7-8, but it will ALSO include what would have been issues #9-12, including the covers, as QUOTE-UNQUOTE Bonus Material. You WILL get to see the end of the Clan-Building arc. Currently, issue #9 is done except for a few minor lettering corrections. Issue #10 is being pencilled as we speak. Issue #11 has been scripted, and we are looking for the right artist to pencil it. Issue #12 is being scripted now. The trade will come out when ALL this material is complete and approved.

The Gargoyles: Bad Guys: Redemption trade will include (obviously) Bad Guys issues #1-4, but it will ALSO include what would have been issues #5-6, including the covers, as QUOTE-UNQUOTE Bonus Material. You will get to see the end of the Redemption limited series. Currently, issue #5 is done except for a few minor art corrections and the lettering. Issue #6 is scripted, and Karine will begin roughing it out shortly. The trade will come out when ALL this material is complete and approved.

Hope that clears things up.


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THE BIG BAD NEWS (and a little bit of good news).

THE BIG BAD NEWS (and a little bit of good news).

As many of you have probably heard, we found out Saturday (7/26/08) at San Diego ComicCon that the GARGOYLES (including BAD GUYS) license will not be renewed after it expires on 8-31-08.

Just to be very, very clear... this is NOT the result of poor sales. GARGOYLES is still one of the best selling book SLG publishes (if not THE best). BAD GUYS doesn't do too badly either by SLG standards. Of course, delays didn't help sales... and there are probably other factors that reduced the upside -- including the writing -- but none of that is the point.

According to SLG's President, Publisher and Owner Dan Vado, the Disney execs told him that the money they were taking in did not justify their administrative costs. So they raised the license renewal fee to a rate that put it beyond SLG's reach. (Dan had hoped to renew both Gargoyles and Haunted Mansion -- though not Tron or Wonderland -- but neither book will now be picked up.)

I don't know what effect recent announcements about Kingdom Comics and Boom! Comics had on this decision. Dan was told one thing had nothing to do with the other. No one at either company has approached me about doing Gargoyles, and I don't know that there will be any interest now that the license is coming to an end.

That's the bad news. But there is a bit of a silver lining.


We will finish both GARGOYLES: Clan-Building and BAD GUYS: Redemption. That's the equivalent of seven more issues of material.

BAD GUYS #4 should be out next week. The book is done and has been done for some time. It's been sent to the printers.

GARGOYLES #9 will hopefully be out next month. David is done with the art. All that remains is for Robby to color it and David to letter it -- tasks that both these gentlemen have proven able to do with great speed.

Whether or not the remaining issues (BAD GUYS #5-6 and GARGOYLES #10-12) are published as individual issues is a bit up in the air. BAD GUYS #5 and GARGOYLES #10 have decent (if long) shots at getting out in time. But whatever doesn't get out as individual issues will still be scripted, drawn, colored or toned, lettered and published as "BONUS MATERIAL" in individual trade paperbacks that will collect GARGOYLES: Clan-Building Volume II and BAD GUYS: Redemption. And these compilations WILL come out! There's still a lot of work to be done. (Personally, I still need to script Gargoyles #11-12.) So I WON'T take this moment to thank everyone and say au revoir. That'll come later. For now, we're still a going concern.

In addition, Dan hasn 't given up on us. He wants to put out these two new trades and keep all three trades available for sale (and btw we sold a bunch of the trades at ComicCon -- when I left Sunday at 1pm, hours before close of con, we only had a handful of Clan-Building Volume I left to sell). After a year, he hopes to go back to Disney with a different, perhaps more modest offer to do Gargoyles Graphic Novels. Might work out. Might not. But he's still game and just in case it isn't 100% clear...


I'm as determined as ever -- if not moreso -- to continue bringing you canon Gargoyles stories. The eighteen issues we've done/are doing have only whetted my appetite! I'm still going to be out here swinging... for more comics or graphic novels, for the DVD releases, for a live action film, etc. But I can't do it alone! So please don't you guys give up on Gargoyles either!

Remember, a few years ago, we didn't even have this. In that time, we will have brought you two big arcs, six big stories, eighteen "episodes" and numerous sub-plots, plot-twists, new characters and old familiar favorites. Would we have Shari, Quincy, Coco, Amp, etc. if the fans haven't kept the faith?! No. Would we grok the Illuminati number system?! No. Would we have seen Goliath and Elisa declare their love?! NOPE!!! (Oh, and for those of you who wish Demona could have figured more prominently in the comic... well, guys do you really think I'd do a twelve issue re-introductory story arc in Gargoyles without prominently including the crazy red head? Please.)

So what can YOU do? Well, nothing's changed on that front, really. We still need people to buy comics, trades, DVDs, HOT TOPIC T-Shirts. We still need people to attend the GATHERING. (Check out www.gatheringofthegargoyles.com ) And whether or not you've spent all the disposable income you have to spend on the property, then help us SPREAD THE WORD!!!! Make sure every gargoyle fan knows about what's out there. Show friends the first 39 episodes on DVD. Lend them the comics or trades. Create converts.

And mostly... just keep the faith.

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Wayne writes...

Since the cancellation of Gargoyles with the other stories that you have created have you tried to take the ideas for any of the spin offs to other companies such as Scifi, Cartoon Network, etc to try to get a new series or one of the spin offs produced? I loved Gargoyles, as well as, your work on other series, loved the Goliath Chronicles and would love to see the completed spinoff for King Arthur and Gryph. Do you have any plans to work on any other series in the future other than Spiderman, yours or others?

Greg responds...

Boy someone could stand a little meander through the archives. Not saying who. But someone.

Anyway... DISNEY owns Gargoyles and all its spin-offs. Period.

But we are continuing both the original series and at least one (and maybe more) of the spin-offs in comic book form. Check it out!

I'm very happy doing Spider-Man for now, but odds are I'll work on a lot of other series (hopefully), you know, before I die or whatever.

Response recorded on June 25, 2008

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bwyell writes...

If I buy 30 copies of every issue of the Gargoyles comic book, will you promise not to kill Gwen Stacey?

Greg responds...

Let's test the theory and find out.

Response recorded on June 25, 2008

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Nicole North writes...

Firstly, thx much to all who've contributed to this excellent webpage; the quantity of Gargoyles show information is almost overwhelming (at least to a new fan like myself)! And thx especially to Greg Weisman, for creating such a truly unique and remarkably clever animated series.

I never watched Gargoyles in my younger years and now, thirty years of age, have become a total fan-- originally from just watching The Awakening movie (w/ some kids I was babysitting years ago), then eventually from buying the DVDs of the first season and the first half of the second season.

I've now watched the DVDs repeatedly and have become increasingly impressed with the complex storyline and character development, surprisingly clever dialogue, and cool action/fantasy animation. It truly is an awesome show, extraordinarily entertaining, even for adults.

I've been reading all the threads here and on Amazon about the reasons we haven't seen the release of the second volume of the second season. The situation for a fan like me (who's never watched the show on television) is that there's this utter blankness, after watching the shows on the DVDs-- without even the vaguest remembrance of how the story continues. It's like reading the first half of some very enjoyable book and then having the book cruelly yanked away from my hold! So unfair!

I am one of those people who doesn't have television at my place (just TV sets to watch DVDs) so I cannot even watch any repeats of the show on cable (although I am seriously considering *paying* friends who have TiVo to record any/all episodes of Gargoyles for me, that I might watch them on their TVs).

So my questions to Greg Weisman or anyone else who reads this (apologies for the lengthy background info) is: what might be the best way for a viewer like me to encounter the rest of the Gargoyles story? Do the comic books tell the stories I haven't seen yet . . . and if so, should I read them in a specific order? Or are there detailed episode descriptions somewhere online that you'd recommend?

I really wish it was not an unacceptable violation of creative copyright for me to offer a fan of Gargoyles money for VHS/DVD copies of the second half of the show-- because I so want to view the rest of the series!

Mr. Weisman: you must have access to all the recorded shows. So if you were offered a large sum (to be distributed among all who have a share of the Gargoyles copyright . . . including Disney, if it must be <g>) for DVD-R copies of the episodes of the second half of the second season of Gargoyles-- and perhaps the third season-- to be purchased by fans for private viewing only . . . that would be legal, right? (All right, I don't personally have a large sum . . . but perhaps fans here on s8.org could create a shared fund for this purpose . . . ?)

Greg responds...

I have the same DVDs that you have, and I have a single old VHS copy of every episode. But there's NO WAY that Disney would approve me releasing the missing episodes on my own, even if I were inclined and/or had the technical ability, etc. I think your idea of asking buddies to record the shows for you off Toon Disney/Jetix is a good one, frankly. (There's also YouTube, though God knows that's a god awful way of viewing anything.) Other than that... we're all a bit screwed until BVHE decides to release that last set.

I'd still recommend the comics. Any information you NEED is refreshed in any given issue. And frankly, the better the comics sell, the more likely the DVD release becomes.

Response recorded on May 21, 2008

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Kenneth Chisholm writes...

I've read that you imagine your character on the ideal voice actor for it such as Morgan Freeman for Quincy Hemings.

I was wondering, what are the criteria for the voices you imagine. Do they have to be living? If not, have you ever imagined characters appropriate for major Star Trek actors that did not appear as voice on the series such as James Doohan, DeForest Kelly, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney and Walter Koenig?

Greg responds...

Character comes first, so casting in the comics is much more to type than in the television series, where we were free to cast someone who didn't physically look anything like the character. I could -- in theory -- do the same now, but it's just less likely.

Response recorded on May 16, 2008

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Beto writes...

Hi all, just want to point out that I have greatly enjoyed the Gargoyles comics so far. I have been a fan since 1994 when the TV show came out. I have stuck with it up to now. If you do the math, this makes me a young twenty-something. This, I think, gives the title of "Gargoyles geek" (or most likely, simply just geek), and i'm cool with that. In reality if we are that old and still following an animated kid's tv show in comic book form, which one of us is not a dork. I do believe, though, that we have to take this awesome series for what it is...and awesome story line fabricated genius Greg Wiseman and co. There are more important things in life than to sit and figure out who laid what eggs at x point in the future, etc. Take Gargoyles for what it is: an older children's story transformed into a slightly more mature comic for us geeks. Sorry for the ramble, but I have seen many of this postings and half the time I wonder, "Where does all this come from? (I've watched every episode at least 5 times...literally and read all the comics to date).

Anyways as for my question. Any word on the Gargoyles license renewal? I'm really praying for other installments after Clan-Building and Bad Guys! Thanks

Greg responds...

No word that I've heard yet.

And I don't mind all the detailed questions. They helped keep us alive for ten fallow years.

Response recorded on May 14, 2008

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Peter Sunnergren writes...

Hi Greg, thank's for the answers to my previous question about prodcuing/writing a comic!

A few more questions have come in to my mind.

1: What kind of format do you use when you write a script for a comic? I have been considering a treatment form such as;

-// Open up on John sitting at the desk in his office. He is on the phone. His expression suggests that he he is stressed and afraid. He says "What? How long?". John drops the phone and looks at a clock on the wall, which shows 12:56. He bolts for the door and exists //-

In that example (which is totally random by the way, it has nothing to do with my, or anyone else's work) I would just describe things; what they are, how they look and what happens, but not how it is presented in framing and paneling, leaving that for the artists.
I have also considered writing as a film script (similar to the treatment form but with different formatting for actions, names and spoken dialogue.) Another possibility I can imagine would be a storyboard. Like a "doodled" version of the page showing what I would like the framing/paneling/positioning to look like.

What are your thoughts on these different approaches?

2: On average, how much time passes on between you starting to write a comic and it goes off for printing?

Thanks! I'm off to the post office to pick up the latest issue of Gargoyles (curses England for having tiny mail slots that comics won't fit through)

Greg responds...

1. I do something like this...


Describe the action here as specifically as possibly.




Describe what we're seeing in this panel now.





Usually takes a couple months at least for stuff to get drawn/letttered/approved etc. Sometimes much longer.

Response recorded on May 08, 2008

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Jeff writes...

Hey Greg!
Huge Spider-Man fan here! The episodes keep getting better and better. Any clues as to when the Big MJ reveal will be? In April? I am dying to get this series on DVD! The Sandman episode remains my favorite(so far) but I think I change my mind every Saturday. It had the right amount of crazy battle scenes and down to earth drama. Im not sure if you know this but will the series run through the summer or will they split up the season? In any event, I will be an avid watcher. One more SM question, Any plans for Pete to reveal his identity to anyone? I doubt you'll answer that, but I think it is what makes Ultimate Spider-man so fresh. (Not that I should compare the two, they are seperate but equal as far as Im concerned.) It would be so much easier for Pete to say "dont hate me Gwen/Liz/Harry/Connors/Brock...Im Spider-Man!" Which is the tragic situation and does make it interesting, I cant wait to see where the show goes and Im counting down til next week(6 days!)
I also read your comics, they are great stuff. I missed the cartoon because I havent had Toon Disney until recently(And they show Gargoyles at crazy times) but I am familiar with the story. However, I have never felt confused reading the comics, the characters have been captivating, regardless of their history. Keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

By now, you've met M.J.

The first season will air more or less continuously through the spring through the first 13 episodes, with a few weeks of reruns scattered in to give us some post-production breathing room. Not yet sure when the second season (also 13 episodes) will air, but definitely not this summer. They won't be ready in time.

I'm glad the comics are working for you. But you can also pick up the DVDs.

Response recorded on April 30, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hi Greg,

I'm curious about the new character's designs.

Let me start by saying I love them, they look great. Constance is obviously tough as nails and it's great to see a full-figured gargoyle. The way she ripped the arms off the Steel Clan Robot was brilliantly drawn. Staghart is obviously a bit goofy, as Hedgecock's art shows in a few panels, from his self-created nickname that no one uses to the adorable expressions he makes. I think Coco and Amp were introduced in a way that already makes them so lovable, especially after their response to Lex's question about being mates. (Sidebar: I hope what we're all sensing between Amp and Lex is the real deal, I loved seeing their interactions and can't wait for more in #9)

So, on to the questions:

1) We know that Greg Guler was the character designer for the tv series, and you had said that David Hedgecock did the original designs for the new characters so far in the comic. Does David do the designs alone, or does Greg Guler have any input?

2) In the future, if a guest artist is doing the artwork for an issue with new characters, will they do the character designs, or is this something that David Hedgecock does now, since he's the regular penciller?

3) The cover for #8 is beautiful, and in my opinion one of the best so far, in terms of being dynamic and exciting, but is there any specific reason that Greg Guler didn't do the cover for #8 and won't be doing the cover for #10?

4) Last one: Will the covers on the main title always only feature the main characters (Goliath, Elisa, Hudson, etc.), or will there eventually be covers that picture new characters or guest characters as well?

Gargoyles #8 was incredible, as they all have been, and I know its only going to get better.
Keep up the great work! Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

1. David has designed all the characters first appearing in issues that he drew, such as Shari (in #3) and Staghart and Coco (in #7), as well as all the various flashback characters in Shari's Stone of Destiny tales, including Merlin and Pelles. David gets input from me and benefits from whatever research has been done by myself, Greg Bishansky and especially Kathy Pogge. Greg Guler's been too busy to participate much in new character design. Though Greg did design Angela's new outfit.

2. We're just not working that far ahead that we have the luxury to have someone design a character that isn't in the book he or she is drawing. So Karine designed Tasmanian Tiger, for example, and a number of new characters appearing in issues #2 & #4 of Bad Guys. Greg Guler is guest-pencilling Gargoyles #10 and is designing a few new characters in that. David's creating more new characters in Gargoyles #9. I'm trying to remember if there are any new characters in Bad Guys #3, but if so, then Chris Jones designed them.

3. Hours in the day: there are only so many, you know?

4. There are no hard and fast rules beyond the obvious: we want a dynamic image that'll help sell the comic.

Response recorded on April 29, 2008

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Phillip Newman writes...

Is the current Gargoyles comic book series selling well enough? Will it extend beyond the 12 issues you have planned? In terms of how long you have written Gargoyles beyond "Hunter's Moon," in episodes, how much? 60 more after "Hunter's Moon?" 100 more?

Greg responds...

We could always sell more, certainly, but it depends on how you define "enough".

We don't know yet.

I'm not sure I understand the last question, but if I'm guessing right, rest assured I will NEVER run out of stories in my lifetime.

Response recorded on April 25, 2008

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Jarrod writes...

Hi Greg,

I love Spider man! congrats!

But i was combing the archives and I cant seem to figure out why the comics stopped... Is there a legal problem? I was just wondering whats going on? i know you are very busy, but Id love to know.

Thank you much!!!


Greg responds...

The comics haven't stopped. They're still coming out more or less monthly (between Gargoyles and Bad Guys).

Response recorded on April 16, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hey Greg,

I was just wondering who decides if and when cover images get released before the issues come out? I'm guessing they're released to entice readers, so I was wondering why we haven't seen more cover images that are finished. Obviously since Gargoyles #8 is expected to be released soon, the cover is finished, but we haven't seen it yet. You also told us, at the beginning of Feb., that #9 was finished and inked, but had to be colored, is it finished? Also, we've seen some unfinished Bad Guys covers but not the finished versions, except for #4.

I'm not trying to rush you or anything, and if it sounds like I'm being annoying, I am truly sorry, that is absolutely not my intention. It's just that I live for those little peeks at the covers to hold me over until the issues come out.

Most likely, this all has nothing to do with you, but I figured asking couldn't hurt. Do you know anything about this process? Is there any way to release the cover images of G#8 and BG#2 before the issues themselves are released?

Thanks a lot for your time! I'm incredibly grateful.

Greg responds...

I don't know. Though it may have to do with WHEN a cover is finished. If it's done AFTER the solicitation date, then it's too late to be released WITH the solicitation, so it just doesn't get out there until it's literally out there. But that's just a guess.

Response recorded on April 15, 2008

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Wheeljack writes...

Hi Greg,
I finally made that order at amazon and got my personal gargoyle-fan-package (both DVD sets and Clan Building Volume 1) delivered overseas to Europe. Better late than never. I would have ordered issue #7, too, but for some reason amazon doesn't have it on their site.
Well, for now my plan is to get the TPBs, since shipping costs for single comics would be a little high, I guess. So Clan Building Vol. 2 and Bad Guys TPB (please tell me, this is planned) are next on my list in a couple of months.
Just wanted to let you know, there is another guy with an incomplete collection keeping his fingers crossed for Disney to make the Season 2 Vol.2 DVD and for you to be able to write a lot more comics.

Greg responds...

Thanks. There will be a Bad Guys TPB, though not in a mere couple months of course.

Response recorded on April 02, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hey Greg,

This is something I've been wondering about for a while now..ever since Gargoyles #7 came out, and since we found out that #10 is called "The Gate." You've begun to incorporate plot points that were supposed to be from Pendragon and, with #10, Timedancer, into the main book.

1) Are there any other titles you can reveal, GargWiki has Gargoyles #11 as "Tyrant" and Bad Guys #4 as "Louse." Have you figured the titles out anywhere past those?

2) Is incorporating these elements into the main book a contingency plan, in case the spin-offs don't end up getting their own series, so that elements from them can still be used? Or is this to provide a jumping off point for the spin-offs to pick up from once they're being made?

3) Is there any word on how successful Bad Guys has been?

I know it's only been one issue for Bad Guys and ridiculously too soon to ask, but I'm also curious as to your thoughts about how likely Pendragon and Timedancer are at this point.

Last question:
Are the release dates set for Gargoyles #8 and Bad Guys #2? I know you're busy, and by the time you get to respond to this, they might both be out, if that turns out to be the case, you can disregard the question. ;)

Thanks a lot!

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. The latter.

3. I don't have any definitive info.

I think Gargoyles #8 should be out on Wednesday, March 26th. I think. Not sure about Bad Guys #2, although BOTH it and Bad Guys #3 are complete, complete.

As good a time as any for an update...

Bad Guys #4 is fully roughed out and being pencilled and inked by Karine.

Gargoyles #9 is also fully roughed and being pencilled by David.

Gargoyles #10 is fully scripted.

I'm scripting Red Tornado #2 right now, and then I'll jump onto Bad Guys #5.

You know, in between this Spider-Man thing.

Response recorded on March 25, 2008

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Chuck Logan writes...

Greg I have enjoyed reading the new gargoyles comics immensely. I have bought each issue along with the paperback edition. To find out when each issue is going to hit the stands I go to the SLG publishing website. You are a terrific storyteller, and I would love to see your take on the red tornado. The SLG website has a link posting their publishing schedule for certain comics. Does the DC website do the same? Will you let us know on AskGreg.com when these issues are supposed to hit the stand at our local comic book store? I get the same feeling from reading the comic book as I did from watching the show so many years ago. I will continue to buy anything having to do with the gargoyles universe in the hope that season two volume 2 is released and furthering the growth of the franchise. If buying other projects you work on will also help the gargoyles I will be right there showing my support.

Greg responds...

Didn't I just answer this?

Response recorded on March 13, 2008

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Chuck Logan writes...

Greg I have enjoyed reading the new gargles comics immensely. I have bought each issue along with the paperback edition. To find out where each issue is going to hit the stance I go to the SLG publishing website. You are a terrific storyteller, and I would love to see your take on the red tornado. The SLG website has a link to that post their publishing schedule for certain comics. Does the DC website do the same? Will you let us know on AskGreg.com when these issues are supposed to hit the stand at our local comic book store? I get the same feeling from reading the comic book as I did from watching the show so many years ago. I will continue to buy anything having to do with the gargles universe in the hope that season two volume 2 is released and furthering the growth of the franchise. If buying other projects you work a lot and will also help the gargoyles. I will be right there showing my support.

You mentioned that the Red Tornado is one of your favorite characters. Would you explain why this particular character stands out in your mind and why you are excited about getting to write about this character.

Greg responds...

I don't know what DC has on their website. Check it out and let us know.

I will of course keep everyone as up to date as I can right here at ASK GREG.

I don't want to go into TOO much detail about Red Tornado now -- because I don't want to scoop the mini-series.

Response recorded on March 13, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hey Greg,

This is my last question-posting, it'll be my third today, so I'll have filled my geekly quota!

I just (not two minutes ago) read about SLG switching formats to only putting out graphic novels. If the license is renewed, I think this could bode incredibly well for Gargoyles. Here are my thoughts on why:

1. Given the fact that a graphic novel is the same as a trade, and we got three complete stories in Clan-Building Vol 1, this would mean we would get a much larger helping of Gargoyles in one sitting. Whether it's an entire arc in one book, or one arc and the beginning of the next, or just a bunch of standalones, I think it would feel really satisfying, especially to those of us who crave Gargoyles like addicts.

2. Increased sales (which I'm sure appeals to everyone for a multitude of reasons). What happens a lot, which I'm sure you know but I'll say anyway, is that a lot of people by the individual issues and then don't by the trade, or people simply wait for the trade, which means lower sales for the issues. Releasing Gargoyles as a graphic novel and not as individual issues could mean that sales for the individual issues and the trade won't be sort of competing in that way.

3. No delays between individual issues and less delay between the completion of a story arc. Personally the delays don't bother me, I'd wait years if I had to for the next issue (I'd probably just run around like a chicken without a head). But I know that some people get discouraged and become uninterested as a result of them.

4. Less production costs. I'm assuming printing individual issues AND a trade would cost more than just producing graphic novels.

5. Hopefully less approval time from Disney. This might be a stretch, but I dunno… it's good to be hopeful.

6. Well, I'm sure there are plenty more reasons that my feeble little brain have yet to think of, but I'm sure someone else will, and you've probably thought of them all by now anyway.

Ok, so, now that I'm done with all my blabber, we can get to the actual questions.

1) You said in the past that you were unsure about whether or not the Gargoyles license will be renewed. Has there been any change, good or bad, that may have changed your feelings about that?

2) I read on a forum (yea, I know, not a very reliable source) that Dan Vado had stated that he planned to let every Disney license lapse except for Gargoyles. Do you know if there's any truth to this? Is it something he might have said in the past that may have changed? Or…is it just BS I read on a forum? 

3) Dumb question. Will you be discussing the possibility of Gargoyles continuing in this format before the final decision is made about the renewal of the license?

Ok, that's all for now. Sorry to take up so much of your time, I've just got a lot of things running through my head at once, and wanted to get them all out.

Thanks again for everything!

Greg responds...

1. At WonderCon, Dan said he planned to renew it. But he hadn't heard back from Disney yet. So it's looking more hopeful, but it's not definite.

2. I have no idea what he's planning for the other licenses.

3. I have no direct knowledge of this graphic novel thing. Dan hasn't mentioned it to me. But I'd be fine doing it that way, I guess.

Response recorded on March 13, 2008

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Ed Reynolds writes...

Hi Greg.

I love the trade. Wasn't sure what I'd make of the size, but it's actually great (and seeing the art large-format is a good incentive for people not to trade-wait, hopefully). Some of the writing looks a bit grainy on the inside front and back pages but otherwise the presentation is superb -- sleek and attractive, nice paper, and a lovely clear spine that can be read from the bookshelf. Thanks to Scott Saavedra and everyone else who made it happen.

Couple of questions about the future of the comic...

1. When will a decision on the lisence renewal be made?

2. Since SLG's announced that it's moving to mainly producing graphic novels, is it possible Gargoyles could continue in that format after #12? I'm enthusiastic for whatever format, but I can see a lot of positives in moving away from "floppies". (More accessible for newbies given the huge casts and complex plots; a less frequent release schedule might help fend off the perception that the comic's dogged by delays; infrequent comic-readers buying mail order would save on postage, etc.)

Greg responds...

1. Dan has told me he'd like to renew it. He was, as of WonderCon, waiting on Disney to respond.

2. This is the first I've heard of the announcement. Me, I'll take what I can get.

Response recorded on March 11, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hey Greg,

Can't wait for The Spectacular Spider-Man, by the time you read this it will have already aired, and you'll probably have another message from me telling you how incredible it was. I'm a huge Spider-Man fan (and an even huger Gargoyles fan) and I know that with you behind the wheel, we're in for a great show.

That was more of a comment, so here's my question:

Any chance that you could give us an update on how things are going for:

a) Gargoyles #8 and Bag Guys #2, any updates on how things are coming along, whether they've been approved or approximately when we can expect them? Sorry to bug you about it but I'm just so excited to see where both new issues will take us.

b) Clan-Building Volume 1, did it sell well? I know I did my part, I bought 4, and I've reread it at least 20 times. It's nice to have them in a compact form, and I love the size of the book. I was expecting it to be about the size of the individual issues, but I was pleasantly surprised (it's the perfect size to read in class and not get caught :P).

I also bought two of the new t-shirt, so hopefully that'll help send Disney the message that we want more Gargoyles merchandise!

Thanks a lot for everything, it's so great to have Gargoyles to look forward to again. Here's to hoping for the Season 2, Volume 2 DVD, and the renewal of the license for the comics!

Greg responds...

a) See my answer to the previous question.

b) Don't know.

Response recorded on March 10, 2008

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Anthony Tini writes...


Based on the information you shared with us on Monday, February 11, 2008, I compiled the list below for my website. Would you say the list below is accurate on the potential release dates for the future comics of Gargoyles? If not, what dates should I change? Thank you.

March 2008
Gargoyles #8

April 2008
Bad Guys #2

May 2008
Gargoyles #9

June 2008
Bad Guys #3

July 2008
Gargoyles #10

August 2008
Bad Guys #4

September 2008
Gargoyles #11

October 2008
Bad Guys #5

November 2008
Gargoyles #12

December 2008
Bad Guys #6

Greg responds...

It's as accurate as anything I guess. We're still waiting on Disney to approve G#8 and BG#2. They're both done.

Bad Guys #3 is fully penciled and inked. It's being finished and lettered.

Gargoyles #9 and Bad Guys #4 are both being pencilled now.

Gargoyles #10 is being scripted.

That's where things currently stand.

Response recorded on March 10, 2008

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Where things stand...

Uh... they don't. Not for me. They run at break-neck speed, these days. Here's what I'm up to.

Issue #8 is complete. Late last week it was sent to Disney AND the printer, so that the moment the former approves it, the latter can send it to press.
Issue #9 is written. David Hedgecock is doing roughs and original designs now. The cover, already pencilled and inked by Greg Guler,is being colored by Robby Bevard.
Issue #10 needs to get written. I'll get to that as soon as I'm done writing Red Tornado #1 (see below). Dave will be pencilling that cover off his rough.

Issue #2 is currently being lettered. The art is complete: pencils and inks by Karine Charlebois, finishes by Karine and Robby. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Yama, is done.
Issue #3 is currently being roughed out by guest artist Christopher A. Jones. Chris is the regular penciller on The Batman Strikes, and he and I worked together on the Captain Atom/Gargoyles/Justice League Europe parody from a few years back. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Hunter, is done.
Issue #4 is currently being roughed by Karine. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Fang, is done.
Issue #5 will get scripted as soon as I'm done scripting Red Tornado #1, Gargoyles #10 and Red Tornado #2. Guler is currently working on the cover, which features Dingo.

DC Comics has hired me to write a six issue limited series featuring one of my favorite characters, i.e. Red Tornado. (Duh.) I'm currently scripting issue #1. I'm hoping that any attention I get on this book will help us over on the Gargoyles books.

And, oh yeah... there's my actual job... and the main reason why I'm completely exhausted these days.
Episode #1 - This week we have a music and fx preview. The episode will preview at WonderCon on 2/23 and premiere on KidsWB on 3/8.
Episode #2 - We had a music and fx spottting session last week. This episode will ALSO premiere on KidsWB on 3/8. Or so I've been told.
Episode #3 - I've seen the Teaser and Act One. Hopefully, I'll see the missing acts this week, so that we can do our first pass edit and call retakes. We also have a music spotting session late this week.
Episode #4 - We should get it back from Korea this week to edit and call retakes.
Episodes #5-12 - We're waiting to get these back from Korea.
Episode #13 - Reviewing final color models.
Episodes #14-15 - Seeing design work daily and waiting to see storyboards.
Episodes #16-17 - Seeing design work daily. We'll be recording some pick-ups this week with a couple of actors who missed the main recording sessions earlier this month.
Episode #18 - We're recording this one on Thursday of this week.
Episode #19 - I need to finish editing the script for this one tonight.
Episode #20 - I'll start editing this script tonight or tomorrow.
Episode #21 - The writer should deliver this script late this week.
Episode #22 - The writer's working on this script now.
Episode #23 - The writer's working on this outline now.
Episode #24 - The writer will start this outline when she finishes writing the script to #21.
Episode #25 - I have to write this outline... you know, on my free time.
Episode #26 - The writer will write this outline when he's done writing the script for #22.

And I think that's it. Whew!

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Matthew writes...

Greg, why is it that you and many others feel that the final season of gargoyles was terrible? I liked it just as much as the prior seasons and I know it doesnt have as much intellect as seasons 1 and 2 but I still felt that, that season was just as good.

I dont know if this second question has been answered yet but will there be more gargoyle comics? I just received one and two and plan on getting the rest soon. Also why do comics one and two seem to be exactly like the episodes following the end of season 2?

Greg responds...

This has been answered, copiously, elsewhere in the ASK GREG archives. Feel free to search there for a more complete response.

But in short...

You are WELCOME to enjoy the Goliath Chronicles, but don't expect me to do the same. I feel like many characters behaved out-of-characters, and in general, I felt the quality level of the third season wasn't up to the level of the first two. But to each his or her own.

As for the first two episodes of the comic, I felt I needed to use my script of "The Journey", which was altered considerably for "Goliath Chronicles" in order to introduce MY version of the third season.

Response recorded on February 06, 2008

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Anthony Tini writes...


May I respectfully request a tentative expected release date list of Gargoyles comics for 2008, similar to the list you provided in 2007? Thank you.

- Tony

Greg responds...

Uh... Sure. Go ahead.

Response recorded on February 05, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hey Greg,

Recently you said this about the comics:

"Sales on the book have dropped with every issue, which is depressing enough in and of itself. But if the trend continues, then SLG will have no choice but to let the license go when it next comes up for renewal. We're still one of their best-selling books (if not THE best), but most SLG books don't come with a massive license fee draining money away. We should be good finishing out Clan-Building (i.e. issue #12) and Redemption (i.e. Bad Guys issue #6), but there's no guarantee we'll continue beyond that if sales don't pick up -- or at the very least level off."

Obviously, this has me extremely worried about the Gargoyles comics. I can't begin to explain how much a part of my life the Gargoyles universe has become. I love the characters and the world you've created and it feels like we just got that back and now I'm worried we're going to lose it all over again. But I'm doing my part, I have the DVDs, I'm spreading the word to just about everyone I can think of (about the dvds and the comic), and I have every issue of both Gargoyles and Bad Guys (I am eagerly anticipating G#8 and BG#2), and I'm waiting for amazon.com to ship Clan-Building Vol. 1, I can't wait!

Anyway, my question has to do with the other Disney comics that SLG puts out. I'm curious as to whether the other comics are doing well, or if they are also facing the same dilemma as the result of the licensing fee. Does Gargoyles have a larger licensing fee than Haunted Mansion, Wonderland or Tron? And if so, why? I know you said that Gargoyles may be THE best-selling book SLG has, so I'm just trying to understand what all the factors are that play into it. Also, exactly when is the license up for renewal?

I really do hope that it takes us through G#12 and BG#6, at least, and until then I'm committed to doing everything I can to keep Gargoyles alive. I hope the other fans who read these are doing everything they can too! After 10 years, we've got them back, lets not lose them again.

Thanks for everything, Greg!

Greg responds...

I don't have all the answers to your questions. My understanding is that Tron sells fairly well. Not as sure about Wonderland and Haunted Mansion. I doubt Gargoyles license is more expensive than the other three, but honestly that's just an assumption on my part.

Response recorded on January 31, 2008

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Battle Beast writes...

Michael Reeves helped a great deal in shaping Gargoyles. Well he have any input into the future issues?

Have you got any input from him on the comic?

Thanks again!

Keep up the good work!

Greg responds...

So far Michael hasn't participated in the comics. I'm not ruling it out, but honestly at the moment we can't afford another writer on the book, which is to say, I make so little writing/editing/supervising already, I'd have to work for free if we hired another writer. Can't do that. Much as I love Gargoyles, I can't justify doing it for free.

Response recorded on January 31, 2008

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