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Robin Wynn writes...

hi greg. thanks in advance for answering my Q's!! I collected the gargs comic up until it was droped. My questions are about that:

1)why was it dropped? I've heard different things varying from "it just didn't do that well" (though it did very well at the comic book store i go to) to "marvel's going bankrupt and had to drop a whole bunch of comics and gargs was just one of em..

2) The next comic was supposed to be *goes to get the last comic to see the exact frase* "The Day the Sun Kissed the Earth" What was that going to be about? It had me riveted the moment I read that,and I couldn't wait for the next one. Imagine how ticked I was when i found out there wouldn't be any more of them.:(

3)Could you (either here or in future ramblings) give a brief discription of some of the plot ideas you had for future issues?

4)Who was that mage in the last issue who resurected Venus? What were his plans for her?

thanks again!

Greg responds...

1. I'm not really qualified to answer this question, but Marvel was going through some tough times then and they had a mini-implosion, with the first casualty being there licensed comics, of which GARGOYLES was one. That much is certainly true. But whether or not the sales of the comic were any good is something I just don't know.

2. I don't remember, that title doesn't ring a bell. I was scheduled to take over the writing chores within a couple of issues. (I had already written one story.)

3. All this stuff I give out here at ASK GREG, might have shown up in the comic. I wasn't going to discriminate between it and the tv series.

4. I have no idea. Wasn't writing or editing the book then.


Response recorded on December 29, 1999

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