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Gargoyles 30th Anniversary Kickstarter

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Greg Weisman

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Rachel writes...

I know you're not on top of the products and sales, but how come Gargoyles season 2 vol 1 is out of stock everywhere while vol 2 and season 1 are readily available? Same with the Clan-Building comics, even if I want to buy a used version, it says it costs $1000 on amazon. So is there ever going to be a re-release of the products with its resurgence on Disney+?

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, I just have no idea. I'm not consulted on these things. I've been trying to get them to rerelease the entire SLG run of comics for some time. But no luck yet.

Response recorded on March 17, 2022

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Kevin writes...

1. At the end of the Rock of Age Peredur mentioned he was going to call a meeting of the upper echelons. Up to what levels/ranks was he make up the upper echelons? Are there other echelons as well?
2. Do ranks in the IIlluminati mean anything or is it at a certain level that it's semantics in terms of their role? I only ask because Blanchefleur was a three and it seemed like she should be a two since she is the wife of Peredur.
3. Thanks for creating Gargoyles and developing Young Justice they really are unique works of art and they bring great joy to me and my friends, I hope Young Justice gets picked up for more seasons and Gargoyles comes back as well!

Greg responds...

1. No spoilers.

1a. You mean are there lower echelons? Cuz, yeah.

2. They mean everything.

3. Me too!

Response recorded on July 26, 2021

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Anonymous writes...

In "Rock of Ages" the Stone of Destiny is seen talking to David Xanatos in Leith and King Arthur in the Lantern of the Abbey at the exact same time November 15, 1:06 PM GMT. Then on the next page, the time it's talking to Arthur changes to 1:07 AM GMT, twelve hours earlier. Was the first one a mistake or was it meant to drive home the point that the spirit of destiny can inhabit any vessel, even a supposedly fake one?

Greg responds...

I'm looking at the issue now.

It appears there is a typo for Arthur. He should be A.M. on both pages. It's very frustrating that I missed correcting that.

But there were no fake vessels. A rock is a rock. So that is part of the point - not of the error - but of the story.

Response recorded on September 09, 2016

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Clan-Building Review

There's a pretty comprehensive review of Clan-Building here:


This guy really knows the series.

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Greg Bishansky writes...

Thank you so much for the Bad Guys timeline info. Now, if you would please share the dates and descriptions from your timeline of the events of "The Rock," "Rock & Roll," and "Rock of Ages."

I believe this will bring the GargWiki up to date with all things canon.

Greg responds...

Isn't all that stuff in the trade itself?

Response recorded on May 04, 2012

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Gothic Cowboy writes...

Mr. Weisman, I was recently re-watching Excalibur (the bloody 1981 Arthurian adaptation), and was inspired to ask two questions of you:

1. When Quinevere is accused by Sir Gawain (whom I noticed was a young Liam Neeson) and Arthur is unable to act as her champion because the law demands he be her judge, he tells Quinevere (of her and Lancelot) "You are the two people I love most in this world." Having recently read Clan-Building Vol. 2, I was struck by the fact that this is what Peredur said to Duval and Blanchefleur, his wife and his best friend. Was that an intentional parallel, or is it just a coincidence?

2. The Excalibur film is noted for being one of the few Arthurian adaptations that didn't flinch from presenting the more violent and sexual aspects of the stories, which many other adaptations have glossed over or eliminated. I remember the copy my Father taped, and how he'd (roughly) attempted to edit the more graphic scenes (something my little brothers and I found amusing at the time). In his defense, we were quite young. But the question of how you'd have dealt with some of these aspects can into my mind. Obviously, even with the comic, you'd have to be more circumspect than an R-rated film, but even then, how much of, say Lancelot and Quinevere's infidelity would you have shown. Another example would be how Merlin arranged for Uther to be with Igraine, in return for their child (which, when I re-watched the film, couldn't help but remind me of Merlin's father and the events of The Gathering episodes). At the far end of the scale, some of the legend cycles have it that Arthur pulled a Pharaoh, ordering the death of the first-born in an attempt to eliminate a young Mordred, an act that, even in context of the time he lived in, makes him difficult to redeem. How much of these elements would have dealt with?

P.S.-In a previous post, I mistakely used "who's" when I should have used "whose." My apologies.

Greg responds...

1. It was an intentional reference to the Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot relationship. Not necessarily a parallel. And not necessarily a specific reference to Excalibur, since I've seen those sentiments in many other Arthurian adaptations, including "The Once and Future King" and the musical "Camelot" which is based upon it.

2. Everything would have been dealt with. Whether "off-screen" or "on" is the question.

Response recorded on March 18, 2010

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Chip writes...

Okay, I’ve been holding off on reviewing till I had my Bad Guys Trade in my hot little hands…it’s been almost four weeks and I still have no BG trade…*Sigh* so I figure I might as well review now.

Not much to say here, I’ve been sitting on this story for almost a year, as I was in the 2008 Radio Play. (Playing Griffâ€"My Favorite Characterâ€"thank you again for the gift of that role again Greg, and whoever else was involved. Wish I could have been at the 09 Gathering…but I just couldn’t afford a trip to LA…apologies) I knew how it would turn out, but the art was spectacular…and using the art, Greg managed to throw a few more curves my way.
I didn’t expect to see Macbeth battling alongside Robert the Bruce…makes me wonder just how involved Mac was with Scottish History. Didn’t expect Duval to be a cyborg…THAT was a huge curveball. Also, I didn’t realize it before, but even though she appeared, Fleur’s name was never spoken aloud…which means it’s technically still Canon in Training, even though she herself has appeared and is ranked “3”.
Also didn’t expect to see Leo and Una atop Knight’s Spur…that was a pleasant surprise…though I was disappointed that we couldn’t get a good look at Old Pog…I really like that gargoyle.

Greg responds...

Glad it wasn't a letdown, even when spoiled...

Response recorded on February 23, 2010

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Matt writes...


My Review For Gargoyles #9, "Rock of Ages"...

- Well. That was worth the wait. Okay, so I couldn't wait any longer and had SLG ship a couple copies of Gargoyles: Clan-Building Volume 2 to me directly (or rather to my workplace so I could get them even faster). Just to finally have it feels great. Ask my coworkers, I was bouncing off the walls today. And here is the funny part; I've only read half the book so far. I decided in advance not to just read through the whole thing in one big gulp, no matter how badly I want to. I know that over the next weeks, months, years, new Gargoyles material is going to be scarce if existent and I want to make this last. So, with that in mind, I'm reading one issue at a time, reviewing it and waiting til I've assimilated it pretty well before moving on. You have no idea how much temptation I have. So, the reviews for 9-12 will be given without any idea of what happens in the following issues (and hopefully there will be more beyond 12). Being that as it may, I'm happy that the first issue I read happens to be #9 as I witnessed the Radio Play in 2008 in which it was a part and thus received major spoilers. I was eager to actually see it though. And to see how the fractured timeline thing worked itself into the issue.

- So, without further ado... the cover. Gorgeous. Perfect. Lex and Hudson look great, but Griff is just awesome. I mean, I've always liked the guy, but this is just so cool. At no other time has Griff (or any other English gargoyle) looked so... well... gargoyle-like. Turn Griff to stone with that expression and you can see him on some building or church. He is scary and cool and so dynamic. I LOVE Griff on the cover.

- So, on with the story. It has always been difficult to review this story 'in order', but I'll do my best. (I sometimes think I should've written these reviews then randomly mixed up the paragraphs for effect.) So, with a few side-bars, we continue with the battle above Westminster while Arthur checks out the Stone inside. Lex wakes in Staghart's arms (*sigh*) and quickly takes control of the situation. Go Lexington; he is pretty impressive here. After waking from unconsciousness, he quickly gathers "the gist" of the situation, comes up with a plan and implements it to spectacular effect. Don't ask me why, but I especially liked the viewpoints of the Steel Clan and Iron Clan robots in infrared. I had fun deciphering their little codes. Great attention to detail with all that. 'ICR', 'SCR', 'Tracking:Lexington' and cool how they just identify Griff and Amp as "U.G.-1" and "U.G.-3" since they don't know their names. Neat. So after the ICR and SCR are taken care of (by Coyote, whoops). Coldsteel and Coyote make a quick exit. Coyote's light blast was cool, though I wonder why he didn't use it during the battle. Anyway, a fun end to a fun battle. And Coyote makes it away nearly unscathed, he must be thinking his luck has finally turned.... nah.

- So morning comes and the Stone is being moved and we move to the second airborne battle. This one was a lot of fun too. The way Coldsteel ties up Coldfire is just so darn suggestive, ya know? Coyote's chain-saw, Coldfire's head-butt and especially the way Coldstone takes out Coyote are great attacks that came as really fun surprises. It isn't always easy to keep these battles fresh and original, but Greg does a great job. Kudos there. And it isn't just the actions, the lines are superb. The dialogue of the whole scene is great and flows so well. Coldsteel has a lot of good ones, but Coldstone's "Define this!" got a laugh out of me, probably because when he said it I could just hear Mr. Worf saying to some Borg "Assimilate this!" in a similar situation. I have to admit that it struck me as odd that Coyote would refer to Xanatos as "David" when talking to Coldstone. He always called him "Xanatos" before, why the first name basis now? I also liked that Coldsteel's self-repair initiation seems to mention the Matrix technology. Kinda a cool little thing. Oh yeah, Coldstone running around the bottom of the river is cool too.

- Alright, on to the Stone itself. We get several more stories from Shari. I have to admit, these don't grab me the way they did in #7-8. Maybe it was that I was less familiar with the legends and characters mentioned or maybe I was too interested in the modern day stuff. I dunno. I imagine in time I'll become more familiar with these legends and historical figures. Gargoyles is always good for that, eh? One thing I immediately wondered is if the man behind Robert the Bruce is, in fact, Macbeth fighting on the sly for Scotland. Or is he the Irishman Cormac Maccarthy? Or is he some random dude who happens to look like Macbeth? Or is Cormac just one of Macbeth's alias'? Hard to say, though I suspect talk with the fans and some research will reveal more. Gargoyles sure has a way of making you hit the books. Kudos to Greg for that.

- Now we get to where I get a bit confused. So, we know the Illuminati wants the Stone. They get Xanatos to help. But I'm not sure I understand why, or what exactly Xanatos is up to here. The Stone is in the car being driven by some English military dude (presumably). Xanatos uses the shoe box to stall the convoy on the bridge. Coyote and Coldsteel head to the bridge but don't make it there. While the cars are stopped, Xanatos hits a button which flips the stone with a replica. Alright. The shoe box is found to not be a bomb and the convoy moves on to Scotland. But the same car (with this woman driving now) arrives at some warehouse a little later with the Stone and it is later taken to Carbonek. So... what happened? I'm afraid I didn't figure it out. And I really hate that. I'm not sure if I should feel dissapointed or just stupid. The whole plot leaves me with a lot of questions. The Stone itself seems to say it is every rock and that protecting, mending, stealing or hoarding it is utterly "pointless". Well, great. So that means it doesn't matter which Stone is real and which a fake. But I still want to know what Xanatos' plan was. Was he trying to obtain the Stone for himself while making both the Illuminati and the authorities believe they have the real stone in their possession? Why did he send the robots to attack the gargoyles the night before and what were Coldsteel and Coyote going to do had they reached the bridge? Why did Xanatos summon Coldfire and Coldstone? What happened to stone that was flipped in the car? How did the car get to be driven by the Illuminati woman? I've read the book several times over trying to understand this stuff and I hate to say I don't, but I just don't. *shrugs*

- But moving on, we get to Carbonek. These characters are not what I expected. They are modern. Modern clothes, modern personalities, even beyond modern cybernetics. I guess it makes sense to think about it now, but I sure didn't expect it. The Stone's long dialogue to the four men is just awesome. So cool to think about. What a list. I especially love some of the references like the Megalith Dance and Uluru. Cool. And for the past year I've been thinking about the Stone's little comment to Duval about Arthur being awake and his reaction. This is really interesting stuff. I want to know how the Illuminati knew he'd sleep for another 200 years, but I suppose that is a story for another day. It is funny, for a long time we heard in the series a lot of characters (including Arthur himself) talk about how he'd been awakened early. I always suspected that they were wrong and that Arthur woke precisely when he was destined to and that no one knew what they were talking about. Looks like I might be wrong. And looks like Elisa might've really screwed up the future. Guess Samson will just have to do his best without Arthur.

- Okay, the "Hey" "Hey" Stone/Grail scene is just hilarious. It was hilarious during the Radio Play and it is hilarious in the book.

- So we come to the end of this tale. Which is really just the beginning. Hudson, Lexington, Coldstone and Coldfire decide to hang out with the London Clan a while and it sounds like the latter two might just rejoin the Manhattan Clan when Hudson and Lex return. We'll see. Meanwhile, it is fun to see Una and Leo (and presumably Pog) in the background. And Lunette gets her little line. Coldsteel is off again, but this time he is untraceable, or so Xanatos promises. Xanatos gets the Coyote Diamond back. I like the bit about being it's minder only.

- For the most part, I loved this chapter. Yes, Xanatos' scheme still alludes me, but I'm not worried too much about it. Though I don't understand how things happened exactly, I get the gist of it and know what the end results are. The book itself is filled with so much good stuff, that I'm willing to overlook this problem. And perhaps it is only a problem for me anyway and someone will explain it to me soon. Anyway, I'm off to read #10 now... SO EXCITED!

Greg responds...

"What happened to stone that was flipped in the car? " The stone that WOUND UP ON TOP was installed at Edinburgh Castle. The other was transported to Xanatos in Leith.

It's unimportant who drove the stone from Edinburgh Castle to Xanatos. Some flunky. Or someone Xanatos bribed. In any case, it was not "the woman" who drove this leg. The "woman" (i.e. Fleur) drives the stone FROM Xanatos to Carbonek.

Xanatos was trying to obtain the Stone for himself and give a fake to the Illuminati, but after being told how pointless that was, he went ahead and gave the "original" to Fleur to take to the Illuminati.

The robots were all a distraction, a feint. A way to make Macbeth and Company feel like they accomplished something when in fact they did not. (No sense giving them a reason to investigate further.) Bringing Coldstone and Coldfire in amounts to the same thing. The transport was happening during the day. So X needed witnesses that his attack "failed". Did he have additional reasons for wanting our ColdCouple back in the picture? Well, is he Xanatos?

I'm TRULY sorry this stuff wasn't clear. I can now see why it wasn't, though what seems obvious now wasn't at the time. It was NOT my intent to be unclear on the above points. And the occasional (AND EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING) uncorrected date-time-stamp typo didn't help much.

Response recorded on February 19, 2010

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Blaise writes...


Finally. That's a word to describe both the feeling of the wait for this chapter, and for my writing my review/ramble--two weeks after I got the darn thing.

For anyone who worries about that sort of thing:

Well, the first panel of page one is obviously spoken by Hudson...and by the reference to "the banished and the badduns" I guessed he was referring to Coldsteel. But in regards to what? With the second panel, however, we're right back where we left off (over a YEAR ago), and I'm ready to see the rest...until page two, which begins with yet ANOTHER clip of Fox's shoe adventure. #%*&^$ SHOES! It's a good thing I'm going to find out in this chapter what the %#^$ those shoes have to do with all this!
And now Arthur is saying that maybe the heroes don't need to guard the Stone...which would render this whole adventure nearly superfluous! Of course, it's easy for Arthur to say that--he got to look at the dang Stone! Here I was, fearing that something bad might have happened to him in the last issue when Macbeth turned around and he wasn't there, and he just went to have a peek. Jerk.

I liked the use of the parallel columns on page four to show the simultaneous occurrence of events both in the Lantern of the Abby with Arthur, and in the skies with Lex and Amp. Arthur apologizes to the poor guards he had to knock out. Gee, that's nice of him. It's interesting how he also takes the time to put his crown (or is it a coronet?) on his head before he opens the chest containing the Stone. Does he think the Stone won't recognize him without it? Or does he just not feel right addressing the Stone without it?

An interesting note about the Steel/Iron Clan POV shots on page five: they seem to see in different colors. The Iron Clan robot sees in a red tint, while the Steel Clan's view is colored in green. Kind of interesting. Also, I like how the robots are programmed to recognize Lexington by name, but refer to the others as "U.G." ("Unidentified Gargoyle" I'd guess) 1-3.
Love Coco's indignation at Amp stealing the robot's attention. For a slight change of pace, instead of maneuvering the robots into hitting each other like the gargs usually do on the show, Lex and Amp instead lure them into Coyote's line of fire and have THAT robot do the work. Nice variation on a classic move.

Hmmm. On page six, we see Coldfire, in Tibet, reacting to some sort of signal at 6:01 AM on Nov. 13. Going back to the exact same page (six) of Issue #8, we see Xanatos push a button in London at 10:00 PM on Nov. 12, which given the eight hour time difference, means that he pushed that button about a minute before Coldfire received the signal that apparently led her and Coldstone to Coldsteel.
...XANATOS CALLED IN COLDSTONE AND COLDFIRE! I KNEW IT! And now he has a way to talk himself out of any possible trouble he could get into with the clan for this little escapade.

When Coyote covers its and Coldsteel's departure, it seems to generate a bright light using the Coyote Diamond. Seriously, the 6th panel on page six shows the Diamond compartment opening and light coming from it. Just felt like mentioning it.

That's Macbeth in Robert the Bruce's army, isn't it? Makes sense. Just as it makes sense that Shari has kissed the Blarney Stone that grants the "gift of gab" a couple of times.

I love the shot of Mac and Arthur on either side of a smiling Xanatos. "Well, it's a momentous occasion...and such a lovely day." Ah, Xanatos...how I have missed your inimitable style.

Coldstone and Coldfire fight Coldsteel over the Coldstream river...you just couldn't resist that, could you, Greg?

RE: Coldsteel holding Coldfire with his tentacles. Okay, what is it about tentacles? Even when they're metallic, there's still something..."naughty" about them. Look, on page ten, Coldsteel even uses one to caress Coldfire's face (right before she head-butts him in HIS face--YOU GO GIRL!). Those things fit his slimy personality quite well.

I really like the look on Coldfire's face when she blasts Coldsteel. Seriously, Xanatos's folks at Scarab Corporation deserve kudos for how expressive the completely robotic faces of Coldfire and Coldsteel seem to be.

(*spit take*) A CHAINSAW?! Coyote the ROBOT is armed with a CHAINSAW?! Okay. He just upped his "cool quotient" considerably.

Coyote calls Xanatos by his first name. For some reason I find that interesting. Of course, it could just be to get the rather ironic phrase "Out of DAVID'S respect for GOLIATH..." but still....

Okay. The way that Coldstone took out Coyote=WIN! Seriously, the punch through the mouth/view-screen/Xanatos-Skull-face was SO COOL, that even the red lights serving as the Coyote-head's eyes managed to look surprised! Look at 'em! They went wide!

The parallel of the two times Coldsteel commented on Coyote's "potential," was neat, as was Coyote's mention that he's not programmed for free will. That last part is a bit foreboding, too--Xanatos better be careful.

Based on the timestamps it looks like Coldstone was searching for Coldsteel for about a half-hour. Dedicated.

And so the Stone finally arrives in Scotland. OR DOES IT? The Land Rover (I finally know what it is now, thanks to your Radio Play Script, Greg) arrives at a warehouse where Xanatos is waiting. A little over three hours later (plenty of time for David to get into mischief...) a VERY high-ranking female Illuminatus arrives to take the Land Rover and...a DUPLICATE STONE?! Wait, what?! The Land Rover was rigged to flip the Stone's Container and replace it with a fake while the band covered the noise?! HOLY $#^%! All that crap with the robots was just a distraction? My mind has just been blown by the genius that is Xanatos!
But what was all that about the Bomb Squad? Wait...a shoebox. The shoebox Fox's new shoes came in? All that stuff about Fox's shoes was just so Xanatos could get a SHOEBOX to put on the bridge and stop the convoy long enough to make the switch?!
ARRRRGH! (*mind is blown again*)
But wait, doesn't this mean that the good guys lost? Well....

The mysterious woman (until I hear her name in canon I will call her #3) drives the Land Rover to a mist enshrouded Castle (that will later be identified as Carbonek). Something odd I noticed--the driver's side in the Land Rover is on the left side, but most cars in Britain have the RIGHT side as the driver's side, don't they? Is it just a peculiarity of the Land Rover's design? Oh well, at least she drives on the left side of the street.
And now we meet a bald, cyborg-type guy who reveals himself as...#2?! DUVAL?! Ghu--buh--WHAT?! #3 really doesn't seem to like Duval, but before they get into a spat, some good-looking blond guy comes up and calls them the two people he loves most in the world. Wait...is this...#1?

Thailog looks very pleased at being able to check Shari in chess. Sad to say, though, that the time stamp for this on page 18 seems to be in error. It reads "Nov. 13, 5:40 AM," but that was the exact same time stamp for Shari's story about Edward I on page 3. I'm pretty sure the stamp is supposed to read "Nov. 15, 5:43 AM."

Unfortunately, there's another (slightly lesser) time stamp error on the next page: I'm pretty sure Arthur's conversation with the stone was supposed to be marked "1:06 AM." It's all the more a pity this issue didn't get a single release, because I'm sure then the errors would have been corrected in time for the trade.

Anyway, I liked the Stone healing itself and then THANKING Macbeth, but mentioning how it was pointless. "Pointless" seems to be the Stone's word of choice for all the efforts and machinations people have been making about it.
The stone is talking to Arthur at 1:06 AM, but the panel on page two shows Arthur looking in on the Stone at 12:18 AM. Okay...that is a LONG time to just stand there and look at a stone (even if it is glowing...). Did they have a whole conversation before the Stone got to its speech or something? At least now we know why Arthur said that maybe they didn't need to protect the Stone--the Stone itself told him it was pointless.
XANATOS WAS GOING TO TRY TO PULL A SWITCH ON THE ILLUMINATI! Damn, man. Xanatos, you've blown my mind enough times this issue. Please, let me rest for a bit before you do it again. According to a ramble from Greg, it seems that the Stone straight out telling Xanatos how pointless it was to do such a thing managed to dissuade X. And Xanatos is SMILING as the Rock talks to him. Neat.
"Peredur fab Ragnal?" Wait, Ragnal was the name of Sir Gawain's wife in some legends, and Greg likes the idea that Percival is the (bastard) son of Gawain, so...AHA! I see...Peredur is the ORIGINAL WELSH name of Percival. Okay, makes sense...wait, doesn't this mean he and Duval are NOT the same, and thus that Greg actually changed his plans? (Of course, I've already heard your rather cryptic comment at the Gathering, Greg, so I know there's more going on here than meets the eye...).

And now the big speech. The two page spread that inspired Greg to make this a non-linear story. What can I say? It's fantastic (well, my original thoughts were more along the lines of "(censored) COOL!"). The Stone reveals itself to be a lot more than any of the players (or we members of the audience suspected). One thing I love here are the facial expressions: the wonderment on Macbeth's face, Xanatos's intrigued look (he just eats this stuff up, doesn't he?), the solemn expression on Arthur's face, and Peredur (who the Rock mocked for his efforts)...the only word I can use to describe his expression is "shock." I wonder what is so special about 1:07 (whether AM or PM) that the Stone felt the need to make this exact same speech at that exact time across several different days (or decades in one case). And did the stone just give the same speech on four separate occasions, or did it just give ONE speech at four separate times simultaneously?

"Do not dream of possessing me, mortal." Nice.

Peredur doesn't seem happy to hear that his old boss is awake again. Something about being 200 years too early. Hmmm, now what could possibly happen around the year 2196 or so that would--oh, yeah, right. #3 also seems surprised by this revelation and leaves quietly before Peredur even notices her. This pretty much convinced me that she was that Blanchefleur woman I had been reading about in Ask Greg, a suspicion confirmed by the Radio Play script. But, until she is referred to by that name in the comic, I will continue to call her #3.

I LOVE the informal "Hey" the Stone and the Grail (which I assume the simple, wooden bowl is) give each other. After that huge show of majesty and antiquity the Stone just gave, this casual greeting is just so funny!

When Coldsteel gives Xanatos back the Coyote Diamond, Xanatos says that he's "just its minder." What could he mean by that?

Hudson, and Lex decide to stay with the London Clan for a while. I love the group shot there (awww, Lunette is just so gosh darn cute!). Coldstone seems about to argue that he and Coldfire should continue to pursue Coldsteel, but Hudson...says what we read at the beginning of the chapter. A nice philosophical bit for him, and hey, if it gets Coldstone and Coldfire to rejoin the Manhattan clan, so much the better!

Thailog checkmates Shari! I don't know why, but for some reason I like that Thailog beat Shari at chess (this is the same game they've been playing for the past few nights, right?). Of course, he was playing the white side, which has a slight strategic advantage due to having the first move. Let's see him beat her while he's playing the black side, and then I'll be really impressed.
And, just for a bit of a "full circle" feeling, Shari ends the chapter and the story arc...by beginning to tell the story arc we just read. Okay, seriously, HOW DOES SHE KNOW THIS? Is she just psychic like that or something? I am very interested in what secrets she holds.

On the art side of things, this looks great overall. Granted, in panel 1 of page fifteen, Xanatos seems to have an overly large head in comparison to his body, but otherwise the art is nice. And the two-page spread from 20-21 is just awesome.

So, that's the story of the Stone of Destiny. We got a lot of great new characters, and some interesting new plot developments. A lot of questions, too. What is going on with Peredur and the Illuminati? Why were Thailog and Shari in Dominique Destine's office on the 3rd? And what were they and Brentwood looking for in Saint Damien's Cathedral on the 6th?
I look forward to learning the answers in the future.

Greg responds...

Glad you liked it. (And believe me, no one is driven more nuts by the errors than I am. Especially since I gave notes about them MONTHS before publishing. In fact, that was the problem. The notes came SO far in advance, that by the time SLG was ready to publish the volume, the notes had been forgotten. <grrrrrrrrrr>)

Response recorded on February 03, 2010

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