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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "Cloud Fathers" on DVD yesterday.

This time while watching it, I wondered how Bronx left Beth's apartment. Goliath and Angela glided off without him, and I didn't see him going out the door with the Mazas (which wouldn't have been an option in any case, for obvious reasons).

We get another bit of hunting "verbal imagery", though one of the rare occasions where it's not directed at gargoyles, when Xanatos refers to Coyote the Trickster as his "true quarry".

Coyote the Trickster disappearing when he got the Mazas to look away for a moment reminds me of the tradition about how, if you look away from the faerie-folk for even a moment, they can vanish.

Greg responds...

Don't really remember Bronx's exit without rewatching. But mightn't he have just walked down the outer wall of the building.

Response recorded on August 17, 2021

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Endless Strategy writes...

Why didn't Xanatos try to capture the Kachina Coyote again? Did it go to The Gathering immediately after "Cloud Fathers?" Because if not, he had a couple weeks still before The Gathering. Even if the Tribal Police shooed him off, could he not have sent Coyote and a few other robots to destroy the soil carving without implicating himself?

Greg responds...

He could have, and maybe he did - if that makes you happy.

Response recorded on January 07, 2014

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Josh writes...

What is so special about the connection between Peter Maza and Coyote? Surely there were many who performed Coyote's part in the Kachina dance before and after him, many who were far more devout.

Greg responds...

And your point is?

On the one hand, you're assuming that Coyote doesn't have a relationship with the others that performed the dance...

And on the other hand, you're kinda ignoring the parable of the Prodigal Son...

Response recorded on September 02, 2010

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Falcon Ragweed writes...

If the series had continued would Coyote the Trickster have made future appearances? and can we look forward to him in the comics?

Greg responds...

Yes and if the series continues in some way, shape or form, you still will. Eventually.

Response recorded on August 01, 2008

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

February 21st...

David Xanatos receives satellite photographs, which reveal a soil carving dedicated to the Trickster Coyote. He makes plans to lease the land that contains the carving from the local Native American tribe. He also commissions a new Coyote Robot, made with iron melted down from the Cauldron of Life.