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Anonymous writes...

And another couple of questions, this time regarding Matrix.

1. You've said that Matrix assimilated Dingo's armor upon merging with him. Could he have taken the form of the armor and be an exact copy or did he have to assimlate it to have all if its capabilities - and does this apply to all technology?

2) Is the Master Matrix in the future the same "being" as Matrix, a portion of it, a seperate being based ob it's technology, or is this a big-fat "spoiler request"?

Greg responds...

1. He needs to take something apart to figure out how it works.

2. No spoilers.

Response recorded on September 12, 2014

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

March 21st...

In Avalon, Angela, Gabriel, Ophelia, Boudicca and thirty-two other gargoyles and gargoyle beasts hatch out of their eggs.

Mace disappears with a fortune in jewels to become a full-time operative for the Illuminati. He writes a letter to Dominic Dracon, taunting him with false clues about the location of the jewels.

From around the globe, human heads of state and all twelve Gargoyle Clan Leaders come to Queen Florence Island for the hatching. The Space-Spawn attacks, abducting the gargoyle eggs and the human and gargoyle leaders, including U.N. Secretary General Alexander Fox Xanatos IV. And in Antarctica, Earth's Master Matrix Computer is stolen. The Space-Spawn invasion has begun.