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Charisma82 writes...

Wow, I feel like I am really slacking off by finally posting my 2nd half of Gargoyles #7 review after so long, but at least I finally got it done. I figured I ought to get it done and over with before I get issue #8 (which I have purchased online and should be getting in the near future). So here's the long awaited (well, by me anyways) 2nd half of #7 review.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part 7: The Rock

Part 2 Pages 13-24

Page 13: Goliath finally gets it that not only is Broadway and Angela now a couple, but Brooklyn is feeling down in the dumps because of it. At least the big guy is understanding and tries to help him out by letting him stay in Manhattan, but to no avail. Broadway & Angela decide to stay as well, which kinda bothers me in a way. Goliath tells them to go on this mission, and then they up and tell him they're going to stay behind anyway. It bothers me that Goliath lets this slide, after he's given them a direct order. But I guess he's got other things on his mind, such as recovering still and the whole Elisa/Goliath relationship thing.

Page 14: I LOVE the last scene on this page with Macbeth in 1950. I love the lines, "Scotland Forever!" "SHHHH!" Besides this funny scene, we get to see Lex, Hudson, and Macbeth during a stakeout, but not much is happening for them yet.

Page 15: Another page dedicated to the story of Gathelus and his growing family. The artwork is still incredible. The picture on Thailog and Shari… it was very creepy and cool at the same time. Even before getting online to read people's responses to the picture, I immediately though of the picture looking like Goliath and Elisa, only Shari and Thailog's picture seems much darker. Props on such a great idea to reflect the 2 couples on each other.

Page 16: To answer Hudson's question, "Who exactly are we expecting?" Just about anybody… but especially Xanatos. Again, we get to see Xanatos working with the Coyote Diamond. He's making a deal with someone, and it is pretty easy to guess who when your eye slips to the page next to it. I liked how you had the Scarab Corporation logo in one of Xanatos' backgound shots.

Page 17: Xanatos gets the new and improved Coyote robot working again with the help of the Coyote Diamond and then we get a big shot of Coldsteel and the new robot, ready to do as Xanatos' commands. This should be interesting.

Page 18: Shari tells the story of the Coldstone trio. It was a nice touch to help those who did not watch the TV series understand what went on between the three gargoyle souls. Thailog looks really intense as he looks at his computer screen.

Page 19: A Goliath & Elisa moment. I really like how the scene is set up to look just like the scene from issue #5. Great idea on that.

Page 20: And here we get one of the big revealers: Maggie is officially pregnant. I had to explain this scene to my sister, because she didn't get it at first. Then we see Elisa throwing away normalcy to be with Goliath, after he was graciously trying to let her off the hook. I like how you put the Maggie/Talon scene right above this scene. Elisa sees that Maggie & Talon, who are definitely not normal, are happy together. I think it gave her an extra boost of confidence to go on without normalcy in her life. Besides, her life was never going to be normal anyways. She might as well be with the guy she loves.

Page 21: The close of the story for Gathelus. Shari and Thailog are playing chess. I just realized how this scene reflects on Fox & Xanatos. It's funny, Shari and Thailog might look like a dark version of Goliath and Elisa, but their intellect and trickery is much more like the Xanatos couple. All of these couples being compared to each other… wow, there are a lot of strong couples in this series.

Page 22: Macbeth checking out a mysterious shadow lead. I never noticed King Arthur's shadow at the middle of the page until just now. Huh. And of course, Macbeth can't go anywhere without his famous "lightning" gun.

Page 23: Macbeth is caught off guard by, no other than, King Arthur! The last panel on this page is my 2nd favorite one in the entire comic. My first thought was… "Oh no… Arthur doesn't know that Macbeth is one of the good guys!" I guess I totally blanked out the end of the episode "Pendragon". Then I remembered that they had left on good terms the last time they'd seen each other. So, as many are, and will wonder until #8 is read, why is Arthur being so hostile towards Macbeth?

Page 24: So, this was my favorite scene in the entire comic. New gargoyles! And they look so cool! I love their designs, and I can't wait to learn more about them in the next comic. I didn't notice Griff at the bottom of the page until my 2nd or 3rd read through. Yeah Griff! He's one of my favorites in the Gargoyles universe, and I can't wait to hear more about him in future comics.

There it is. I finally got it done. Hopefully I'll be doing one of these for #8 very soon. I have to mention that this comic was so good, that my sister even came in and started talking to me and asking questions about it, which she doesn't usually do. It has to be a really great comic if it got my sister talking to me about it. Thanks for the great job!

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

And thank you!

Response recorded on April 21, 2008

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Jack-Pumpkinhead writes...

Dear Greg, I got my copy of gargoyles #8 today, and I must say, you and everyone involved have once again done an excellent job. I personally enjoyed Arthur and Macbeth comparing immortailties and Coco's commentary. From the artists, I rather like Merlin's look; unique, yet appropriate. I would also like to thank you all for indirectly confirming my suspicions concerning Shari, which I won't post here for now. Anyway, again, excellent job everybody, keep it up, and I'll keep doing my part to convince people to buy Gargoyles merchandise.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 21, 2008

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Chip writes...

"I have waited three months for this moment...And it was worth the wait." Gargoyles #8 "Rock and Roll" really does just that. ROCKS AND ROLLS! We learn so much about the London Clan, which was always my favorite clan, (and Knight's Spur, their estate, this clan has really strong ties to Arthur) Whoa! 196 members strong (or not so strong considering their form of Birth Control) with 25 to hatch in 2 years. I can't say for sure, but I believe that that is more than we saw in Japan, which makes the London Clan the strongest known clan. I wonder if other clans (Like Ishimura and Loch Ness) have similar breeding policies...hmmm No beasts though, that surprised me, as I figured Barghests, Grims, and other spectors were London beasts run amuk. Old Pog (Who looks cool as a Hypogriff type gargoyle) is prolly Griff's Biological father, (sorry, it's the human in me) and his staff having turned to stone with him was a nice touch, and cute little Lunette was obviously Leo and Una's Daughter. Cool.

Then there's Shari, who contradicts what she said last time (and nullifies my last review with my comments on Egypt, oh well now I feel "electric" sheepish.) "All things are true, few things are accurate." So which story is accurate? The first,second, both, or neither? And of course we've also got Cu Cullain, Carbonek, Moses, Jeremiah, Pelles, and not to mention Merlin. Major props for Merlin's design, very different from his stereotypical look, and very cool. (Ironicly Disney is primarily responsible for his look and Disney's Gargoyles is a sharp contrast I like it!) Plus the whole St. Columba story is just plain cool.

Let's give it up for Constance and Staghart, two very cool new gargs, I shall call them Coco and Amp. :) Do I sense something between Lex and Amp?

Arthur and Macbeth become better acquainted, and begin a friendship, and cement an alliance too. Nightstone? Thailog owns Starbucks?

And the meat of this story...tasty meat too. A battle with Lex, Hudson, Griff, Amp, Coco, Mac, and Arthur Vs. Coldsteel, Coyote 5.0, a Steel Clan Robot, and an Iron Clan robot. (Yes I caught that!!! You don't waste anything!) Naturally the Steel and Iron Clan robots are the first to go, and I'm sure Coyote is next. It remains to be seen weather Coldsteel will "live" or not. Coco's mid-air summersault was very cool as well. Dare I say it, but David Hedgecock's art has improved to the point where I actually love it! He has done a fantastic job, and Bevard's coloring is Phenominal.

And just when the chips are down and it looks as though Hudson is going to be dismembered, who should arrive but Coldstone and Coldfire. Time to Really Rock and Roll. I absolutely cannot wait for Gargoyles #9 there's just so much good stuff packed in here. Let's Rock and Roll. "Anyone order up the kitchen sink?"

Rock on.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 21, 2008

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John Pannozzi writes...

According to 1990 issues of Comics Scene, there was going to be a Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers movie in 1991, and someone on the IMDb forums claims to know an artist who did storyboards for the movie. Do you know anything about this project?

Greg responds...

Not that I can recall. But it was so long ago...

Response recorded on April 21, 2008

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Antiyonder writes...

My first attempt at reviewing The Spectacular Spider-Man (I ask that you don't have any banana creme pies in the room while reading).

Overall, the designs really don't bother me, given that I got use to ones from Teen Titans and Legion Of Super Heroes. Plus as has been said, the designs complement the movement well.

While I enjoy the classic Lee/Ditko run I have to say you've done well to evoke the feeling without it being like a formula. Not to mention that like Gargoyles it is a nice blending of serious storylines and lighthearted moments. Just a few questions and comment for the moment.

1. You mentioned drawing story elements from various continuums rather than just using the version of the character that was introduced in 1962. Are you also using elements from the other Spidey shows (The ones that you've seen of course, cause you mentioned not seeing the MTV series) and movies in your stories?

2. Just a confirmation. Spider-Man's line to the Lizard in Natural Selection "Can you say halitosis? (Lizard growls) I knew that you could." is a reference to Xanatos' line on Hunter's Moon Part 1 isn't it? I think so but several people think it's a common line.

3. Speaking of Gargoyles/Spider-Man, despite the differences between parenting methods brought up I kind of see this Norman to be a cross between Xanatos (reaction to being in danger) and Willaim Dafoe's (praising Peter, lecture/berating Harry) take on Osborn. Would you agree with this?

Keep up the great work.

Greg responds...

1. I'm not that familiar with the Spidey cartoons except for the 60s show, and it's been years since I've seen that. But I'm sure there will be similarities.

2. It's a Mister Rogers type reference. Then again, so was Xanatos' line.

3. That seems overly simplistic to me, but I don't disagree.

Response recorded on April 21, 2008

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Anonymous writes...

How long does it take to get a divorce if you file it yourself in the Florida courts

Greg responds...

It's really hard to answer that question given how little information you've provided. And, uh, given that I have absolutely ZERO knowledge on the subject. So... did you see the big GARGOYLES logo at the top of the page?

Response recorded on April 18, 2008

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Jess writes...

Hey Greg! "Market Forces" was another great episode! Poor Peter managed to make progress with Eddie only to blow off Harry. Speaking of Harry, all the money Oscorp stands to make in those shady dealings with the Big Man will come in real handy for the years of therapy the kid's going to need, thanks to Daddy Norm's nonexistent parenting skills.

I did like having an in-story explanation for the dearth of Super Villains we'll be seeing in the future, and am especially looking forward to the Green Goblin.

On the plus side, Peter is now employed, this time with actual money involved! That said, I liked Aunt May being initially reluctant to take his money, and that even though she relented, made him promise to save up for a new camera.

Somehow I have a feeling Peter well end up running into MJ just in time for the school dance, and when that happens he won't be complaining about her "wonderful personality".

A quick question about Peter's first choice of date: How old is Betty Brant? I guessed early twenties, but wasn't sure.

Greg responds...

I wouldn't say that Norman has NO parenting skills. I'd say he has aggressively NEGATIVE parenting skills. (But maybe I'm splitting heirs. Heirs. Get it?)

Betty is 20.

Response recorded on April 18, 2008

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ColdFusion writes...

Sorry if you didn't understand, I just meant Aunt May is mothering Peter in a way we haven't really seen before in other versions of the franchise. He's got the kind of "mom-troubles" that older-Peter doesn't.
It's one thing to juggle a social life with the life of a superhero, it's another entirely when, on top of that, you're underage and thus have fewer personal liberties, eh?

Greg responds...

Yeah. I think Pete (as the "man" of the house) has more freedom than most, but still...

Response recorded on April 18, 2008

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Man Mountain writes...

Hey Greg. First I want to say I love the comic, the artwork, and the story so far and hope it continues on and on. Second, same goes for Spiderman! You are hitting everything that IS Spiderman while still making it your own. Finally to my question, I don't know if you have any comments (or time), but could you comment on your Spiderman episodes as you do for Gargoyles? I always love behind the scenes insights. As always, thanks for your time and effort.

Greg responds...

I think it's too soon to be doing full rambles on Spidey. You (or at least I) need a bit of distance, hindsight, to make the rambles worthwhile. Also, I don't want to be dropping tons of spoilers, and I don't want to inhibit myself either. And time IS another factor. I still need to do two or three Gargoyles rambles. And I'm just swamped. But someday.

Response recorded on April 18, 2008

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Kelsea writes...

Forgive me if this question has been asked before. Which episode does Elisa first show up in?

Greg responds...

Episode #1, i.e. "Awakening, Part One"

Response recorded on April 17, 2008

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