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NoOneSpecial writes...

We know that Avalon can send travellers where they “need to be”, so these questions are going to mainly revolve around that effect and the deeper mechanics that may be involved.

1.Does this effect only happen if someone is traveling to and from Avalon by the wharf? I’m sure Oberon and the rest of the Third Race have other means of coming and going from the island, but are they subject to be sent somewhere they don’t want to be by Avalon? Like say Oberon goes to Manhattan using his mirror. Could Avalon interfere with this and send him somewhere else that he “needs to be”

2.How long this, for lack of a better word, “rule” been in place for Avalon? Was it around back in Mab’s day?

3.Is Oberon aware that Avalon sends people on these adventures? And if so, can he make Avalon stop doing that? We know he can control the island’s landscape and weather, so can he stop Avalon from sending people on adventures? Could he make it so Avalon will just send people where they “want to go”?

4.Would you say that this rule is proof that Avalon has some degree of sentience to it? It sent Goliath and co. on adventures to do important things. In the Gathering it apparently sent them to stop Oberon in Manhattan. That seems to imply Avalon has its own agenda, regardless of what Oberon wants. Even more so, if he cannot actually stop it from sending travellers on adventures for whatever unknown purposes. So, would you say that Avalon is alive in some way?

5.How insistent is Avalon when sending travellers on World Tours? Suppose Goliath and co. were sent somewhere to do something important. Let’s say they believe they have succeeded in doing whatever they were sent to do(or maybe they just decide to give up). They hop back into the skiff and sail away. Would Avalon send them back again to the same place until they finished the job? The best example I can think of is maybe when they go to New Olympus. They decide the best thing to do to free Elisa and escape. If they had managed to get away, would Avalon just send them back again? It did always seem a little convenient that the group could successfully leave at the end of every episode, meaning they done what they were sent to do, despite the fact it’s never specified to them what exactly they needed to do when they arrived. What if they had missed something? What if they had done the wrong thing? I know it would tend to be obvious yes, but it’s mostly guesswork on their part.

Greg responds...

1. Avalon is a subtle mistress, so I'm going to say no. If, in essence, you're taking a shortcut - as with Oberon's Mirror - Avalon isn't likely to interfere.

2. Always.

3. I'm sure he's aware. I doubt he's interested in interfering. Keep in mind that people sailing off from Avalon is a rare occurrence.

4. Definitely. I thought that was clear.

5. It is what it is. Also, Avalon has no guarantee that they'll get back on the dang boat at the end of a "mission." Everyone has free will. But Avalon is sending folks where they need to be. If they're ready to leave, then they don't need to be there anymore.

Response recorded on November 18, 2021

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