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Vashkoda writes...

skiff questions:

I noticed that there was a face on the Sisters' barge that resembled the face on the skiffs.

1a) Are they of the same person/being? b) Is this person/being a Child of Oberon? c) What is this person/being's name? d) Is he (if it's a "he") still alive at the time of "The Journey"? e) Does he have any associations with sailing or water?

2a) The Princess and company originally left in three skiffs, but Mary and Finella took one back to the mainland, leaving two at Avalon. So how was it that there were three skiffs at the end of "Avalon, Part 3"? (one for the gang, one for Macbeth/Demona, and one for Arthur) b) Why would they need the extra skiff at Avalon? c) Did the Princess or Magus or any of the "eggs" ever accompany Tom to the outside world?

3) Since the incantation to reach Avalon is referred to as a "spell", and the Magus orginally read it from the Grimorum (which may have acted as the necessary conduit), how is it that Tom could invoke the spell, not being a wizard and having no conduit? (in addition, the Magus worries about whether "Constantine or his *sorcerers* get a hold of [the spell]", implying that his sorcerors might be needed to cast it.) For that matter, how will Jade and Turquesa be able to cast it?

Greg responds...

1a. Yes.

b. Maybe.

c. I'm not saying.

d. Perhaps. (That's a new one, right?) ;)

e. Obvioulsy.

2a. You can never have too many skiffs.

b. There is no b.

c. No.

3. Magus was able to teach it to Tom. Angela also knew it. She could teach it to Jade.

Response recorded on September 26, 2000

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Faieq writes...

1. Do the gargoyles and the humans on Avalon know about both the World Wars (in 1996), seeing as they have no comunication with the outside world except for when Tom goes on his search for Goliath every 100 years? We saw the bulk of his search in 1995, but the century before that it would be way before the first World War. (Obliviously the Children of Oberon know about the first World War).
2. Probably a silly question, but seeing as one day on Avalon is equal to 24 days in the real world, do the humans and gargoyles on Avalon eat 3 meals a day (24 days in the real world) or do they eat 72 meals a day (24 days in the real world).

Greg responds...

1. By now, they've probably learned a bit. But no, not when he arrived to search for Goliath.

2. I don't know if it's silly or not, but I don't understand the question.

Response recorded on September 25, 2000

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Adam writes...

You said there is no naturally occurring iron on Avalon. Wouldn't this create a health problem for the humans living there? I don't know about the gargoyles, but Princess Katherine, Tom and the Magus have blood that requires iron to transport oxygen. Normally this iron comes from the food we eat; but if there's no iron on Avalon, then no plants that grow there would have iron in them and no animals that live there (and eat the iron-free plants) would contain iron. So you would think that the humans who have lived there for decades would be anemic, or sick, or something. How did they get around this problem? Sorcery? Or did they have to bring their food in from outside of Avalon? Did Tom have to occasionally hop on a skiff and go grocery shopping?

Greg responds...

O.K. Wow. You caught me. I was thinking of iron in terms of big deposits of metal. Not in terms of the basic iron molecule.

Response recorded on September 25, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

Does the Avalon clan have a leader among the gargoyles? A Second? Or are they all equally under the leadership of their rookery parents: The Princess, the Guardian and the (now late) Magus?

If there's a leader and/or a second, how were they chosen? By the three humans, or by the gargoyle clan itself?

Is Gabriel leader? Or was it just his personality that caused him to take major part in both crises?

Greg responds...

Gabriel is the leader. Angela was his second. Now Ophelia is.

The clan chose the leader. He chose his second.

Tom, Katharine and the Magus, always encouraged their independence.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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Scott Iskow writes...

1. Do Brooklyn and/or Lexington have any biological siblings on Avalon? Perhaps other blood relatives?

2. Does anyone in the Garg universe know or find out that Broadway and Hudson are related?

I know that these are questions that wouldn't matter to a gargoyle, but I was curious. :)

Greg responds...

1. Probably.

2. A non-issue. So no. I don't think so. (Unless I find some dramatic purpose for it that overwhelms what I think is the coolness of no one knowing OR caring.)

Response recorded on September 05, 2000

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Alex "Cyclonus" Bishansky writes...

This may sound like a silly question, but can you reach Avalon from a bath tub with the spell the Magus used in "Avalon pat 1"... I told you it was silly. I guess my brother is rubbing off on me.

Greg responds...

Yes, theoretically.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Anonymous writes...

Where did Ophelia get her name? Tom, Katharine and the Magus all went to Avalon way way before Shakespeare was around (if I'm not mistaken), so I guess "Hamlet" is ruled out?

Greg responds...

Well, Tom has taken trips to the real world once a century. So "Hamlet" isn't ruled out actually.

Response recorded on August 21, 2000

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Matthais writes...

Hello! First of all, I thought I should say that I really love Gargoyles, I write role playing games and a lot of Fae concepts comes from the show. So, without further ado:

At the end of "Ill Met By Moonlight", Oberon says something like "From now on you and your clan shall be imune to all our powers" to Goliath. You have mentioned before that Oberon uses the royal "we", or "us", or "our", but says "I" if it would be confusing otherwise. This is certainly a confusing instance. I hope by "our" powers he dosn't mean the powers of all Fae? I couldn't remember if any of the clan are affected by Fae powers after Ill Met. (Unless "Future Tense" was after it?)

Greg responds...

Just his. And of course he "bends" THAT rule all the time too.

Response recorded on August 18, 2000

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Vashkoda writes...

One last question. Is the relationship that the three original "Coldstone spirits" have with their new robotic bodies similar to the relationship (or magical ties, or whatever you want to call it) that Hakon had with the axe? Are they similarly bound to the living world only through their bodies? And does this connection now rely more on the magic that summoned them into Coldstone's body (which was done with human magic) or on the spell that transfered them to their new bodies (which was done with Alex's fairy magic). Where I'm going with this, as you might guess, has to do with the Coldtrio's access to Avalon, where human magic is forbidden. I must stop here before I say too much, but if you can, please discuss this possible complication.

Greg responds...

The answer to your first question is yes.

The answer to the last is subject to interpretation. Which means anything is possible -- as long as the loophole exists.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000

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Ambrosia writes...

A few Q's about Avalon:
From my understanding, Avalon is not a place you could point to on a map, correct? My question is about communication. 1. Would it be possible to phone/e-mail/talk in any way to someone on Avalon from, say, New York? One problem is obviously that phone lines couldn't physically run all the way there, but what about satellites? Or is that ridiculous?
Another possibility: 2. could you communicate magically like mirror-to-mirror or some such thing?
Here's another problem that presents itself: Time passes at one twenty-fourth speed on the magical island... 3. if you *could* talk to someone in real time, would his voice sound slower? and would yours sound fast?
Thank you for your time!

Greg responds...

Ø. Correct.

1. Largely ridiculous.

2. Certainly. We've seen it done.

2a. Depends on the method employed.

Response recorded on July 30, 2000

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