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Arthur Jr. writes...

If Kingpin isn't going to be included in the show, what will this mean if there are plans for Silvermane, Owl, and Caesar Cicero since Kingpin is much powerful than them? I didn't mention Hammerhead since the series has him a servant of Tombstone and I'm not familiar with Top Man (whom Hammerhead succeeds over)! When I meant by this, there had to be other crimelords that Spider-Man fought before. For all we know, those outside of the Kingpin may be in the said gang war in the upcoming second season.

As for Montana as Shocker, I searched the entire archives on this site for the answer and no result...unless you are stating that the version of Montana (an alias of Jackson W. Brice in the comics) was Herman Schultz in a previous question. Could legal issues be the reason for Jackson becoming Shocker?

If the 90's series was successful with the part with Spider-Man meeting other heroes, there may be hope for this series yet!

Greg responds...

There were no legal reasons for Montana becoming Shocker.

Response recorded on August 25, 2008

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